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  1. Barbara278

    J April 25th 10a

    From the album: My Journey

  2. Barbara278

    G March 3rd 10 a

    From the album: My Journey

  3. Barbara278

    H March 3rd 10

    From the album: My Journey

  4. Barbara278

    I April 25th 10

    From the album: My Journey

  5. Barbara278

    E Dec 20th 1

    From the album: My Journey

  6. Barbara278

    Day After Surgery January 20th 2010

    From the album: My Journey

  7. Barbara278

    B July 20th 2009 2

    From the album: My Journey

  8. Barbara278

    C July 20th 2009

    From the album: My Journey

  9. Barbara278

    A July 20th 2009 1

    From the album: My Journey

  10. Barbara278

    surgery date!

    Congratulations on getting a date.
  11. Barbara278

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    wow, 5 lbs is fantastic!!! :laugh0:
  12. Barbara278

    Hooray I'm sleeved!!

    Congrats Lynn!!!
  13. Barbara278

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    HW 257 SW 235 (I better mention I lost 9.5 lbs on pre op diet) LW 184 CW 181.5
  14. Barbara278

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    crawfish???? :001_smile: I love em.
  15. Happy Mother's Day to all the sleeved Moms and to be sleeved Moms. May we all be around many more years to enjoy our families! :biggrin2:
  16. I hit 50 lbs lost today. wooohoooo. I'm down from a size 20/22 to 16's. I know I've lost well over 30 inches total. And...I feel fantastic!!! :lol0:
  17. Hi Bigga, welcome to the boards. I have family and friends that live in Abbeville and the surrounding areas. Congratulations on moving forward with surgery. From my point of view it's the best thing I have ever done for myself. I spent over 30 years dieting and losing only to gain it back plus more. This is a great gift and I can tell by your attitude that you will work it and do well. Best wishes to you and keep us posted!
  18. Barbara278

    Newly Sleeved

    Trinity, it really does vary from person to person. There are so many factors involved. Age, metabolism, diet, exercise. Some lose more rapidly than others do. The good thing is that we are all headed down. I'm 15 weeks out and have lost 53 lbs as of this morning.
  19. Barbara278


    It will get better. The first couple of weeks can be a roller coaster ride. Hang in there with a positive attititude and know it will be better soon. Praying for you to feel well soon.
  20. Barbara278

    what a day. I've been approved! !!

    Congrats on getting approved. You are beginning a journey to the new healthy you and it is so worth it. Keep us posted on your progress and journey!
  21. Barbara278

    No appetite at all.....

    firefly, it is a great feeling to be losing weight and not dieting. It is just melting off. I eventually would like to get all my protein from healthy food, but like you I am still using Protein shakes or shots. I can still only eat 2 - 2 1/2 ozs of food per meal, so if I don't do a shake or shot everyday there is no way I can get in the 60 =70 grams of protein I need per day. :scared0:
  22. Barbara278

    No appetite at all.....

    ryansgirl, I've started drinking tea also. When I quit the coffee I took up decaf herbal tea and I really enjoy it every morning.
  23. Barbara278

    No appetite at all.....

    angel, I think it is a phase we are going through and like Tiff said, it will pass. We are all headed in the right healthy direction and that's what counts.
  24. Barbara278

    No appetite at all.....

    Great advice wanna! I have been forcing myself to eat regardless if I am hungry or not. I look at it as fuel, and my body needs it to function.
  25. Barbara278

    14 Weeks out

    Thanks Firefly!!! Look at your ticker. You are right around the corner!! Congrats!:thumbup:

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