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  1. Bettina

    Pogo Anyone??

    Hi I was just curious does anyone else play Pogo here? I love it. Its total relaxation for me. If you are not familiar its Pogo.com.
  2. Bettina

    Im a newbie

    Hi and Welcome!!!! How do you feel so far?
  3. Yeah, its always been this way....the ticker works fine, i think it may just be me.
  4. Wow!!! You lost 81 lbs since Halloween??? What is your secret?
  5. lol...nope never had a problem...works just fine okay, one problem---I can't figure out why there is so much space between the post and the ticker.
  6. I highly recommend anyone that has questions to view this webinar. :clap2: It is lengthy (2 hrs) but well worth watching, if for nothing else, you can use it to know what questions to ask your doctor! http://www.or-live.com/AtlantiCare/weightloss/skin/rnh.cfm?language=english
  7. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Weight in---220....-3 lbs so far (but just got my first fill on Friday...so should be smooth sailing from here!)
  8. Defective hunger hormones syndrome...i like that. Sorry to hear about the gain. That's great that you showed them your before and after pics ---makes perfect sense to do it now and not lbs later! I don't blame you on not wanting to get rebanded, I wouldn't do it either. My sis had bypass 4 yrs ago and gained about half the weight back (i think its half--I don't mention it to her-i know it upsets her) She wanted to be banded on top of the bypass...not good. Take care of yourself...and best wishes!
  9. Mine did the same thing...same age..only the boyfriend was the same age too. (btw...I met my husband when I was 17 and he was 21 and we are married 22 yrs this feb!) She was gonna be a doctor, got good grades, got a car. Boyfriend passing school....no car, no parental support. She passed on going to a university....went to community college instead. Changed her major from medicine to International Languages....they broke up, she is sorry now she didn't go away to college instead of staying here. I supported her all the way, told her to just make sure she makes good decisions. Boyfriend is gone but I still have a great relationship with my daughter. I remember 17 all too well!!! I remember what its like to be in love. If you get strick---she will do what she wants without your blessing, and you may never see her again. Just be open an honest, I told mine that I thought she could make a better choice in a boyfriend, but that I also understood why she was attracted to him, she understood me and I her. I guess we agreed to disagree...lol. She is now 19, and will switch to a better college when she gets her associates degree. You know, english class is english class no matter where you go, maybe she can take her core classes in a community college....I myself am in college and want to be a guidance counselor, so I am up on this subject...lol. And, once in school, she will see a whole new life ahead of her and her attitude may change. My daughter was afraid to tell me that she changed her major, all I said was make sure you do something useful with it and don't waste your time. She was so relieved, she is so funny. She lives with my mom only 15 mins away, but it was good she got out. We get along so much better now. I do miss her, but she works in the same supermarket as my son, so I do get to see her, and she stops by the house. So.......you need to know when to let go (cause it is gonna happen anyway) and just be confident in the fact that you taught her to make the right decisions and that she is a good person. Best Wishes, and you aren't alone!! Take care|!
  10. That is awful to hear....but yay on your reaching goal!!!! Do you think you would gain it back without another WLS? What is gastric sleeve? I wonder if erosion can come just from time too? Maybe they just don't have a long life to begin with. I have heard that the newer bands are made different from the older ones...have you checked into that? Best wishes to you!!!
  11. Thank you for your concern and support. I do appreciate it. I am totally clear and completely educated when it comes to the band. (i don't mean to sound mean about it, but I wasn't sure if you were telling me that I don't know what I am doing or not.):cry I have checks all the time with the doc, it is required by him and my insurance. I also know that I don't have the same food issues as others, so does my Doc and that is why we are 100% that I won't have problems. Hmmm...flu and such, yeah its possible, but I never get sick so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will remain in the same good health. I have only thrown up once in my life and was a kid. I am lucky and just dont' throw up....looking for wood to knock...lol. I don't eat out-ever- so food poisoning shouldn't happen..Motion sickness--don't get that either. I am not saying that nothing bad could ever happen to me--but as far as doing what I am supposed to --all will be perfect. Outside of that, I can't control and I will just keep my fingers crossed. Take care! :)
  12. My dietician told me that we can have lettuce when we are on regular foods. I have been on regular foods but have been afraid to eat a salad. I had my first fill yesterday...no problem....Tinkster......It went fine...didn't even hurt...and I felt the restriction as I walked out of his office. I had to do liquid yesterday...but am doing mushies today. The fill is great!!! Just like when I got out of the hospital....eat only a little...not starving...i had a cup of cream of brocc soup today...was awsome to feel full! This morning I had (lol) Gerber Rice with Bananas baby Cereal. For dinner I had about a cup of mac and cheese (nothing else mushie in the house) I am done eating for the day...yay! Best wishes to you---you'll be great!!!
  13. My band can't slip...my doc guaranteed it. As long as I follow what I am supposed to do, it won't. I won't vomit, no reason too if I follow the directions. I could see where you might have a problem if you eat too much and the pouch pulls on the larger part of the stomach and pulls it thru the band...but slippage? no.
  14. Which bible do you mean? There are several. King James wanted a divorce from his wife because she couldn't have a son....he knocked up one of the handmaids and she had a son....so he had the bible rewritten ...so that he could marry her.....hence the King James Verson....and I don't really care either way....I am just curious when someone says "the bible" ...which one?? So many people don't agree with what is supposed to be the original bible, that they go off and make their own religion......hard to know which is accurate. (esp since the orig bible was written many many years after the incidents written in it) I am not trying to cause grief....it just facinates me. I think we should all be multi-denominational.....but that is just my own opinion
  15. I am sure your band didn't slip. You have a layer of fat around your stomach...(like a roast would) when they band you, they usually put the band over the fat.....then the fat melts away and the band is "loose" It would be like wearing a belt...on notch 3....you lose 10 lbs, and you still keep your belt on notch 3....its just gonna hover there. When you get a fill you'll be fine again. Ask your doc about how the band is attached...most pull a piece of stomach over one part of it (wraps around the band sorta) so that the band cannot slip. That is how mine is on. Best Wishes!!
  16. All religion is made up....that is historical fact. And its important for everyone to have something they believe in. So who cares who believes in who or what...as long as we are happy and we are good to one another .......who cares?? Everyone needs something to believe in ...we all need faith...that is all that matters. (and those that bash others for what they believe in....who died and left you in charge anyway?)
  17. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    When something gets stuck...don't panic....drink some hot water (hot enough for tea) or hot tea....and it will slide right down! I had a cream of wheat incident...I now eat Gerber Rice with Bananas when I want cereal. I had part of a meatball get stuck...which was crazy because it feel apart on the fork..so I thought ..okay no problem...yeah right. Also I found that there is a big difference between albacore tuna and chunk light. Chunk light is denser....and wicks liquid like a sponge and becomes even more dense.....even though its has way less fat---albacore is the better choice. I got my first fill yesterday....omg i felt the restriction as I was walking out of his office (he said I should have felt it as he was injecting the saline. I still feel it as I sit and type. lol and...lost 2 lbs since yesterday..crazy huh?
  18. 5 weeks out---4 cc band...just got my first fill today..1 cc...yay!
  19. Bettina

    Sleep study?

    Hi Dani, ask them about the different types of masks available to you. my mask is so small and lightweight....don't even know its there! Best wishes!
  20. Also have the eating well book ...and am told weight loss for dummies is indespensible. I borrowed a book from the library but it is so good I am thinking about buying it : Weight Loss Surgery: Is it right for you? Goldberg, Cowan, and Marcus It sounds like something you read before you consider the band, but it has great information for those of us who have already been banded!
  21. personally I don't think they are worth it....but I make a quick Protein shake and take that in the car with me...right now I have Spiru-tein chocolate flavor...but they have many other flavors.
  22. Pre-made bottled Isopure does have 40 grams of protein and comes in several flavors...I found orange to be the best. But your body can only absorb 20 grams at a time anyway (the rest gets peed out) so the 20 that you found will work too! The bottled is clear (colored but clear) you can use it in place of cold Water when making your jell-0 !! Best Wishes!
  23. Bettina

    Is this "Normal" Diet for After a Fill ?

    my doc also does the stages from liquid to mushies to regular food after a fill, he told me its to help the irritation to the band area from getting worse. You know, stomach is used to the size of the band and then poof...its made smaller...just a protective measure. My own thoughts are...its a kick start to the diet again.
  24. I understand, but mine cannot. Thanks for the information, I will still be careful.
  25. How does erosion happen? My band can't slip because a piece of stomach is wrapped around a part of it, so I am not worried on that end....but erosion??? Scary and I am sorry it happened to you.

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