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  1. I am scheduled for a band to sleeve revision on April 12. It is a long to coming and i am excited. If you have had this conversion, how long were you out of work? I have an office job and am planning on 7 - 10 days. Is this realistic?
  2. I would support your decision to have the band removed and be sleeved. I am in a similar situation. I did well with the band for a while (originally banded in 2008), but have slowly been regaining and have the pouch and stuck issues. I finished jumping through hoops for my PCP to write a letter of approval which included a cardiologist exam, echo and stress test to validate that my heart would handle sedation. I am age 60 and know that it is better to have additional surgery now rather than to wait until later years. I am scheduled for April 12 and looking forward to it.
  3. Gigi_Girl

    Food getting stuck?

    That's a que to eat slower and chew more. I have had a band for five years and it still happens when I get in a hurry. Bread is the primary culprit, so I try to stay away from it.
  4. Gigi_Girl

    How Much Did You Lose?

    The answer will vary depending on several factors, but mainly on weight at surgery and the physician's protocol. The bigger you are, the quicker you lose. My physician prescribes two weeks of liquids post surgery, then to mushies. That being said, I have had two bands. First in 2008, second in 2012. (The band sprung a leak and needed replacing.) in 2008, I weighed 270# and lost 11.2 pounds 2-wks post surgery. In 2012, at 210 pounds, I lost 6#. I am interested in hearing others responses.
  5. My doctor told me to do what I wanted, but if it hurt, to not do it. I think I waited a couple of weeks.
  6. If you have excessive weight loss with complications like repeated rashes and irritation for tummy skin hanging below your pubic area may be covered but I would say the majority do not. I have had an extended tummy tuck with front and back lipo and i paid for it all. Check with your insurance company for their criteria. Merry Christmas to all!
  7. Liquid Tylenol brand is currently off the market, but there are several makers of the generic tylenol, Acetaminophen, that do just as well. You can find them in most drug stores.
  8. Gigi_Girl

    Dear Santa, I Want These Boots..

    I think we all need a pair! We will be able to tuck our jeans into our boots before long.
  9. Gigi_Girl

    Lapband Removal

    I just had to have my band replaced. The price to redo was the same as the 1st time. When I got price quotes on removal alone, that too was comparable.
  10. So sorry for your frustration. Hopefully the insurance can get straightened our for you.
  11. Gigi_Girl

    Vitamins I Need To Take Post Surgery?

    I use Bariatric Advantage, all chewable, Calcium (I prefer the Cherry flavor), multi-vitamin, and iron supplement. I order online thru Diet Direct.
  12. Gigi_Girl

    Lost 8 Lbs

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work!
  13. Gigi_Girl

    Admitted To Hospital

    We can always find a silver lining!
  14. Gigi_Girl

    Still Waiting...

    DesertRose, I think we all have had some version of this frustration. I got very upset with my insurance coordinator more than once during the process. In fairness to the insurance coordinators out there, there is a ton of documentation to submit for each patient with a very anxious patient calling or emailing. The only way to get a quicker surgery, is to self pay. You will get your approval, just try to distract yourself during the wait.
  15. Gigi_Girl

    First Day Of Work!

    I am sure that you will take a nap this afternoon. thank goodness for a split schedule! Have a great day!
  16. Gigi_Girl

    August Roll Call

    Mwoods, good luck to you and everyone else going in tomorrow! Let us know how you do.
  17. Gigi_Girl

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    Joann, good luck to you too! I'll be thinking about you!
  18. Gigi_Girl

    Has Surgery 4 Days Ago

    Be sure to join the August 2012 lap band support group too. You'll find others that had surgery the same day as you.
  19. My doc's orders on the temp was 101 or above to seek assistance. I am staying below that with tylenol. Curious if anyone else running a low grade fever.
  20. Gigi_Girl

    August Roll Call

    First band had a major leak confirmed during surgery, thus the replacement.
  21. I agree with the Protein shots. Mixing a scoop of Matrix protein with yogurt is another option. Are you of your recently banded still having pain in the port area and/or running a low grade fever? I am on day 5 and cannot get up from lying down without help. I can stand from sitting without problems. Also, it seems every evening my temp get up in the high 99s or low 100s.l
  22. Good luck to you! I am right there with you. Surgery in 3 and 1/2 hours!
  23. Gigi_Girl

    August Roll Call

    kpizzle, I am August 20 also and on day 4 of my liquid pre-op diet.
  24. Gigi_Girl

    August Roll Call

    Dean7115, I am getting my second band on August 20. (Mine won't hold fluid anymore. Hopefully, we'll find out why when they remove it.) I got my first band on December 15, 2008. What's your story?
  25. Gigi_Girl

    August Roll Call

    I was banded initially December 2008. Lost 80 pounds over first couple of years. Have succeeded in gaining 30 of that back in the last year. First band stopped holding fluid over the last year. NP suspected a leak, so started aspirating fluid to measure. Each visit, got out less and less. The last time was just one month past a 7cc fill, only could remove 2cc. Don't know why the leak, but insurance approved replacement due to defect after several back and forth requests.

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