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  1. Last night for Valentines Day we went out to eat dinner. I have to tell you I was terrified. At home in my cozy little house, I can take forever to eat and not worry about the consequences or anyone else noticing. I have to admit, I was a bit aprehensive!

    First thing I did was try to order Decaf Iced tea, and was told they didn't have any. So I ordered Water, and then remembered I can't drink anyway! :crying: I must have read the menu 30 times trying to figure out what to order if anything at all. I ended up ordering some Soup which I was able to handle ok. I took one piece of shrimp off my hubbys plate and one (about 1/2 oz) of chicken off my daughters plate and put it on a little plate. That's all I had and was full!! I was so shocked I couldn't beleive it. They brought these great bread sticks out that looked fantastic and it never even bothered me one bit. Normally I would have pigged out and been so full on the bread sticks and still stuffed my meal down after those.

    This thing really works. Every new phase, and every new experience is a big adjustment and it makes me feel so out of my element, but once you've passed that incident or that stage it gets easier and easier.

    This I SO WORTH IT!!:)

  2. CHILL, child LOL....first, you don't know that yours isn't going to go as well. In fact, odds are in your favor -- GREATLY in your favor -- that once you're past the first week or two, things will go much more smoothly for you than they will for your mom and sister.

    Visualize it...you WILL have very sore stomach muscles for a few days after surgery and you'll have to stand up slowly. You WILL have some pain at the main incision site when you sit up and/or change positions... again, that'll go away after a few days. You'll be very dry. Water won't taste very good and you won't be able to eat or drink much to start with. NOW, visualize how you're gonna deal with all that. You just do--and before you know it, you'll be feeling wonderful, and sooner than you think.

    NOW, visualize not being stuffed to the point of discomfort all the time, not being bloated, not feeling like a slave to food...and that all comes within the first few days too! After that the sky's the limit. Isn't all that worth feeling a little crappy for a week or so? You might even get lucky and be one of those people (like me) who never felt crappy--just a little sore, and totally normal by a week out.

    It'll be sooooo worth it in the end, just to get your life back. Are you anxious about the surgery itself? Try to relax and be interested in the process once they take you back to pre-op. I'd never had surgery before so I found the whole thing interesting, and once they slipped the sedative into my IV.... well, I don't remember much after that LOL. Next thing I knew they were waking me up in recovery. I know it's hard to imagine, but you really wake up thinking "Wow--it's done? Really?"

    Just take deep breaths, know that you're doing a wonderful thing for yourself, and you'll be fine. :)

    Wonderful advice Stacey & spot on :crying:

  3. I'm almost 4 weeks out and have been having a hard time getting in over 500 calories per day. My Protein has been right at 70, and carbs about 20 - 30 per day. A few days I barely made it to 600. I think once I am able to eat a few more things (I'm on mushies) I will be able to do 600 - 800 calories per day which is what my doc recommended. It sure is a learning process isn't it?

  4. Collegen Protein is made from boiled cow hide. That is what the Protein bullets are made from.

    OMG I have drank these now I am grossed out....Put my glasses on and read the ingredients in all the protein samples I got. No wonder they have so much protein. I am going to "steer" clear of them!



    It really isn't so bad. I mean when you think about it, (if you are a meat eater) we eat cow muscles, no? I drink one daily. Eventually I want to get all my protein from food, but until I can eat enough food, I'll use the bullets to supplement.

    I just find if I take little bitty sips from it I can get one down a day easily.


  5. I recently heard about a hair product that is used for chemo patients to help reduce Hair loss and keep your hair healthy. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or used it?

    I'm trying to be proactive with my hair since it's very thin to begin with.

    Supposedly this company guarantees satisfaction or your money back. It's very expensive though so I thought I'd find out if anyone else has tried it.

    Here's the web link:



  6. Thank you Barb and Tiffy! :) I am planning to do the surgery around October or November. I'm currently buying a house and after a few months of getting settled in I'll start concentrating 100% on selecting my surgeon and getting the ball rolling.

    Barbara, what has your experience with Dr. Aceves been like?


    I really can't speak highly ENOUGH about Dr. Aceves. I did lots of research before deciding to go out of the country. I couldn't find anything negative about him or his staff. The hospital was awesome, extremely clean, and well run. They don't mess around.

    All his staff spoke very good english. Everything was explained in great detail, and they made sure that you understood everything in advance. I never once felt compromised during my whole stay there.

    The hospital was full of Americans and a few Canadians. So I made several good friends while there.

    My husband traveled there with me, and he too felt very safe and was really rather amazed at how great the Docs and hospital staff were.

    On top of all that, Dr. Aceves has done hundreds of sleeves without a single leak. He explained to me prior to surgery, that the method he uses has been extremely safe and effective and for that reason, he refuses to change it or take any shortcuts.

  7. Egg Drop Soup is the ONLY thing that hasn't agreed with my tummy so far. I made the recipe from the recipe thread here last night for dinner (I'm in mushie stage) and I only ate 2 oz and had a tummy ache most of the night. That's so disappointing to me as I love Egg Drop soup. I'll definitely try it again later because from what I've read, sometimes your tummy changes and you can tolerate things you didn't in the beginning.

  8. I had 2 huge accomplishments this weekend. 1st was that my almost 30 day stall broke! 2nd was that I am in Onderland! Sunday I did a happy dance at 199 and today I did another one at 198! It has been 10 years since I could say that and then only for a couple of months before the weight came back on. I feel fantastic and can only imagine how much better I am going to feel as I continue to get healthy.

    congratulations on breaking the stall and hitting onederland!!! :)

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