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  1. Barbara you are just a couple of weeks ahead of me. I'm in the same boat. I don't care if I ever eat again. I am mostly living on Protein drinks and a little food. When I think about it I find it wonderful but baffling. Weight is coming off and I don't feel like I am dieting. What more can I ask for?

    firefly, it is a great feeling to be losing weight and not dieting. It is just melting off. I eventually would like to get all my Protein from healthy food, but like you I am still using Protein shakes or shots. I can still only eat 2 - 2 1/2 ozs of food per meal, so if I don't do a shake or shot everyday there is no way I can get in the 60 =70 grams of protein I need per day. :scared0:

  2. I am with you Barbara, no appetite at all, and what I do shove in tastes horrible!! I guess we should be happy, but it is so hard to force yourself to eat when everything tastes so blah. I am glad that I am not as hungry as I used to be, but it also worries me because it seems like I have less energy and am stalling more!! Quite a rollercoaster ride, didn't expect ALL my love for food to disappear! I can get used to it, if I would just start losing again. Let me know if anything changes with you guys, Tiff said it happened to her and it should go away in time...

    angel, I think it is a phase we are going through and like Tiff said, it will pass. We are all headed in the right healthy direction and that's what counts.

  3. I dunno if you are ladies that went through morning sickness or not, but at that point even when food is awful you power through because you want your bambino to be healthy, do your best to power through with this too. Give yourself a plan and times you'll eat and even if it isn't the bliss it once was fuel that body of yours up and keep getting healthy!

    Great advice wanna! I have been forcing myself to eat regardless if I am hungry or not. I look at it as fuel, and my body needs it to function.

  4. Barbara, I'm in Colorado too!! We should just get together :o I've been talking to another woman who also lives in Monument! I am up in Northglenn.

    Anyhooo... if you REALLY want to give them away I would take them!! hehe! Of course it will be quite a while until they fit me (I'm a size 26 right now). I am fairly short too, 5'5", so they might work for me but would have to try them on to know, so I gotta be that size to try them on lol. But I don't want to buy too many clothes as I'm on my way down so I will take you up on it if you really don't mind. :)

    I think we should totally start a clothing trade on this board... to be able to send bigger things to people who need them... and then when that person is done with it they pass it on to another, wouldn't that be cool? Maybe I'll post a thread about it:thumbup1:

    Absolutely. I wish I had known you would want them before today. I just brought 15 pairs of jeans from size 22 to 18 to the good will this weekend. :) I'll start saving them as I'm going down and we can meet one day. I go up to Littleton quite often.

  5. I Know how you feel Keys, have the same thing going on. 1 week nothing next week 2 lbs this week only 1lbs down, ARGGG! aBut the good news is I went shopping this weekend and was able to get pants and shirts 2 sizes smaller. YAY



    Doesn't it feel great to drop a couple of sizes. Congrats!!!:lol0:

  6. Arrrrgggghhh! I didn't bother posting last week cuz I had such a crappy week; only a pound down and here I am a week later only barely two pounds down in two weeks; I guess I'm not stalled by definition but it sure feels like it!! Have no idea what I'm doing wrong, if anything, my only hunch is I'm trading muscle for fat as my cardio has really increased over the last few weeks. Funny thing is, I went from 50 lost to 60 lost almost overnight it seemed, now this! WHINE!!!!!! Hope you guys are doing better than me!

    Keys, you are doing so great. Just keep up the good work and they lbs will fall off. :lol0:

  7. I don't have any hard facts either, but I also was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea about a year ago. In 45 mins I stopped breathing 46 times and sometimes for up to a minute. I no longer stop breathing and I no longer need my cpap since losing weight. That in itself is huge for me because I hated having that thing on my face at night...it was so uncomfortable.

    I never had to have mine adjusted as I dropped enough weight to make a difference pretty quickly. So I went from full force use to not needing it anymore at all.

  8. What a great accomplishment!

    I can't wait to be over this initial post-op period so I can start saying I feel great! lol

    Congratulations and I hope the rest comes off just as easy for you!

    I remember those days, but it really does go by fast. Before you know it you will be 50lbs down. Hang in there and be patient because it will happen. :biggrin0:

  9. I can't believe that I've only 26 days to wait untill I'm sleeved. Where has April gone? :ohmy: So nervous now, but determined and resolute. My biggest fear is it not working for me. Nothing has ever worked for me and my weight has grown over years until I'm now over 300 lbs. I hope this is it!!!


    I thought the same thing. Most of us have doubts because we've spent our lives dieting, on every stupid diet we could find, only to fail or gain all or more than our weight back. This DOES work. Follow the rules and it will be amazing what this tool will help you to accomplish. 26 days isn't far off, it will be here before you know it.

  10. You need to be measuring at the beginning. It's to hard to tell when you are full. And my full feeling at the beginning was very different than it is now. I couldn't really tell I was full until I felt it in my throat and that was not eating more than 2 oz. Now I get the normal tummy full feelings. Measure everything in the beginning and don't eat more than 2ozs if that's what your doc says. Why chance injuring yourself and your sleeve?

  11. Congrats Sleeve sister, I felt the same way when I hit 50lbs and then realized for the first time that it gone forever never to be seen again. Love this tool. :thumbup:


    Hi sleeve sister! I love this tool also. It does feel so great knowing it's gone forever. I went shopping last night and bought 14 jeans!! That's 4 sizes down .:thumbup1:

  12. No Angie, it is the bomb.com! They give you an ativan, then they IV you, then when you are so far under that you don't care about anything anymore they do the spinal block. It made it so I had NO pain those first two days. My memory of the spinal block is one of those kind of memories that is foggy and you only have glimpses of it, the way people describe being abducted by aliens (hehehehe) only in the end you end up thin with a cute butt!

    You made me lol :001_smile:

  13. i had my VSG surgery on 3-15-10... im doing really good.. havent had to amny problems but feel as though ive hit a small plateau.. i dropped weight fast an now it just stays put.. im nbetween food stages as well and have a problem goin to the bathroom other than that all is good.. i try not to get to discouraged esp when i see some who are in the same spot as me doing better.. but im keepin head up any advice would be good..

    Mrshull, hang in there. Seems like it's pretty typical for stalls and for us to get discouraged regarding them, but it is only temporary. Keep reading the message board and you will see that many of us went through the same things. It's hard to not get discouraged. Keep on doing what you are suppose to do and the lbs will fall off.

    I had and still have problems with going to the bathroom. Someone mentioned Miralax in another thread and it has definitely helped me alot. Best wishes to you on your journey.


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