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  1. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    @@fortheloveofme do you have any comorbid issues? High bp, diabetes, high cholesterol? That will help your cause.
  2. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Absolutely hands down Dr. Hoffman. I had the lap band done by Dr Pham when he was with synergy bariatrics. He was good but no where near the bedside manner that Hoffman has. He even came to my pre surgery holding room when he was told that my parents were there and had some questions. Most of the nurses at the clinic at buffalo General have had the surgery too so they know what you are going through. I am so happy that I went to him and have had NO regrets.
  3. Hi all. Looking for the best and healthiest protein bars as a meal replacement. Suggestions welcomed!!
  4. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    @@kimmerzj29 I had my endoscopy in the hospital with dr hoffman and it was fine. I didn't wake up and just had mild discomfort afterwards. Don't fret too much.
  5. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    @@YellowWallpaper I totally hear you on the sleep study. It is such a pain in the @ss. I ended up having to get the cpap machine and the hospital would have canceled surgery if I didn't bring it with me on surgery day. I paid $300 for the initial payment for the machine and then it is $40/month for the next 10 months. And I hate it. Most of the time I don't use it. I'm hoping once I lose weight I won't need it. ????
  6. nessa259

    Stomach binder?

    @@Beni Yes I am going to start an exercises as soon as I'm cleared. I just know that they won't tighten up everything as I have been down this road before. Just looking for something to hold it in and show off all the hard work I guess
  7. Hi all. I am 4 weeks post op from a band to sleeve revision. I have heard of people using stomach binders after surgery to protect their incisions but I am wondering if anyone has used them after healing? I am not so much losing pounds but inches for sure and my stomach is becoming saggy and the skin is loose. Any insight?
  8. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    I'm doing well!! I was a band to sleeve revision so it will be a little slower on the loss but overall feeling healthy and excited. Soooo great to hear about the NP. Which one is it?
  9. nessa259

    Anyone From Buffalo, Ny Out There?

    Hi ladies. I had the sleeve with dr hoffman 3 weeks ago. One of the requirements is to lose 5% of your body weight before surgery. They use the south beach diet to do so. Good luck with everything!!
  10. I will tell you that this is the best thing I could have ever done. With the best surgeon I could have ever found. It is totally different than the band. I actually get FULL and not UNCOMFORTABLE like with that dam plastic thing inside of me. I will give you one tip. I was feeling REALLY good one week post op. Then 10 days out I started to get pain right where the band was and where the port had been. I freaked out because it was "new" pain. I called the office and they told me that it was more than likely residual pain from the band removal. After 4 days of Tylenol I felt way better. But I was positive I had a leak or some other horrible thing. Nope. Just the band giving me one. Last. Headache. ???? good luck!!! See ya on the losers bench!
  11. nessa259

    So tired. Normal?

    I am back to work and it's ok. I'm just tired as all heck when I get home. You should be ok. I have an office job as well.
  12. I am two weeks post op and I am still very very tired. I can't get up in the morning with my alarm which is usually not an issue for me. Is that normal? If so, how long will this last? I could sleep anywhere at anytime. I don't like that!! Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. Just spoke to the nurse at my surgeons office. The pain I have been feeling is more than likely the residual pain from where the lap band and port were removed. No fever no chills no nausea so she said it doesn't sound like a leak. Thank God!! ???????????????????????? Thanks for all of your support!!