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  1. sherylkay

    Sheryl's Journey

    My surgery was in April of 2013, it is now November 2013
  2. I feel awesome!!

  3. Hi My name is Sherylkay you asked what I am eating? its been 7 months for me. I am eating no carbs.. I can't eat bread, muffins, candy, bagels, oatmeal, or Pasta it makes me sick.. but, what I can eat are my cooked vegs.. no raw vegetables. I eat lots of soft eggs.. soup, salads with lite dressing.. I also drink a lot of Protein drinks. My meats are meatloaf turkey chicken fish lots and lots of fish.. I have become to like fish.. but, I have also found out that if any of your food is dry eat very small pieces of it. I also can only eat 4 oz. of meat. I hope this helps and good luck.. Sheryl
  4. Happy 54th Birthday sherylkay!

  5. sherylkay

    May Surgery Dates???

    May 20. Tomorrow at 9:30am very excited.
  6. sherylkay

    Stalking the insurance company

    Hang in there everything will be okay.
  7. sherylkay

    Stalking the insurance company

    Hang in there and turn out okay.
  8. sherylkay

    May 9th my first Nutritional class

    Today is April 30th the last day of month.. May 1st will be here tomorrow. I am looking forward to May 9th my first nutritional class. I am so excited to finally face my journey. I am so happy that I have all kinds of support here. I hope and pray that this will work for me.. as I pray that surgery will work for all of you that are here for the same reason. May 13 will be my physical and then the 20th of May is the big day. Well, I will be back with more news on the 9th of May. In the mean time good luck to all my friends, follow directions, listen to your nurses, and exercise if you can. God Bless you all. Signing off Sheryl
  10. Hi I have read everyone's posts am I have finally decided that I will tell my four children and let them know what is going on with me but I also would love to have them understand that this is our privacy and our privacy only I'm nobody else's.
  11. After reading everyone's comments I understand the pros and cons about telling your children or not telling your children. I do agree with telling your children that way you are not hiding your shame but on the other hand I do agree with not saying anything to a certain point. I think I have made up my mind by reading everyone's decisions that I have decided to tell my children and let them know what exactly is going on with their mother. I just don't think it's anyone else's business but our family. Thank you very much for all of your concerns and helping me decide what to do in this situation thank you.
  12. I am with you I'm going through the surgery I have four kids I will not tell my kids I have told my husband my twin sister and then as the only two people that I have told. Maybe I'm selfish but I feel like it's nobody else's business but mine and if I do tell someone you're right it could get it could slip out and somebody else will know and that's not their business.
  13. sherylkay

    Stalking the insurance company

    I didn't call at all I received a letter. The first letter I was turned down. My doctor turned it back in and I was turned down again. By the third letter I was also turned down and finally went to the border of review and had to write a letter and then I was finally approved.
  14. sherylkay


    I forgot to mention that I am getting the sleeve Gastrectomy.

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