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  1. Barbara278

    Day Two of liquids - headache

    Queen, hang in there. It does get better I promise. The preop diet is one of the worst parts of the whole process.
  2. Barbara278

    New revelation today.

    Fabby, it is great isn't it? We just can't over due if we wanted to. pumpkin, you are doing great. Look how much weight you've lost!
  3. Barbara278

    Day Two of liquids - headache

    I had a bad headache for 3 days when I started my pre op diet. After the 3rd day it went away and I was fine. Hang in there, it gets better.
  4. Kerr, sorry to hear you had some issues. Good thing they were on top of it. Praying for you to have a speedy recovery and be able to go home soon. Keep us posted when you can, I know those cell phone keyboards can be a pain.
  5. Barbara278

    New revelation today.

    It is Tiffy. It's the strangest feeling. It's so hard to put into words where others can understand it. It's just one of those things we all have to experience ourselves. It is liberating, but strange at the same time. After being addicted to food for so many years, it's just "different". It's nice not to focus on food constantly. When I think of how many hours, days I wasted thinking about and consuming food, it makes me sad. I just wish I had done this years ago. :thumbup1:
  6. Barbara278


    I still have problems with Chicken. I do eat it, but have to take really small bites and chew it to "DEATH" otherwise it just is to dry. If there is a sauce or gravy, that does seem to help it go down. I actually quit eating chicken salad because of it. Even with low fat mayo, it seems to dry.
  7. Barbara278

    Ham and Cheese Chicken

    Midwest, Yes per 6 oz breast is the way I took it.
  8. Barbara278


    *Very big smile* Congrats!!! That's fantastic.
  9. Barbara278


    New, That was one of the indicators my doc told me to watch for. For some reason, when our tummy gets full we will hiccup. I do it also, and you are right, it is a bit embarrassing. He also said some get a runny nose and that it was very common with many sleevers.
  10. Barbara278

    Surgery Date Scheduled

    Hi wwqueen and welcome to the forums. Congratulations on getting your surgery date. I think most of us did eat our LAST chance meal (I even did it the whole week before I started my preop diet). Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you.
  11. Fantastic job & way to go!!!
  12. Barbara278

    What a relief...

    girldep, welcome!! Very similar story here. I lost my dad at 62 to cancer, my mother in her 50's to Lupus, and my brother at 42 to complications from diabetes. I didn't want to end up dead at an early age either. I too was self pay and I don't regret it for one minute. I think this is going to be the best thing by far that I've ever done. Best wishes to you along the way.
  13. Barbara278


    Sparkle, I think that the majority of us have had the same exact feelings. After years and years of dieting failure, it's hard not to. In fact, I had been dieting for 34 years. I'd lose 50, gain 70. It's been all I've ever known. This DOES work. I still do get hungry, but it's not anything remotely like it was before surgery. Now when I get hungry, it's usually because it's right around meal time and I think my tummy has got accustomed to a routine. Now when I eat my small portions (2oz) I'm totally full and satisfied. Hang in there...it really will work for you if you follow the rules.
  14. Barbara278

    19 Days Out

    Way to go!! You are doing great. Just keep trying new foods as you can. It definitely does get easier and easier.
  15. I need some advice. I'm still losing weight consistently but at a very slow rate. I'm losing 1/2 pound every other day. Seems like that has been the standard for the last couple of weeks (possibly 3 weeks). At that rate...it will put me losing 7 pounds every 28 days. Does this seem like a good weight loss or does it seem very minimal to anyone else? I am walking a minimum of one mile per day. I've made my 64 ozs of fluids all but about 3 days in the last 3 weeks. Is there anything I should be doing different to bring up the weight loss, or is this going to be my typical loss over the next months? Here's a brief overview of my calorie intake: Feb 13 Cal: 731 Fat: 31 Carbs: 34 Pro: 77 Feb 14 Cal: 498 Fat: 21 Carbs: 37 Pro:41 Feb 15 Cal: 732 Fat: 31 Carbs: 39 Pro: 73 Feb 16 Cal: 612 Fat: 21 Carbs:32 Pro: 75 Feb 17 Cal: 565 Fat: 15 Carbs: 31 Pro: 77 Feb 18 Cal: 703 Fat: 24 Carbs: 28 Pro: 93 Feb 19 Cal: 535 Fat: 13 Carbs: 24 Pro: 77 Feb 20 Cal: 567 Fat: 13 Carbs: 30 Prot 79 Any advice or input would be appreciated.
  16. Barbara278

    Need opinions Please

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm working on it. :001_tongue:
  17. Barbara278

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Breada...way to go!!! I'm going to start adding my weight to this thread every Monday as well as I think it will help keep me focused. Todays weight 202 lbs
  18. Kerri, best wishes to you on a uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery. In a couple of weeks you will be feeling good as new. Keep us posted please.
  19. Barbara278

    Energy levels

    I was low on energy for a while. Some days wouldn't be as bad as others. I wasn't taking Iron & B12 and once I started, it seems to have really made a difference. Are you taking any Iron or B12? If not I'd suggest trying both of those. I own an antique store that I work at on the weekends, and for a while I was so tired and had no energy I was wondering if I could keep it up.
  20. Deb, I think you are right on track for YOU! We are probably close to losing the same weight. I'm losing very slow, but I know it's not because I'm doing things wrong. I'm doing everything right. I know my age has something to do with it. Our bodies are going to lose at the rate we are suppose to. Just keep doing the right things and eventually it will come off. Don't get discouraged. :biggrin0:
  21. Barbara278

    Sleeve Tomorrow

    Hugapug, sorry to hear this. I'm so glad you got checked and it was found early on. Praying for you to have a speedy recovery.
  22. Tiff, love the new pictures. You look great and very happy. Thanks for posting them.
  23. Barbara278

    Sleeved 23rd Feb 2010

    Nicolab, Welcome to VST. It's pretty normal to be cold right after surgery. I'm not sure what causes it but it lasted about 3 weeks for me. I was freezing constantly. I think that most docs don't want you to bathe at first so that it gives your incisions a chance to heal. Taking a shower (water not directly on incisions) is better for you and you have much less of a chance of infection. I showered for about a month, using the anti bacterial soap. Hope you get to feeling good as new soon. Barb
  24. Barbara278

    7 Months Post-op

    DeeDee, what a great accomplishment. I think you look fantastic. Thanks for continuing to share your story with everyone here. It helps to keep us all motivated. *hugs*
  25. Barbara278

    Eloping- yeee haaaaa!!!

    Congratulations...sounds so romantic.

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