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  1. I read in an article that if a nutritionist tries to sell you food products, you should find another nutritionist. Personally, I'd shop around for products and not rely on one person's opinion especially if they have a vested interest in you buying from them. I like getting non biased opinions from this forum instead, as well as trying samples myself and making up my own mind after comparing the quality of the products, reading all the labels, and doing the research. It's a costly investment so I want to be sure I get the best I can get. A product that my nutritionist recommended had half the Protein of the product that I use, and cost almost twice as much. Go figure. She still insists I should try it but I am not going to. It makes no sense.
  2. cajun

    Check it out!!!!

    OUTSTANDING work with your sleeve, thinoneday. You will be at target in no time! I am so excited for you. Keep on working it!
  3. I find that eating carbs increases my reflux/acidity. Corn is a very high glycemic index carbohydrate that is not good for weight loss. Track your carb intake, and try to stick to 30-60 grams a day, and avoid high glycemic index carbs. Bread, rice, corn, potato products are not good. At 9 days post op, my diet was still restricted to Clear liquids. Maybe you are advancing too quickly. What does your doctor recommend?
  4. You could be slightly dehydrated which may cause dizzyness and low blood pressure. Also, if you are exercising regularly, your heart rate can be lower. Healthy athletes can have a BP in the 40-50's. But it is always a good idea to see your health care provider to be sure that's what is causing it because it could be due to a problem. I started having dizzy spells after losing 30-40lbs and found my BP was dropping so I tapered down my BP medication, and notified my physician. Before too long I was off the med totally.
  5. The research that was done to develop nexium showed that in HUGE amounts it caused cancer in rats. We don't take such a huge amount, and we are not rats so it is not certain that it could cause cancer in humans. But the jury is still out on that, pending long term studies. It is recommended by the manufacturer that it taken on a temporary basis only, for most people. I prefer to "play it safe", so after three months on the Nexium, I opted to switch to Ranitidine (Zantac) which is OTC, and it is working fine for me. It is also a lot cheaper than nexium. Dr Aceves, and my gastroenterologist agreed with my plan. I plan to eventually stop the Zantac, when my sleeve agrees .
  6. cajun

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    202 this morning! Am so excited to be approaching the 100's....the anticipation is helping me stick to my diet! Thanks everyone for all your support on this awesome journey...it is great to have so many sleevesisters.
  7. We're cheering for you Lee. Scooting over to make room on the loser's bench...let us hear from you about your great progress!
  8. cajun

    Favorite protein?

    Kelsie: I like Jay Robb Whey protein powder, chocolate. You can try individual portion packets. Purchase online, or at various health food stores.
  9. First two weeks I pretty much stayed home and near the bathroom. Did have an accident one time and was glad that I was at home. After I graduated from Clear Liquids, things started to reverse toward constipation. Now I have to take ground flax seed and prunes to prevent constipation...the hi Protein diet does not contain much Fiber, so it is important to attend to that issue and not wait until you have an impaction or hemorrhoids...keep things moving.
  10. I agree totally with Tiff. In addition, I've read where s sleever had a bill over 100K for hospitalization/ICU etc, after a leak. It's expensive, AND could be lethal as well.
  11. Keys pirate: Are you sure it is three times a day? I've never heard of taking that high a dose. Usually once a day, or twice a day at the most is the usual dose.
  12. We are shoving over to make room for you on the loser's bench on Monday!
  13. YIPPEEE MR NICK! OUTSTANDING WORK! I am right behind you....204 and a bit stuck for a few days but not worried about it...the scales will move soon and I'll be in onderland too!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  14. cajun

    Can someone analyze what I'm eating pls?

    Dr Aceves recommended 30-60 gms carbs daily, and 600-800 calories per day, with at least 70 gms protein and 70 oz fluids, for optimum weight loss. Call your surgeon's office and ask what he recommends.
  15. Good luck with your surgery, Stuck. We are cheering for you!
  16. cajun

    Home from Mexicali

    I liked Sobe Lifewater from Target, many various flavors to try, and it contains some vitamins. If you hit it lucky you'll catch a sale, 50 cents each, 20 ounce bottles! I still drink it as my primary liquid, I load up my pantry when it is on sale. At least it provides some flavor variety, zero calorie, not too sweet, no aspartame (it uses stevia), and you get the benefit of some vitamins. No benefit to me by the way, if you buy it. I just like it.
  17. "Backing up" is something we have to do periodically...yesterday I tried some medium hot Thai food, and had a little burning feeling in my stomach all evening, and still this morning, in spite of taking my Zantac twice yesterday as usual. So even though I am almost 5 months post op, today I will stick to Protein shakes for all my meals to give it time to settle back down. Just listen to your sleeve, and it will tell you when it needs a break...treat it gently and it will serve you well.
  18. It was so easy with Dr Aceves. No stitches, no staples. I came home with tape on my little incisions, with instructions to leave it on until it fell off. It took about 10 days to fall off. Another great "user friendly" aspect of his program.
  19. My nutritionist recommended a tablespoon of ground flax seed daily in my morning shake. It's helping a lot to prevent constipation. Other benefits too in healthy omegas.
  20. Loser, Yep, this is how it is. I am never hungry or thirsty but eat because I am supposed to get in the protein, and drink to get in the fluids. Greatest gift I have ever received!
  21. You can put it in the blender and make it into a mushie! It's all about consistency!
  22. from a previous post, the goal is 50% of excess body weight by three months, 80% by six months and the rest during the following six months.
  23. Kai, Are you making the mushies real soupy? Try adding a little more liquid to them so they are almost but not quite "drinkable". Then very gradually decrease the liquid over a period of several weeks. If that still does not work, just back up to full liquids again for about a week or two more. I had to do that several times before I could move forward. Don't be discouraged...just watch the pounds dropping off and cheer for yourself everytime you see that...THAT is success looking at you in the face! You've already lost 1/4 of your excess weight...you are doing fabulous! Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a large 182 oz bottle of bleach and remind yourself that you have lost over THREE TIMES THAT MUCH. That should make you smile!!! Congratulations! Did you have a hiatal hernia repair as well as a VSG? If so, that gives some of us (me too) a tighter lower esophageal sphincter for a while, so the transitions may need to be slower for some of us. KEEP ON KEEPING ON, SLEEVE SISTER!!!
  24. cajun


    AWESOME job DeeDee! I am so happy for you!
  25. Not necessarily. Many will not give results over the phone, good or bad.

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