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  1. Loving everyday

    Sister is hurt from my weight loss

    So later that night I get a text from my sister stating that her husband came clean about the text message he sent me. She ended up texting me back saying that it does hurt her feelings when I talk about my loss and that she is so proud of me. She has been struggling as such as I have and I have asked her why she won't get a band. She also said that he was just trying to protect her from the negative, because he hates to see her upset. I had no idea I was being negative and stated to her that I never ment to hurt her that would be the last thing in this world that I would want to do. It just comes natural to tell your BFF everything of every angle about your life. Our relationship is getting back on track, I have to admit that the first few weeks after this ordeal that it was very akward between us but we are working to rebuild our relationship everyday. Thank You everybody for your support and I hope you can all use this situation on your Journey.
  2. Loving everyday

    What's on the menu for today?

    B- 2 pieces of turkey bacon ( I usually have one egg to but I wasn't feeling it this morning) s- small bag of chedder sunchips (these have been my addiction lately) L - Ceaser salad (half of it, I am eating the rest for lunch tomorrrow) Workout s - small apple and 2 small chocolate santa claus crisp (they are great at getting your chocolate craving and not going over board) D - spaqhetti (just sauce mushrooms and ground turkey, yum) I might have a little bit of fruit at the end of the day but I am usually not hungry. And I usually get 3-4 32 ounce's of Water or tea in there thru the day.
  3. I am almost 2 years out, I did not drink the first year because I was afraid of my tolerance level and of course calories. When I did start to drink a little I would have a glass of wine or two maybe once a month (I really like concord wines). Now a days I can't have wine it gives me heartburn so bad that I want to cry. I do sometimes have a little bit of flavored vodka mixed with alot of water and a squeeze of lemon juice, but that is a rare thing. I lost my love to drink when I got my band, it hasn't been the same since my surgery. I just drink my powerade when I go to party's or water when I go to bars with friends and I am okay with that, 113 pounds okay with that =) Good luck guys I wish you all pounds lost.
  4. Congrats on the booth task, I still ask the waiter for a table instead of a booth even though I have lost a ton. I think it is just mental for me, what if I don't fit keeps running around in my head. For the food thing I don't have problem with veggies, I eat a ton of those but fish (well pretty much anything that swims) I can't eat. It is all mental for me I just can't stand the texture, smell or anything about it. I avoid, you just have to find what works for you. What about green beans that are french style they are low on the squeaking factor? Good Luck!!
  5. I always boil my chicken, it leaves it very moist, then i will add something to it like last night I grilled up some onions and put a little taco bell sauce (you can buy it in the glass jars and has no calories) on it with the chicken. That with a side of veggies and you are good to go. I also like to dip it in plain mustard or just eat it plain.
  6. Loving everyday

    Sister is hurt from my weight loss

    Thank You guys for your support!!! I am so glad this website is here to let us voice our concerns and get help when we have nobody to talk to. I ended up texting him back. I told him that I didn't realize that I was hurting her and that I am just so excited about my journey I have been working so hard to get to my goal that I wanted to share it with her. He never responded back to me =( but it is okay I am just going to be more aware of what I am saying to her. This band has become my life for right now, I am living it and when you are going thru something so important like this it is just so hard not to talk about it.
  7. Loving everyday

    Sister is hurt from my weight loss

    Thank You, that is crazy that we are exactly one year apart =) That is a good idea to just drop it, I just can't get this feeling to go away. I am sad really sad, I can't stop tearing up. How do I shake that feeling?
  8. Loving everyday

    Weight loss can be embarassing

    I have even tried to roll my pants, but there is only so far you can roll them.
  9. I need some advise from you guys. I received a text message this morning from my brother in law stating "Hey do me a favor please stop telling (my sister) everyday about how much weight u lost it gets her discouraged cause she's trying but it's obviously not gonna b the same for u 2" this text has made me cry all morning first because I don't want to hurt my sister and plus I have been working so hard I work out 2-3 times a day watch everything I eat. I tell her about my journey but I am not in anyway rubbing it in her face I wouldn't do that to somebody I love. I weighted over a hundred more pounds than she did a year and a half ago and now we weight the same and I am starting to pass her up. I don't talk about my weight loss to her I only mention it to her if I lose a pound. We of course e-mail each other at work things like what we ate for the day, how we worked out etc. I am so upset about this whole thing, I am starting to tear up again as I type this. I am always trying to get her to come work out with me or choosing healthy place's to eat at when we dine together. She is my bestfriend I don't know what to do. Please help me, let me know if you had to deal with the same situation and how you dealt with it. We have both struggled with our weight since we were young, I just refuse to be that fat girl anymore I want to live a full life and not be held back cuz I don't fit or can't keep up. Sorry this is so long...
  10. Loving everyday

    Drinking Alcohol

    I have about two drink a month. I can not drink any alcohal though unless it is extremely watered down, it gives me heartburn. My favorite is a little bit of fruity vodka mixed with a squirt of lemon or lime and lot of water and ice mixed. Plus there is only 30 calories per drink enjoy!!!
  11. I love subway, I eat it all the time. I usually get a 6 inch chicken with all the veggies even spinach. I make two meals out of it. I also take the top of the bread off, I do that with all my sandwhichs when I eat them. Like once a month I make a pb&j sandwhich (my weakness) and just use one piece of bread folded I usually can only eat half of that. You just have to find what works for you.
  12. Banded 6/29/09 started at 400 as of today I am at 289...111 LOST!!!! I am hoping for another 39 but my ultimate goal is 200
  13. Loving everyday

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    ME ME ME ME ME!!!! 108 as of this morning 92 left to go
  14. I would of went off on her, HR would of had to come to stop me. I went to girls weekend last weekend and I was drinking a little (sipping a small glass of wine) and this girl had a problem that I wasn't eating and drinking like crazy like the other were. I got up to use the restroom and when I got back I took a sip of my Water (I was sipping both) and it was pure rum. I was so heated after that, I ran to the restroom and spit it all out. I was in shock, how could somebody do that (mind you she didn't know I had the band). My sister was there with me and calmed me down or else I would of flipped out on her. She ended up saying her sorrys etc, but for the rest of the weekend I was so rude and mean to her.

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