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  1. cajun

    Dr. Aceves

    Wendy, Best of luck to you in your trip and surgery. I know you will be so happy that you chose Dr Aceves. Let us know how you are doing when you are able!
  2. cajun

    And so we got married..... :)

    Congratulations! I am so glad you had such a wonderful wedding celebration! Got pictures of the beautiful place where the wedding was held?
  3. Today I left the obese category for good. I am just overweight. My two pairs of borrowed size 18 jeans are getting loose. Whoopee! It sure feels good. I still do a double take when I see myself in the mirror...it's like I am seeing some other person... It seems like just yesterday I was heading off to Mexicali for the surgery... By the summer I'll be able to shop for a "permanent" wardrobe...that will be FUN. Thanks for all the support, y'all.
  4. I can take about four swallows in a row...then I have to wait a bit before taking more. It suits me fine.
  5. cajun

    TMI but help?

    metamucil clear works well too. You can add it to anything.
  6. Kathy, hope you got a good nights sleep and have an safe and quick surgery, uneventful recovery, and get back home to your own bed quickly...we are sliding over to make a place for you on the loser's bench!
  7. cajun

    Help! Running out of will power!!!

    I like chocolate and enjoyed a little on Easter. Still lost a pound next morning. The sleeve is an awesome tool that lets us be NORMAL. Eat a little treat now and then, but follow the rules 99% of the time. It works and I don't feel deprived of ANYTHING.
  8. Friends, I'm with ya! At 62 years of age and 288 lbs I was huffin and puffin all the time, could no longer work in my garden because I'd get exhausted after one minute, could not paint my own toenails...the belly was in my way...I could see 300lbs on the horizon, and expected to have diabetes soon. I had sleep apnea, high blood pressure, early signs of fatty liver, arthritis in my knees and feet hurt all the time. I was MISERABLE and DESPERATE. My doctor suggested bariatric surgery, and I started doing research on it, having tried everything else unsuccessfully. I satisfied my VERY PICKY self when I found Dr Aceves and this forum...he met my standards and the VSG seemed the safest of the surgeries. Although my insurance would not cover it, I was actually OK with being self-pay, because I did not like the thought of going through a 6 month period of jumping through the hoops that they require anyway. Once I decided to "go for it", I had an appointment very quickly, and a month later was sleeved by Dr Aceves on 9/23/09. 6 months later, I've lost 99lbs, no longer have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, fatigue, or pain in my legs/feet. I can work out in my garden ALL DAY LONG without a hint of a problem...and still have lots of energy left. I'm down to a size 14 top and 18 pants. I feel like a kid again. Words can't describe how exciting it is to feel "normal". I expect to be at goal (145) by September. The discipline of following the eating plan is so worth the effort once you see results...just set your goals and if you fall off the wagon, just get right back on! The sleeve works if you do what you are advised to do. The weight just seems to fall right off...it is nothing short of a miracle. Congratulations on making a decision that will change your life as you never imagined!
  9. cajun

    Heading out Tomorrow!!!

    Kathy, I hope you stay safe. I read online that there were some landslides and some highways are impassable. Let us know what you are hearing about how things look in the area. Have you heard back about rescheduling your surgery? Almater was on generator power according to another poster...how scarey!
  10. cajun

    No longer obese

    Thanks for all the support, yall.
  11. cajun

    Update from Nina!

    When I went for my surgery I was more worried about earthquakes than I was the surgery itself. The situation sounds grave from the online news...infrastructure (highways) blocked due to landslides, and a lot of damage around Mexicali. If I had surgery planned this week, I would postpone it...they are bound to be busy taking care of emergencies at the hospital, and it may be dangerous to travel on the roads. There are and will continue to be lots of after shocks in the area. It does not sound like a safe place to go right now to me. Just my opinion.
  12. cajun

    post-op day #8

    I agree. Try some Jay Robb whey Protein powder shakes. I like the chocolate myself. It has no aftertaste and no artificial sweeteners. It's the best kind of protein and also contains some Vitamins. GNC carries it.
  13. cajun

    Big Big Mistake

    The sleeve allows us to live more normally and I am loving it. I went to New Orleans with some of my family on vacation last week and had little tastes of a lot of great food...I was surprised that I could drink a cup of Cafe ole at Cafe Du Monde, and eat two beignets full of powdered sugar...first time I've had a "normal" amount of bread and it was great. A special treat! Now I'm back on my protein etc. Still losing. LIFE IS GOOD!
  14. cajun

    No longer obese

    Thanks Daisy. I've been real busy...have had some company visiting and done some travelling so I've been off the web for a while.
  15. I use both sites too, and have found lots of good info on both of them. There are some negatives on both sites too, such is life! I just try to focus on the good stuff.
  16. cajun

    Starving for Food

    Stick to mostly protein, limit carbs to 30 grams a day. If you are eating sugar or white carbs that can make you crave more... You'll get through this. Just keep on following the rules and it will pass.
  17. cajun

    Not long now.

    Michelle. That's normal. Try to stick to healthy foods, Proteins mostly, as much as you can. You'll be sleeved before you know it.
  18. MiniMe, 10 lbs a month is average, so you are ahead of the pack! Just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, and you will be at goal in no time!
  19. Nikki, That is AWESOME, you are doing such an incredible job with your sleeve. INCREDIBLE!!!!!
  20. cajun

    Favorite protein?

    I've never tried the Jay Robb egg white. Always use the Whey, chocolate flavor. I sometimes add some banana extract for a different flavor. I think it tastes good, no aftertaste at all. I like that it has no aspartame...stevia is the sweetener and I think it is safer than the others...
  21. cajun

    Anyone getting grumpy?

    Just remember...this too shall pass! Sounds like normal post-op grumpies. You are doing well to walk away instead of burning bridges...things will get better. I promise!
  22. A poster on the OH site asked me to prove that my surgeon, Dr Aceves, has had no leaks. I emailed Gaby at his office to ask if it is still true that he has done over 700 VSGs with no leaks...here is her reply: "yes, you are correctthanks for recommending us We are aware that Dr. Aceves is way ahead of the statistics right now and we know this situation of never having a leak will eventually change but right now this is the case, he has never had a leak with a sleeve surgery to date. It is also important to mention that early on he did deal with a couple of leaks in bypass surgeries so he knows how to take care of them in case that it did happen. Knowing that leaks are a possibility is the reason we do 3 leak tests and keep patients at the hospital for recovery. " SO, there are the facts...those of you who are still researching, I highly recommend that you consider him. By the way, I have never received anything in exchange for recommending him. I just know a good thing when I see it. I don't know of any other program where you stay in the hospital for 4 days after surgery. The care is outstanding and Dr Aceves' credentials are impeccable.
  23. Coco,, sounds like you are doing great! Just be aware that bananas and peas are concentrated carbs and could slow down your wt loss. Are you counting carbs? The usual recommendation is no more than 40 grams per day.
  24. I read on their ad that they are in the process of applying for JCAHO certification, by the way!
  25. I had the upper GI and blood work at 3 months as Dr Aceves recommended. My internist ordered them and is very supportive. On the other hand, she recommended I see the nutritionist, who was totally opposed to the 600-800 calorie diet and tried to get me to increase to 1200 calories. Obviously she did not understand my program. I did learn a lot from her about some aspects of my nutrititoin (or lack thereof). I'm still on the diet prescribed by Dr Aceves but have added ground flax seed, and a few other healthy items suggested by the nutritionist. It just goes to show that what we are doing post-vsg is not understood by a lot of professionals...I think it is cutting edge and we are very lucky to have found it in its' early stages. My opinion...follow your surgeon's orders.

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