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  1. I am considering VSG.My medical Insurance will not cover the procedure so am saving up to pay myself. But I am doing research before choosing a physician. Am wondering if anyone knows how Dr. Alvarez might compare to Dr Aceves? I read good things about both of them. Anyone know comparitive data on number of sleeves done, complication rate, infection rate, cost? Thanks!
  2. I put about 1/2 cup of fresh papaya in my Protein shake each morning. Papaya acts like an enzyme, in fact I think it is the main ingredient in meat tenderizer...try it. Might work. Lots of Vitamins too! I don't like the way it tastes by itself, but in a shake, it just adds sweetness.
  3. Anyone else get back pain after eating mushies or solids? I get it after eating even very mushy salmon diluted into a mush...it is right between my shoulder blades. I am not a person to take pain medicine but I have to stop working and take tylenol to get some relief, after I eat, the pain is so bad. Anyone else getting this?
  4. cajun

    is chat broken?

    It's been a long time since I've been on the site and the chat room is not working like it used to. I can't figure out how to use it. I log into it, it looks like I am listed with two other folks but I can't type anything. Anyone got advice? Thanks. Cathryn
  5. cajun

    Mexico vs. Louisiana

    According to the Obesity Help website where you can review the qualifications of surgeons in Louisiana (and elsewhere), Dr Bellanger has performed over 400 VSGs. Dr Hargroder has done 100. I read a lot of research before having my VSG by Dr Aceves in Mexico. He's done about 1000 with NO leaks, so his statistics made me feel very confident. The research says that once the surgeon has done over 300 of the procedures, their complication rate drops considerably. They have then seen about every possible complication and know how to handle them. Good luck!
  6. cajun

    sugar substitutes

    Has anyone on this forum used Stevia for sweetener? I hate the aftertaste of other non-sugar sweeteners. Am not sure if Stevia will be any better.
  7. I've been stuck at a 50 lb wt loss from my highest weight, (30 lbs since surgery) for two weeks, but am obviously shrinking. Two weeks ago I tried on some new jeans but could not fit into a smaller size...today, I tried again and have jumped down two sizes. That does not seem possible...maybe it's the brand or something, but what ever, I bought some! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: The moral of the story is, don't worry about stalls...things are still moving along as long as we keep to the program!!!
  8. cajun

    Why now?

    As an "always overweight" person, I am wondering if others finally decided to pursue WLS for some of the same reasons I have. I'm in the research phase but know I want a Sleeve, and will have one by the end of the year. Why did I not do this before I hit 60? Well, I did not like the possible side effects from the options that were available (before the VSG). I was functioning "well", could do most of the things I wanted to do, until the past two years when I gained 20 more pounds. That put me over the top...130 lbs overweiight. Now I can't tolerate gardening for more than 10 minutes I get so fatigued. Used to be able to walk a mile or two but no more...winded and tired. Used to be able to fly without a seatbelt extender...but not any more. Used to easily put on shoes...but it is hard to bend over and reach those feet now. Try doing toenail care when you can hardly reach them! We won't mention personal hygeine challenges!:eek: Used to at least be able to find 2x or 3x clothes that were not tight...not any more. If the pickings are sparse in the 2x and 3x range, guess what's available above that? Right! Visiting friends, or going to public places, sometimes furniture does not admit my hips! How embarrasing! High blood pressure started 10 years ago. Recently legs began to swell a little. Reflux popped up! Gall Stones had to come out! Knees hurt from bearing the burden. Want to know how it feels to be a martian at night? Don a cpap machine!:001_cool: Every trip you take, the cpap has to be lugged along...can't go camping unless there is electricity to keep the lungs aerated! What a drag! Just makes you want to :svengo: Now that I have gotten my gripes out, I must say how grateful I am to have discovered the VSG option. Even though my insurance won't pay for it, I am going to invest in my future...ensure my future!!!...by getting this done. The reseach is very encouraging, there is minimal risk compared to older methods of WLS, and thanks to this and other forums, I know where I can find an experienced and affordable surgeon in Mexico! On top of that, the wonderful community here is such a support. i can't wait to see the new me on the other side of the work ahead. Sooo..what about you?
  9. The spinal block is actually the recommended standard of care for obese patients in this country, and one of the main reasons is it allows the anesthesiologist to use less general anesthesia. Obese persons need a lot more general anesthesia to be put to sleep, because of our weight. Getting less general anesthesia is a lot safer, you wake up quicker, and have less possible anesthesia side effects, less chance of pneumonia, less time being immobile. The spinal also does a great job of pain control. I had the spinal by Dr Aceves' anesthesiologist, and they left it in until the day I was discharged, so I could get meds through the tube during my hospital stay. It was great.
  10. Well, at least one good thing came out of this horrific experience...the vas. Take your time deciding on this...and if you ever decide to go ahead with the surgery, there are ways to prepare so you have the least possible anxiety. Your counsellor and surgeon can help with those things. If you decide to not have the surgery, no one could blame you after what you went through. We are here for you....thanks for trusting us with your story.
  11. How scary...I just can't imagine what that must have been like. I hope you are able to find some help to deal with the aftermath of terror that you experience, so you can move forward. It's too bad there is no legal recourse for such problems in Mexico. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
  12. cajun

    Sigh... stall...

    Just a few thoughts for you, Oub... You mentioned falling short on fluids sometimes. I've found that if I don't get in at least 60 ounces, I crash...no energy. And I stop losing. Be sure you keep your fluids up! Re: nutritionist. I saw one for a while, shortly after surgery. She was adamant that my surgeon's recommendation of 600-800 calories was STARVATION and not healthy/balanced at all, She advised I go up to 1200-1400 and eat more carbs... (I was eating 30-60 gms per day.) She works for my Internist and has never had a VSG. I did not follow her advice, but stuck to my surgeon's advice and I've lost 110 lbs over 9 months. About 30 more to go. This is just to say that all nutritionists are not experts in WLS. When I eat carbs, I stop losing and/or gain weight. So... give things a try and see what happens...you will find out what works for you. You did not become obese in a week, so stop rushing yourself to lose it instantly! I weighed daily for 8 months, but now...about twice a month, ...less stressful.
  13. cajun

    1 year out today

    Tiff, Congratulations girl! You look amazing! You are the poster child for VSG!
  14. cajun

    NSV shout outs

    Chancie, WOW. You go girl! Cajun
  15. cajun

    Stall and EXERCISE

    I lost 20 lbs the first month, then 10 lbs a month after that until the 7th month, when it dropped to 5 lbs per month. The less you weigh, the slower you lose, and I am just fine with that. I find that my loose skin is shrinking a little and a gradual loss is probably a good idea at this point. I expect at 1 year I will be close to my goal, but whatever it takes is fine with me. It's working and I am just very grateful. I don't weigh every day now, just about once a week and that keeps me from getting upset that the loss has slowed down...Lower your expectations, and just enjoy the ride!
  16. Dr Aceves is highly qualified, with over 700 sleeves and NO leaks. He's board certified, teaches other surgeons how to perform the procedure, is highly respected by his peers, and on top of that is just a very kind and caring human being. He will give you the best advice about which surgery is most appropriate for your personal condition, and he is not "in it for the money", so you can be sure it will be a recommendation based on what's best for YOU. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with him, and I am VERY picky, did months of research before selecting him, and am very happy with the outcome. His staff still keeps in touch, and I get prompt answers to any questions via email. The downside to going to Mexico in my opinion is that some physicians here in the US can be biased, and when you mention that you went to Mexico their eyebrows go up. My internist seems to be fine with the idea, but my gastroenterologist who does my follow-up visits seems to have a negative view about it. His notes always say "...had VSG surgery in Mexico". Like that's a problem? If I had it done in California, I doubt that he'd write "had VSG surgery in California". It irks me. But there's nothing I can do about it. There's a popular travel show on TV where the host ends each program with the quote "travel is lethal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness". Maybe US physicians need to travel more...:001_rolleyes:
  17. I stayed on mushies a bit longer than required, too. My tummy just was not ready for regular food when the schedule said I could have it. It'salso not unusual to have to "back up" occasionally. Even at 9 months, if I have a day when my tummy feels upset I go back to Protein shakes for a day, and it settles down fine. Listen to your tummy and treat it right...it will reciprocate!
  18. Research that has been done on the sleeve shows that once the surgeon has performed over 300 sleeves, their complication rate goes way down. I looked for a surgeon who met that criteria, and was self-pay so I did not have to go where insurance required me to go. I went to Mexico and Dr Aceves was my surgeon. He's done over 700 with no leaks to date. I was very pleased with his care. I work in health care myself, and did a lot of research before choosing a surgeon, so I'd have the very best chance of a good outcome. The information I found on this forum helped me make my decision and I am forever grateful.
  19. cajun


    Welcome to Onderland! Isn't it great? I still don't believe I'm there either...so amazing!
  20. I've been cold since I started the pre-op diet, and I used to be hot all the time. I think that the body's metabolism slows down drastically when we consume such low caloric diets, as a way to protect itself. Also, a lot of the high carbohydrate foods we used to eat cause an inflammatory process, which I believe elevates body temperature. I am much happier being cold that I was being hot all the time. Many sleevers report this chilling effect so you are not alone.
  21. Brittu: I flew first class going home too...good idea. More room in the seat, just over all more comfortable. If you can find a driver, I would let someone else drive. Others may not agree. I went alone and was glad in a way, to feel free to sleep or what ever without feeling like I had to visit. But I wished I'd had someone with me a couple of times. Your call. I did use my computer for emails. Took only one pr of shoes which I wore, and rubber-soled footsies for post-op comfort. One pr of pj's. One outfit to come home in. No need for hairdryer. They supply soap/shampoo. Bring washrag though, and toothbrush.... Towels are provided. I had IVs until the day I left, for pain control. It varies with each person, based on need. Ask and you shall receive! They prefer to supply you with intake, so no need to bring anything. You're only allowed Clear liquids, and only after the leak test. Their broth is yummy. Applejuice is....well, applejuice. I had taken koolaid and tried it one time (did not like it...everything tastes different after VSG), but it seemed to upset the nurses that I had it. I think they prefer that you drink what they have there. Good luck! You'll be amazed at the awesome service.
  22. cajun

    NSV shout outs

    Congrats to all, great NSVs. Colleagues at work are telling me I don't need to lose any more. :001_tongue:
  23. cajun

    Tomorrow's the Day!

    Just go with the anxiety...we all have it. Fighting it does not help. Before you know it, you will be on the loser's bench...we are sliding over to make room for you. Your life is about to change forever, and for the better. You'll be so glad you did this.
  24. cajun

    Energy level???

    That sounds like a good idea. What vitamin levels did your doctor check?
  25. cajun

    40 Pounds DOWN!

    Awesome, you go girl!

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