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  1. i have lapband surgery in the morning. i'm pretty excited.
    The band will be placed over my stomach that i previously had the RNY surgery. thanks for sharing you guys experience though.
    I have to be at the hospital at 11:30 that means i wont get surgery till to hours later. my nerves are on edge.

  2. I started having burping nasting smelling burps that could not be controlled and acid reflux. I went to the dr and had a barium swallow my band had slipped so bad not even an unfill would have fixed it. I'm scheduled to have that band taken out and a new one put in next Tuesday. Oh how I miss my band buddy. I havn't been able to work out for 7 months so I had been bouncing back forth 10 pounds up down back up. Im curently 4 pounds up but e hope with calorie counting I can get back down before surgery. I want to start fresh after surgery and feel like I'm moving forward. U guys hang in there. I hope u go to the dr soon. It is expensive but u really need to know if something is wrong. I have went for awile with a slip not knowing it. It only hurt my progress and so glad it didn't cause any damage. The slip was not caused by me I have followed all the rules it just happens sometimes. Could be from the amount of weight I lost I have no clue and dr has know clue. Could have been from a surgery complication I had in November and have been going through ever since we will never know. But if i hadnt had the test I would have never found out. So please go to the dr and make sure everything is ok. Great job everyone.

  3. I had my surgery in November 2009 but nobody has wrote in our area for awhile so I thought Id join u guys if thats ok. It looks like all of you have done so good just wanted to tell ya congrats on the weightloss.

    Soon2b2little 149 pounds Omg give yourself a pat on the back from me way to go!!!

    Lapband gal 111 pounds if i subtrated right may have had a blonde moment and messed up if so I apoligize. You have done so good girl give yourself a hug from one lapband girl to another awsome job!

    cheryldee 90 ponds that great too! Hey u may have been at a plateau for eleven months but you have been through a lot in time.Maintaing in my book is just as good as lossing. I too have went through a lot in the last year. Had surgery awhile ago and had complications. I had to have surgery again in Jan2 and ever since I've been having homehealth come everyday. I had to wear a wound vacumm machine for five months and still have a open wound that should close within the next week hopfully. I have had maybe 1 to 2cc maybe in my band for one two months in the last year. I am scheduled for a new band to be put in next Tuesday. During one of my surgeries my band slipped so they are taking it out and petting a new one in. I can't wait to get my buddy back oh how i miss him. Its so hard to do this on my own. I was going to zumba everyday and walking 3 -4 miles everyday losing so good. I haven't lost in forever but have only gained 4 pounds in the last year. I say WOOT WOOT!! The four pounds I am determined to have off by my surgery date. So I am going to calorie count starting today. I want that off so when my bands put it I can start a new begining moving forward. i'm hoping that kickstarts my weightloss. So I total understand what u have been going through the last 11 months.

    dracon creature. COme on girl u can do it! U have all of us to support you while u move forward. Keep your head held high Girly!! Have a nice day guys!!

  4. I had a slip, and repair; it was not replaced. I had it done in October and went on a cruise in November. I was 2 weeks liquid and then normal. I am happy with the repair, however, never have gotten to the green zone. I am on maintenace and working hard not to gain weight. But, you are going through soem thing different than I. Goodluck, Karen

    U said your not at green zone yet . how big is your band and how many cc are in it? Have you had more ccs than u have today before.

    Thanks for the info

  5. Not sure what happend because I did everthing I was suppost to. It could have been from being to lose after losing alot of weight. He really couldn't tell me since I had done everything that was asked of me. I had Hernia surgery in November of this year then surgery agian in january because I cought staff infection. They had to open me up and cut out were it had eat into me. So I.ve had home health coming for almost six months everyday to clean wound. I was alos put on a wound vacumm for several months from a slow healing wound which happens a lot when u get staff infection. I'm assuming while I was in the hospital the first time with hernia infection i caught it. I had to have four blood transfusions and kidneys tried to shut down which made my immune system really low and when your immune system is that low you can catch stuff like that easier. so by the end of the week I will be all closed and discharged from home health. I'm so missing my Zumba It is the best workout and its not like a worout to me its fun with other zumba freinds. I love my lapband dr he has been great wouldn't trade him or the lapband for anything. I just pray I don't have any complication or get any kind of infection while having the repair. I'm so ready to get out and have some fun with my wounderful hubby and kiddos. Being restricted to the house for 6 months is very depressing and not fun at all. I personaly think it had to do with the heria surgery everything seemed to go wrong after that. But we will never know. I do know I have not had Fluid in my band for a month and the last 5 months before that only 1cc. I miss my band working and I'm so ready fro the helpful tool to be fixed. I could alwasy lose weight but never could keep it off. With the band working properley I'm all good. Making good food choices and exercise is something I enjoy. The times i make bad food choices I'm restricted and reminbed when I feel full to stop. Before it tasted so good I kept eating and eating. Thats what i love about the band. I hadnt had a piece of bread or donut, biscuit.. etc.. in two years until my band slipped. Did I miss those things? yes at first. But I learned ways to subutute like with wraps. I was one who really enjoyed my bread I loved sandwiches in the summer. Rolls at dinner so yummy... I know a lot of people who could still eat those things in moderation but I was not one of them. I can eat anything these days which is not good. I hadnt felt stuffed in years but after having band fluid removed Its like it was preband and that scares me cause if I can eat it I will. I don't seem to have the control. With the band I have the control and when ive had enough I know the signals it gives me that i better stop eating. It makes me nauseus when I eat to much you would think that would help me but it don't. I would be right back were I started if I lost my band and that is very scary.

    I started having major reflux and heartburn even if i hadnt had anything to eat or drink it would just come out of my mouth uncontrolled smelled like the grosses rotten egg or fart u ever smelled. Before I had surgery in november I had 4cc. Hadnt been able to have much over 1cc since surgery so that was a red flag with the added reflux and heartburn. My kids would be like gross mom stop farting u stink. It happend over and over no warning so embarrising when in public. I had never in my life had heartburn or reflux. It was so bad it burned all the way up. So he took out some fluid and said if it continues call me right back and we will send you for a barrium swallow to see if band slipped. Those are number one sins band slipped.

    How long have you been banded? How big is your band? U have lapband or relize band? How many cc do u have in your? What can you eat and not eat since surgery? are u glad you had it done? Have you had any problems? Welpought id ask you some questions about your experience so far since i just wrote a book.lol! I love hearing others adventure with the lapband. I think this site has been my number one support system since surgery besides my family.TTYL! Thanks for your response kbliss78 any questions id love to answer.

  6. My lapband slipped about a month ago. Since my stomach is trapped in it letting the Fluid out did not help. I am scheduled for a new labpband to be put in next week. I was wondering for those of you who have had something similer to this happen what to expect before and after surgery. I'm so lucky that my insurance is paying for this because this is not the same insurance I had when i got the lapband. The dr wanted to put a bigger lapband in this time for some reason so I'm very lucky they have approved that as well. I think he said that most bands that slip will do it agian so instead of just fixing it he recommended a new band. The reason for the larger band I really have no clue. Unless they think its cause they can fill the band more. So how long did your 2nd surgery go? My first was 30 minuts surgery time. But this time they will be taking the lapband out and placing a new one. Did you have to do a special diet the week before like I did the first I had the lapband placed? I can't remember how long I was on restriction for the first time around. How long will I have to wait to start doing zumba agian? I know I should have asked these questions when I was in his office but I dindt want to get excited if my insurance wouldn't pay for it. I have called the office to ask but am waiting to here back from them so I thought id ask some of you who have done it before. The port will not be touched just the band. I'm sure i will have to do one or two weeks of liquid then mushys then solids like I did the last time. Thanks guys for all who respond have a great day!

  7. Had my upper gi today and found out I need to have revision surgery. He wants to put the lapband 14cc band in this time. I didn't even think to so why.does anyone know why.for this of you with slipped band how does it ork after fixed? Does having a new one help. We have to see if my insurance will cover a new one. If not I just want to fix it.

  8. My insurance don't give requirements its different then most. You have to send in any information you have and they will send to another Dr they have and they decide whether it's medically needed. They sent in pictures too of rash and without. I should find out in a week he did they would call me plus send out a letter to my Dr if denied or not. I will just appeal appeal if I have to. My Dr said my rash was OK since you can't get to do right away when you get it. I had took pictures of my rash to Dr said we wouldn't need those. Thanks for your advice guys

  9. Waiting on reconstruction of mons/ pani approval. So my information was sent to insurance company a month ago and they keep asking for more information and we send it in. Last of it sent off today. Called they have recived it and sending it for another dr to decide if its medically needed. Finally made it to the next step. My insurance was different then most. They tell you nothing about how to qualify. You just have to send in pictures and drs recomendation and they decide with that. I did send in a list of meds that I had used over the counter. I had been to one dr dermotoligst but betime he seen me rash was almost gone. He called me in something. Then my plastics wrote a letter saying why it was medically needed. I have had bladder problems in the past he feels that were from all the extra skin in both areas. I didn't send any other information in guess I will do that if they decline it. So what have some of you went through to get a pani approved? Shew this wait process is no fun at all. We get all excited and don't know what the outcome will be until they send us a letter approved or dennied. Im still going to have it if they don't pay but will have to wait awhile longer if thats the case. Thanks for listening and any advice would be appreciated.

  10. Loved reading about what all of you are doing to get past the tight feeling in your band. I too went fo a tiny unfill last week. I was having major heartburn so bad even when i didn't eat i was burping nasty smelling stuff up non stop. he told me if I still did that I need to call office and they would schedule me for an upper gi with barrium. It's so weird I have had 5cc in my band before and just felt tight. But I only have 2 1/2 cc in my band some days its super tight some days I can eat anything. I'm still burping from time to time not as much but enough to know somethings wrong. He said my band may have slipped thats one of the signs. OMG I sure hope not. If so I hope they can unfill me all the way and it fix its self. So im waiting on dr to call and schedule that in two weeks. I know sometimes its hard with the band but I need it. I could always lose the weight. It was keeping it off that was my problem. With the band as my tool it always reminds me I need to stop. Without backup from it sheww scary thought. Have any of you had that problem?

  11. Went for 1/2 cc unfill yesterday and already feel so much better. Those were the longest two weeks of pbing broth and posicles ever. I was 8 pounds down yesterday at the dr that was only good thing out of it. Time to start a new day and its gonna be a good one.

  12. Well guess who got 1/2 cc taken out today? Me, and I feel so much better so tomorrow I will be starting to log my weight watcher points agian. I had lost 8 pounds in the two weeks since my fill so that was good. But I was living on broth and popsicles those two weeks so i might gain a few back this week switching to solids. But hey it should come off the next week as long as i stick with my poins

    I agree with KristyT Hiccups is my major STOP button if I take another bite its sure to come up. I don't take off any for pbing. It was my fault it happend so i use that to teach myself not to do it agian.

    So excited good job with the 14 pounds gone!

  13. I still have not been doing my ww tracking. After my 1cc fill I have great restriction with 2cc. still eating Soups and stuff till I get a little loser. I am having major nasty smelling burping after eating drinking or even when i'm not doing either. I really need a tad unfill but hate to drive 1 1/2 hour for that so I'm trying to stay on the positive side. I have never had the nasty belching and I've had my band for a long time. I mean I have been to tight before and slimed and stuff. which as long as i stop after so much i dont slime or spit up anything. I was hoping to be keeping up with my ww since i'm paying for it in all. But maybe by next week this will pass. any of you guys had that problem? any advice would be great thanks

  14. I got a fill two weeks ago. 1cc in a 10cc lapband total 2cc. I'm feeling alot of restirction which is good but never experinced alot of nasty smelling burping before. It is driving me crazy but I hate to drive an hour 1/2 to get a tad unfill. I was so tight i had to do liquids for the first week. I'm still sticking close to soupy foods. I feel like if i hang in there in a couple of weeks it will losen even more so I refuse to get an unfill. I have had by band since 2009 and don't remember evr doing this. I mean I've been over tight and had to have some taken out because of not being able to eat but not this. Have any of you had this happen before any tips would be grat thanks.

  15. Since my fill on friday I'm doing the same thing as you aretalking about. My band tends to get tight though when I get a fill. I go to liquids most of the time when i feel like that. This time i didn't and when i go to the bathroom and pb like you i swell more. when i go out to eat I to find a seat close to the bathroom just in case I go over my limit there is nothing to be ashamed about. But my husband to knows when i'm at the dinner table at home or at restraunt and get up what that means. He thinks its gross too but oh well hell get over it its the band life. I always loosen up though after awhile. I only have 2cc in my band and am doing what your talking about. I can feel it when its to much and i back off. Do you drink while you eat? They say not to but I could never handle that so I still take little sips. I have learned when I feel like my food is backing up to slow down wait awhile. Sometimes I can have more and sometimes not. So don't be ashamed of how you feel. But if u are missrable have a tad taken out sometimes thats all you need to do the trick. With the band some days are rough but the good days make up for it. I could always lose weight but never keep it off the band helps me keep it off. This week I have actually took 1/2 cup prego spagetti sauce added little garlic salt. Crushed about 5 croutains put ontop. When you go from liquids to that it taste awsome. yes it is fatning but it will pass and when i losen I will go back to healthy. meats i have to be so careful with my band does not like them. roast is a no can do barbaque meat. weird how that texture is out of the question. I can do steak, chicken, stew meat. but it must be cooked in crock pot so it kinda melts in your mouth. Hamburger must be chopped with my chopper after cooked for taco or anything for it to go down. I chop it before putting it in chili too. I just eat it slower though. bread i haven't had in two year which is fine when i need it i use the wraps. I just try and add crunch to my food. tuna i eat with crakers instead of bread. I do not do low carb or adkins I use old weight watcher books. when i don't do that i just keep my calories about 1000. I worked out till i had surgery four months ago and haven't since. In about two weeks I will be released from dr and can workout and i can't wait. I love zumba, hate the video game and videos but i love to go to the gym and do zumba. I can't dance have no rithum but zumba you can do at your own pace and no one cares if your off step. I walk at the park. Good luck and don't be ashamed of the band life just go with it. don't be scared to have some taken out cause you can always have it put right back. but if your don't twig the band a little u will never know what your sweet spot is.

  16. Happy Birthday to the last poster! What an accomplishment.

    I have tons of ?s for everyone. I only started at 200 so to lose 40 has been great for me but I always intended to lose about 70. I have had so many problems eating.

    I haven't been out to eat with friends in two years. I cannot in any way shape or form eat in front of others. Even my 8 year old daughter asks what my problem is when Im eating.

    Maybe I've just been WAY too tight for too long. I cannot eat meat at all so the Protein thing is out the window. Doesn't matter how small - ten minutes later I am throwing up.

    I find myself eating fattening stuff so I dont starve. I make alfredo sauce and put it on fresh veggies like red/orange/yellow peppers only to get it to slide down.

    So my question is to everyone?

    Are you able to eat in public without people knowing you have the band? Maybe I'm just too tight?

    What exactly do you eat?

    Did you give up sweets entirely to get to this type of goal?

    What type of exercise did you do?

    Did you follow a complete under 20 carb diet which is basically Adkins?

    Please anyone reply.... I have been miserable for over a year because I can't eat. I really thought when I got this it would just allow me to eat and because my stomach was smaller I would be full much faster. I can't get full because I can't eat anything without throwing up. I would say at least once a day I throw up something that has gotten stuck!

    Any comments/advice wanted! Thanks

    If you feel that bad and can't keep stuff down u need an unfill. why wold u go that long without it. How much do u eat before u throw up? how big bites do u throw up. do u throw up eating Soup.< /p>

  17. They asked for mine to be reconstruction of mons and above the stomach my insurance needed the code and they don't have a code for that so they sent in panni code. Still waiting to here. I did not go to dr for rash grrrrr should have. yes my plastic surgeon faxed the pictures and they couldn't see them so we are waiting for them to mail them. The lady in the office should have known better than to try and fax photos they are the most important part of getting approved. How much skin do u have how low does it hang? what was your starting weight?

  18. Good job guys! i went for a fill last friday and haven't been able to do the ww program this week cause i'm having to eat liquids and popscicles so I haven't posted for a week. But I should be back tomorrow posting agian hopefully. Shew I have 2cc and am so darn tight its weird how before i had hernia surgery i had 4cc and that was my sweet spot but i will be at 2cc for a long time cause its my new sweet spot. DOLE strawberry fruit popcicle is my new freind so yummy if you haven't had one u must try it.

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