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  1. Barbara278

    17 days to go

    Viola, glad to have you become part of our sleeve family and congrats on your surgery date. Wishing you well on your journey.
  2. Barbara278

    Just been sleeved

    Well dont' stay a stranger. At least post now and then so we can see how you are doing. Curves should be great. I hope you do ok. I started working out as well and I'm definitely feeling it.
  3. Barbara278

    Just been sleeved

    I'm 6 weeks out and have tried chicken salad a few times. I can only eat about 1 oz and then it just feels awful so I just quit eating it all together. I did put light mayo in it also, but very little and it still didn't sit well. Maybe in later months we can try it again.
  4. Barbara278

    So Discouraged....

    Loser, this doesn't sound good at all. Have you called your surgeon to see what he thinks? Hope you get past this soon.
  5. Barbara278

    From Band to Gastric Imbrecation need help

    Welcome to the Forum. You are more than welcome here. You will find some of the nicest and most informed people around. Best wishes to you. Oh and on the "eating enough part", I still really can't tell when I'm full most of the time. I've had to strickly rely on measuring my food and stopping after that is consumed. Or eyeballing it to previous measurements and then stopping.
  6. Barbara278


    dybarra, I too have a hard time judging fullness, so I stuck to eating no more than 2 ozs per meal. Perhaps start measuring your food each meal and stop at 2 ozs. It takes a while for fullness to register so maybe you are eating past your fullness point. Good Luck.
  7. Barbara278

    Sleeve Tomorrow

    Hugabug, congrats on your surgery today. Best wishes for a smooth and uneventful surgery. Looking forward to hearing how it went.
  8. Great news on your surgery date. I can totally relate to joint pain. One of the main reasons I had this surgery was that the weight was causing so much pain on my joints, especially my hips. I would have pain constantly. I would wake up at night just from the pressure of sleeping on my sides which would cause severe pain in my hips. I have lost 31.5 pounds (6 weeks out) and the pain in my hips is nearly gone. I still have it some, but it gets better and better as the pounds drop off. I just started exercising recently where before surgery I couldn't walk a block without being in terrible pain. I think it will help your joints tremendously. Best wishes to you.
  9. Barbara278

    I have a date!

    Congratulations on getting your date. :w00t:
  10. Barbara278

    Need opinions Please

    Thanks for your responses everyone! Guess I need to whine more often. Yesterday morning I weighed and lost the typical 1/2lb after 2 days, this morning I weighed and lost a pound. Tiff...I have been doing fairly good on my Water, but I defintely have missed a few days of getting it all in. I'm gonna work on that. Thanks
  11. Barbara278

    I can't wait!!!!

    yah!! It will be here before you know it. I'm excited for you.
  12. Barbara278

    NSV shout outs

    woooohooooo Daisy. Maybe you should post some butt pics soon. lol :crying:
  13. Barbara278

    Need opinions Please

    Lee, Here's an example for Feb 15th where my fat was 31. Breakfast: 1mug herbal tea 1 cup skim milk w whey Protein mix Total fat for Breakfast was 2.44 Lunch: 1/2 cup tomato basil Soup Total fat for lunch was 11 dinner: 1 1/2 mini sweet pickle 1 large hard boiled egg 1 tbsp light mayo Total fat for dinner was 10.26 snacks: 1 protein shot 1 tbsp Peanut Butter Total snack fat was 8.06 Maybe I need to cut the fat down some.
  14. Barbara278

    Took Measurements today

    Wow Mini!!! That is so fantastic!! That reminds me to update my measurements. Great job!!
  15. Barbara278

    Before and After

  16. Barbara278

    Spaz80's Journey

    Spaz80, Welcome to the forums!
  17. Thanks for sharing your pics! I can't tell you how motivating it is for all of us to see those. It helps us to stay the course. Thanks again.
  18. Barbara278

    Sleeved on 2/24

    Congratulations on getting your sleeve. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery.
  19. Barbara278

    Hey...another newbie here!

    Jeff, I was wondering how you are doing. Hopefully you are doing great!
  20. Barbara278

    Down some pounds

    That's fantastic. By the time you have surgery, you will just ease into it with no problem. Good to hear you are doing ok.
  21. Barbara278

    I did It !!!! I did it !!!!!

    Congrats and thanks for sharing. Sounds like you are off and running.
  22. Barbara278

    magic bullet VS ninja????????

    I just bought the Bullet about a month ago. I love it!! It does everything I need it to do. I do like the little containers with lids, as most of the time I can barely eat half of what I make. I just put the lid on it in the same container that I used to blend it and then use it later.
  23. Barbara278

    Off hbp meds!

    Congratulations! That's one of my goals, is to be off the BP meds.
  24. Barbara278

    One week out

    katldy, you'll be just fine and of course all the emotions and non sleep are pretty typical for most heading to surgery. It's ok to feel those things. As far as sleep goes, I used an over the counter Melatonin. I bought mine at WalMart. It seemed to work really well for me. In the past I have used Tylenol PM because I've always had problems sleeping, but the Melatonin has worked also. Best wishes to you on your journey,
  25. Barbara278

    Two NSV's this week.

    Coppers...I think you a right! Thanks

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