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  1. so I had my band taken out this past Tuesday and revised to the sleeve. The surgery was more extensive than he thought becuase of the amount of scar tissue. Surgery should have taken about 3 hrs but it took 5 hrs. I was in the hospital for 2 days but am now at home and feeling ok. That is if feeling like a truck hit you means you feel ok. Im desperately needing a shower which DH is about to help me with and then its time for my pain meds. Im still really swollen and retaining lots of fluids from surgery so I've only lost like 3 lbs since surgery. No big deal though. I know it will happen. Just need to be patient! Hope everybody is doing well!
  2. It only slipped one time but the slip was so severe that the doctor said I needed to have the band out. Was told that I could have another band placed but I read statistics saying that the chance for success with a 2nd band is significantly less. I was having such horrible problems with throwing up and reflux and I don't want to live my life like that. So I chose to have the sleeve.
  3. 1. How long have you been banded? 1 year 9 months 2. How much weight did want to lose? 130 lbs 3. How much weight have you lost? 68 lbs but have gained 20 back because my band slipped. 4. How happy are you that you have been banded: Scale of 1-10 (1 being regretful, 10 being elated) 1. I had a really rough start with the band and wound up changing doctors after surgery because my 1st doctor was horrible with fills. Found a new doctor got on track with fills and was losing weight until October 2011 when I started having severe reflux and throwing most everythign up. Went to the doctor and my pouch was streteched. Took it easy for a while going back to mushies for several weeks and then to solid foods and then the cycle would start over again. Went to the doctor in March and I was diagnosed with a slipped band. Im currently scheduled for removal surgery tomorrow and will be revising to a gastric sleeve. Im very much looking forward to not throwing up food and not having reflux like I was having.
  4. I was around 215 and 5'2" when my band slipped back in March and had an unfill. Found another local doctor (long story) and told him of all of my problems with the band (vomiting, sever reflux, slippage) and he agreed that removal of the band and revision to the sleeve would be a good choice. Paperwork was submitted to insurance and they approved within 3 days. I have Aetna insurance.
  5. I was diagnosed with a band slip back in March and am currently scheduled for 5/29 for band removal/revision to the sleeve. I am lucky that my insurance is paying for it. Have you looked into going to Mexico to have revision surgery there?
  6. ok girls.... this is really happening. Tuesday the 29th Im scheduled to have my lapband taken out and revised to the sleeve. 5 weeks ago my doctor took out all of my fluid so between that and what was taken out at the appt where my slipped was diagnosed I have gained back 20 lbs. UGH. But it was so good to be able to eat food again and not throw up and not be up half the night coughing and gaging with horrible reflux. Im going to be on a 2 week clear liquid diet post surgery and then after that another 4 weeks of full liquids. Not looking forward to it but I have been told that after sleeve surgery I WILL NOT be hungry like I was right after the band. Which is good because I remember being ravenously hungry after lapband surgery and if it was going to be like that after sleeve I dont know how I will do 6 weeks of it. Anyways...hope you all are doing well. Will try to pop on here once in a while to let you guys know how Im doing.
  7. I currently have a band that has slipped. It was nothing that *I* personally did- I followed all of the band rules but had horrible acid reflux issues, major throwing up issues, and then band slipped. So Im having surgery on the 30th to have the band removed and revised to the sleeve. When I was researching WLS in the beginning the sleeve was too new so it wasnt even an option for me. Plus I didnt like that it was permanently altering my body. But then I started thinking- I want to have breast reduction surgery and that it permanently altering my body so why am I so opposed to the sleeve. Also, I have *NEVER* had a moment where I absolutely loved my band. Granted I did lose 68 lbs that I know I wouldnt have been able to do otherwise but the thought of constantly throwing up, acid reflux, and never being able to eat a lot of foods that are healthy for me because they would get stuck for the rest of my life doesnt appeal to me. So Im happy with my desicion to revise to the sleeve. Wish I had known back then what I do now and I would have gone immediately for the sleeve.
  8. Well, I've been approved to have my band removed and revision surgery to the sleeve! Surgery is scheduled for May 29th or 30th!
  9. I have an appt next Wednesday April 4th with the new doctor. They did call my ins and verified that I have coverage for ANY WL surgery so now we just need to get approval from insurance for the sleeve.
  10. So I don't know if people still check in here on this thread anymore but Im going to post what is going on with me anyways. Last November I was told my pouch was stretched. I never followed back up and went through cycles of not having any issues then would have vomiting and horrible reflux. I've lost probably 7 lbs since November. This past Wednesday I was drinking my protein shakes and had HORRIBLE pain in the center of my chest with each drink. Went to my doctor today and was told I have a pretty severe band slip which will require surgery to fix. I have had nothing but problems with this band lately that Im at the point of researching the vertical sleeve. If Im going to have to have surgery anyways then why not check this out? UGH. I've been reading posts over at vertical sleeve talk and there are a lot of bandsters that had theirs removed and went to the sleeve and are extremely happy. So Im not sure what to do yet.
  11. I've lost 65 lbs but am still wearing a size 22 jeans. If it wasnt for my huge stomach I would be really happy but I hate my stomach. I guess that is what having 2 c-sections does for you. I have 1 more week to go on this liquid/mushy diet and it hasnt been too bad. I've been doing lots of soups which are all yummy. Nothing out of the can though. Tortilla soup, broccoli cheese soup, chicken enchilada soup, potato cheese soup...all blended really well of course. I know they are not the healthiest but Im just trying to get through this phase. I think im definitely going to go back next Saturday to at least have the doctor see if my band has gone back to normal otherwise I will be scared to start eating solid foods again. But my reflux is gone so thats good!
  12. Im doing pretty well just with the mucinex pills. And it always seems that when I go looking for the robitussin expectorant I can never find just the expectorant. Oh well. Today Ive been pretty hungry but it hasnt been too bad. I was down 2 lbs this morning so thats a good thing. Oh and all of my underwear are getting saggy in the butt! LOL! Need to go buy some new undies!
  13. I have no idea on that one but I have ALWAYS had issues with large pills even before the band. I have a horrible gag reflex and just cant get em down.
  14. Hmmm....had I not seen my dr today and was told to do 2 weeks of mushies I might have given this a try. You should do it Zenaida and see if it helps. I *KNOW* I've been eating too many slider foods too which is why my weight is not coming off like it should. Ice cream is my weakness.
  15. I've been dreading the mucinex because we have the smallest pills they make which are still big. My drs office said I can cut them in half because you are right the liquid mucinex gets so expensive.

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