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  1. I am still on liquids, but my body's weird response is if I drink too quickly I end up having that tight chest tummy feeling, then I ALWAYS sneeze! Weird.

    My Doctor mentioned before I had surgery that one of the symptoms of being full was sneezing or getting a runny nose. He said they have no idea what causes it but many sleeve patients get it. Some will hiccup when full. I do all 3. lol

  2. mjean, the sleeve will help you to lose the rest of your weight. I was like you, I was constantly hungry and would eat large amounts of food until I felt full. It seems like I was a bottomless pit. I wasn't one to eat all day long, just large meals when I did eat. I would eat more than my husband sometimes, which is ridiculous. Now that I've have the sleeve, I'm full very quickly and satisified. The mental part is a little difficult because we are so programed to stuff tons of food in our bodies, and all of a sudden, you cant. I to had my surgery With Dr. Aceves and can't speak highly enough about him. He is just fantastic. Best wishes to you on your future journey.


  3. Fabby, so sorry to hear this. It's very upsetting to know you can work for a company for so long and seniority doesn't matter. Obviously you are a great employee or they wouldn't have kept you that long. Hang in there...I'm a firm beleiver that somethng better is just around the corner for you.


  4. I post daily over there too. There are some good posts about doctors there and they are not being deleted the way they are here. I do not like the way every time my doctor's name is mentioned, it's hyperlinked so that another doctor's name pops up. Now even the country they practice out of is hyperlinked as well. That doctor must be paying a lot more for advertising.


    I agree totally. I'm visiting here less and less because of it.

  5. Could you clarify something for me? Are we talking about acid indigestion or are we talking acid reflux?

    I'm only guessing here but it sounds like acid indigestion. I already take Pariet for acid reflux but if antacids are being taken to curb hunger pains then I'm assuming it is like acid indigestion type?



    John, the answer is both. When I initially spoke to my doctors office about the surgery, that was one thing that was mentioned. The VSG can cause acid indigestion as well as reflux. I'm not sure why. I have read where some people got it after surgery and others that had it before surgery, now do not. We are told to stay on it for at least six months. So that makes it sound like it possibly flares up in the beginning and gets better later? Not sure on that one.


  6. Mini, you are doing fantastic. We are all going to have those days where we don't feel like we have done well. I think it's just part of our journey and to be expected. One day last week I told Hubby, "Today I feel like I'm back to my orginal starting weight". He just gave me the weirdest look. lol Some days I feel fat, and other days I feel like I've lost weight. The good thing is the scale doesn't lie. WE are making progress. Keep it up girlie!!!

  7. Dr. Aceves gives out a small supply of Nexium after surgery with the orders to take it once a day. However, I'm on aspirin for blood clots, so he has me take an acid reducer twice a day now. Dr. Aceves said Prilosec works as well as Nexium so I'm using that now. Once in the moring before eating anything, and about 30 mins before bedtime. Once I'm totally off the aspirin I'll go back to once a day in the morning.

  8. I am sooo hoping I will get to give mine up after losing weight. My stats were similar to yours. I couldn't believe that I didn't breathe for up to 57 seconds. There is no way I can hold me breath that long! LOL

    I have had a rough time with my nostril pillows "mask" the last two nights. Seems I can't get them lined up properly. I will try again tonite and if I still have issues, I will run by the clinic tomorrow. Fortunately they are only about 10 minutes away.

    I hope you can get rid of it too. There's a good chance you will. :)

  9. Lookin, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I did two tests also. In 45 mins I stopped breathing 46 times, and sometimes up to a whole minute. My machine starts out at 4 and works its way up to 11 which is my setting. However, after losing almost 40 lbs, I haven't needed to use it at all. Best of luck to you.

  10. Wow Barbara, you're going to town with your weight loss! Good for you!!

    I used to live in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs in 2002/2003 so I know where Monument is.:)

    AJW...Thanks, I'm really trying hard. Black Forest is just around the corner from me. We just got 10 inches of snow on Friday, and today is suppose to be in the 60's. I'm sure you remember how crazy the weather is here. Where are you now?

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