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  1. Barbara278

    Pork rinds?

    Yes loser, that's what Dr Aceves recommended I get in place of my Nexium.
  2. Barbara278

    Week 1 results are in!

    Kudo's Lee!!! Great job so far.
  3. Barbara278

    Leak still NOT healed

    Stacie, I'm so sorry things aren't going well for you. I don't really know what to say but I know from your words that your are hurting emotionally. I beleive very strongly in the power of prayer, so you can count on me to be praying for your healing and recovery every day. Please keep up posted on how you are doing.
  4. I'm finally getting more carbs in by adding healthy Snacks to my days routine. Dr Aceves says no snacks between meals but I couldn't get my calories in without them. We are only allowed 2 oz at each meal 3 x's a day. The last week I've been getting in about 35 carbs a day. I've been averaging losing 1/2 a pound per day since surgery. Coppers, try cutting down on your carbs and see if that makes a difference. Good Luck.
  5. Barbara278

    Newbie - Made my decision

    Avilda & Fitatfifty, welcome to the forums! Congrats on your sleeve decisions as well. I personally think the sleeve is the only way to go, but I am a bit biased too. Best wishes to you both!
  6. Barbara278

    Today is the day!!!!

    Best wishes for a successful sugery and a speedy recovery!
  7. Barbara278

    Finding the time to stop

    Glad that worked for you Mini! :blushing:
  8. Barbara278

    May 7th Couldn't Come Fast Enough

    Yahooo Phatman!! It will be here before you know it. It will give you something to look forward to after vacation.
  9. Barbara278

    Small Cold Need some advice

    One thing that works great for me is gargling with warm salt water several times a day. It definitely works. I was also reading an article recently that stated if you gargle with warm salt water daily it would prevent you from getting the flu because the germs take several days to get from your throat to your body.
  10. Barbara278

    Stall ended - I hope

    Congrats Anna...I can't wait to hit onederland!!!
  11. Stuck, It really isn't so bad. I mean when you think about it, (if you are a meat eater) we eat cow muscles, no? I drink one daily. Eventually I want to get all my protein from food, but until I can eat enough food, I'll use the bullets to supplement. I just find if I take little bitty sips from it I can get one down a day easily. :001_unsure:
  12. Barbara278


    DeeDee...that's fantastic! You did it! Congratulations to you and your hard work
  13. Barbara278

    VSG Dietary Guidelines

    Printed a copy out. Thanks Tiff!
  14. Barbara278

    Anyone else have weird food dreams?

    When I was on pre-op I do remember dreaming about eating something because I woke up chewing. lol:huh0:
  15. Barbara278

    Anyone else have weird food dreams?

    :blushing::lol0::crying: That is just so funny. I bet you never spilt anything off your plate either huh? *snickering*
  16. Barbara278

    Lentil Soup

    I made this soup and it is great!!! Thanks Stoongal
  17. Barbara278

    made it to the sleeved side!

    Congrats Youknowit!!! Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery!
  18. Barbara278

    I am sleeved!

    excited, I had good days and bad days during the first two weeks. I'd have 3 or 4 great days in a row, and then one bad one. I think it's normal. Just keep getting that protein and fluids in. Glad to hear you are doing ok.
  19. Barbara278

    I am NORMAL!

    Congratulations DeeDee! What an accomplishment! :thumbup:
  20. Thanks for the prayers, they are greatly appreciated.
  21. Firefly, Give yourself a couple of days after surgery to get in the swing of things. We put so much pressure on ourselves. It took a few days for me to figure it out but by day 3 or 4, I was getting in all my fluids and Protein. You'll do fine. :crying:
  22. I need prayers please. I noticed a knot in my arm about 5 inches above the spot where my IV for surgery was. It got red and started hurting so hubby took me to ER at 7pm last night. We spent 5 hours there last night. They did an ultra sound and found I have a blood clot. I have to go into see my Regular doc tomorrow. It's scary. All prayers would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Youknowit, Thanks so much. Brenda mentioned these to me and I sent hubby to WalMart yesterday and they don't have it. I'm guessing some stores carry it and others don't. I'm going to try to go to another WalMart today to see if I can find them.:thumbup1:
  24. Yes..they did tell me Unjury is ok. The unflavored and the chicken broth. I have both of those. I've been adding a bit of the unflavored to my broths and drinks. Let me know if the Profect is ok. I'll try to get some of that if it is.
  25. Barbara278

    I am sleeved!!!!


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