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  1. 123crod

    Travel with prior adjustment to band

    I was down to 119 lbs and now back up to 155 lbs and working my way back up in fill again. They refuse to fill you back up like you were it is very slow going. It is like starting over again. Hate it. Don't do it!!! Cheri
  2. 123crod

    Travel with prior adjustment to band

    I never had any troubles could eat what I wanted while I was there only after trip back home band tighten and I lost 40 extra lbs. over a couple of months. I loved it Drs did not. I took round trip to UK more than a year a ago come home and Band was so tight Dr recommended and an complete unfill PLEASE do not do it. It you get too tight just take a small amount out at a time until you lose some weight NEVER to a complete unfill biggest mistake of my Band life still searching for what I had before. Cheri
  3. Samantha C , I always kept a tight band too just never get a complete unfill because you will never get that same feeling again. I miss my tight band had to have an unfill because took a long airline trip and band tightened up even more tight I lost too much weight and they talked me into a complete unfill just to let my body have a rest and gain some weight BIG MISTAKE, only take some out NEVER take all out I guess unless you have a slip or you will never find that good old feeling again. I am refilling now and they are taking forever to do it nothing feels the same. If I ever get back to the same spot they will have to strap me down to remove any fill cheri
  4. 123crod

    Starting again

    Had my band unfill because I took a 12 hour flight roundtrip to UK from US and the 24 hours in the air tightened my band so tight I could barely get fluid down tried to wait it out but weight just dropped off and I must say I loved it but my Drs and husband were not impressed. My husband pushed for an unfill . . . . a complete unfill until I could gain the 30 lbs I had lost since the trip (2 months). I had never been unfilled since I had the Band in 2009. Went for the complete unfill against my will and gained 30 lbs really fast with band being that tight it was like being on a strict diet and then stopping . . . weight just pours on. Now I am refilling but it is not the same. Never and I say never get a complete unfill unless no other answer to fix the problem. Take out half, take out 3/4 don't take out all. I always believed and still believe the less you mess with your band the less chances you have to to have problems
  5. I have had the band since 2009. I have taken Seroquel and Topamax for many years. Now have been changed from all meds to just one Seroquel XR too afraid will start to put on weight with Seroquel going in 24 hours instead of just at night. Just wondering if anyone else going through this weight again scare with their meds. Cheri
  6. 123crod

    Cannot Lose Weight

    Go see the surgeon who did the surgery and talk to them maybe just need a fill and refresher course to get you going! Also a lot of good book on the subject look on Amazon. I have a bunch of good ones. Good luck.
  7. 123crod

    Way to clear being stuck

    Banded since 2009. A big gulp of warm coke with some lemon juice will go down but will come right back up with whatever is stuck so be in bathroom. May take a time or two always works for me.
  8. When you go in for a fill or unfill does you Dr. always do it or a nurse? I have always had my Dr do it this next appointment a nurse will be doing it? Thanks.
  9. I have had my band since 2009 also and I plan on having it for a long time. Sometimes it gets too tight on it's own and I have to go have an unfill. I also have been one who since I have had it vomit alot no matter how I try to eat, small and slow bites but I have never slipped thank God. Just try to follow all the rules and you should be fine.
  10. 123crod

    Lap band journey

    I never had that problem but the band has a mind of it's own so you never know, so I say anything that changes blame it on the band. You ever need to talk just message me. cheri
  11. 123crod

    I'm able to...

    I have had my band since 2009 and I have had friends who like to stay tight and some who like to stay really loose. I have chosen to keep my Band tight which requires you to adjust your lifestyle to that. Smaller bites and chewing even more. I can eat and drink just fine just prefer to stay tighter than other people. No bite of pizza or Hamburger has passed these lips in 4 years and that has helped me. Maybe not you or someone else but it has helped me. cheri
  12. 123crod

    Ready to throw in the towel

    Sometimes you have to eat like you have restriction even if you do not have it. cheri
  13. Feeling alone so many friends have move on to sleeve or bypass. I have not had any trouble so never moved on. Some of them have had better success and some have not with second operation. Have not been here in a year or so I so wanted to see who is still here. cheri
  14. 123crod

    Gotta Get This Off My Chest

    I am a little past 4 years post opt. and even when I was new to the site we were 'newbies' back then, don't let it bother you, it's just a term not meant to make any one feel bad, I was proud to be a "newbie." Just read what you want and pass up what you don't want to read, we all get our favorites and the ones we just pass up Good luck to you!! cheri

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