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  1. lisadoll

    Lap band fill Florida

    Please be careful — he’s greedy for $$
  2. lisadoll

    Long Island

    hi! i live in long beach, and was banded 12/14. i would love to get together with you guys for any kind of support. have you set something up yet? lisa
  3. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    sorry -- that last post was to be addressed to sluggo; i appreciate your humor! and i'm also old enough to remember "mr. bill"! lisa
  4. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    that's terrific! love those lines.. i, too, have told no one but my mother. my deal is i'm on Optifast to lose all this excess weight to be healthy in 2010. i read somewhere else where you should say you had gallbladder surgery, if you need to explain the hospital. it's no one's business unless they've walked in those shoesl
  5. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    it's the best! i've been eating it for about 3 years, and nothing compares to it; thick as sour cream!
  6. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    i am on day 7 of optifast shakes and one optifast bar, but instead of the 4 shakes a day, i am having 3, and one small cup of Fage greek yogurt--the 0% fat one. it has lots of protein, and is low in calories, no fat. excellent, nice and thick. the first day of shakes i thought i would die, but then i read to add sweetener, 4 or 5 ice cubes, and a flavor extract (i prefer banana or coconut with the chocolate shakes), and they are actually delicious! am also cheating with one cup of coffee per day -- no milk, just sweetener. lost 6 lbs. so far; my surgery date is monday. yikes!! lisa
  7. lisadoll

    December Delights 2009

    karyn: thank you! i am trying to stay smoke-free at least until my surgery monday...
  8. lisadoll

    December Delights 2009

    uh-oh; does every doctor give a "smoking" test at the pre-op?
  9. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    lalalude, and everyone else: thank you! i can't tell you how much better you all made me feel yesterday; this liquid diet is worse than i thought, but i'm sticking with it of course. my hospital pre-op and dr pre-op are both wednesday.... this forum is just fantastic; thanks again for allaying my fears!
  10. lisadoll

    December Bandsters 2009

    hi! my surgery is the 14th, and my preop is also this wednesday...from prior experience with surgery, it's just all tests -- ekg, blood, chest xray, etc. nothing to worry about. lisa
  11. thanks! just wanted to know if you had to do the liquid diet, and for how long before surgery?
  12. i'm attending the seminar next week, and i'd like to thank all of you on this supportive site for giving me the courage... anyone else here from long island?

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