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  1. Bettina

    Goodbye posts

    I think if she doesn't like it, she shouldn't read it.
  2. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Good Luck!!! You must be so excited!!! :clap2:
  3. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Hurt, nah you can't hurt me. I'm an idiot. I didn't realize that because my doctor has a different way of doing things that it can't possibly help anyone at all ever on this board. (I must tell him and the dietician that they are wrong about what they told me because it doesn't conform to what everyone else was told) (He is gonna have to tell Carnie Wilson's doc that he is wrong also I guess-he trained with him) "and everyone can jump in and do that anyway they want" Apparently not me though. "helpful and supportive" that was my intention, never once did I say that anyone else was wrong and I was right. "Just remember when you're throwin' around background and degrees that lots 'o people here probably have strong backgrounds and multiple degrees, but they just might not feel the need to share that. Um kay? BJ" I guess that is a problem with my "knowledge base" I only posted that I am certified to let others know that I am not some idiot spewing non-truths on the board (never once claimed that I know all -or that it meant that my way was correct and everyone else was wrong) Its called credentials. Seems to be a prejudice here that because someone was told something different, that they were told wrong. I never meant to hurt anyone, just give a different perspective -thought it might be helpful. Ya know, I was hoping that by posting what I was told that someone else may have been told the same thing and that I would feel good about what I was told. I too am looking for support. I see now I won't get it here! I guess I will never be on "the team" I wish everyone all the best.<!-- / message -->
  4. Bettina

    Please help me decide!!

    Neither one is fool-proof...my sis lost a lot of weight with RNY but gained a lot back too!! So she lost the weight, gained it back, and still needs to get plastic surgery for the skin flaps. But the hospital told me on Thursday that a fireman had RNY and then developed Esophagus cancer...luckily he had that piece of stomach still there inside, they took the bad parts out and took the old stomach and attached it to his neck..and is now cancer free! Malabsorption is a prob with RNY. But not so much with banding. I would go to a support group and talk to the people there...it helps to actually meet with people in person. Best wishes in your decision!!!
  5. Bettina

    Goodbye posts

  6. Bettina

    Good by to my Scruffy little dog

    Hi Trish, I can relate, I lost several dogs over the years and cats too. Ugh my husband just can't seem to live without dogs and cats (me either but...we have 3 dogs and 2 cats...constantly) Hubby was making special dinner tonight for our male beagle, afraid he won't make it thru the winter..I dread this. My 9 yr old lost her hamster back in April...we both balled our eyes out! He was a truly unusual hamster..used to sit with me while I typed..odd I know) All our pets have "people" names because we treat them like family. My heart goes out to you and wish you the best. Parakeet huh, that is so cute, I was thinking of getting a Conjure, but I think the cats would have something to say about that! Take care!!
  7. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    I was trying to be helpful.
  8. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    That is good to hear. I am just glad I only have to do one day prior. I will miss sugar. I wish you all the best!
  9. Bettina

    Sleep study?

    Yay Jack...that is what I am looking forward to. I am finding the last few days that apparently I am taking my mask off in my sleep even turning the machine off!!! Yikes not a good thing!! I was better about it in the beginning...lately ...no.
  10. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Sorry , that is what I am told, I don't have to comment anymore. It seems to be upsetting. Glad you can have apple juice.
  11. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Were you told to see a Registered Dietician? I have to for 14 visits...mandatory here or no banding. (I think that is also how they got insurance to pay for the banding too)
  12. Bettina

    Protein shakes making me nauseated

    You can't have citrus until you are a month out. The Isopure is a good idea thought, nutritionist told us to use it in place of cold Water when you are making Jell-O!
  13. Bettina

    Drinking & Steak

    Its your esophagus that opens not your band.
  14. Bettina

    In tears all weekend

    You might want to consider attending support group meetings. You will find everyone in the same boat as you, it helps to talk face to face with others who are going through the same thing. Good Luck!
  15. Bettina

    Sleep study?

    Ditto on that!!! Anyone thinking its a get rich scheme is totally wrong! Its a live longer scheme! (and my insurance paid for all of it, so as far as trying to soak me for money...nope didn't happen!!)
  16. Bettina

    I'm lost! Journal not working?

    Hi its been down for days...I got a message that it was disabled.
  17. Bettina

    Sleep study?

    I didn't have signs or symptoms either. I was totally shocked! I talked to another doc about it. Its true that its dangerous if untreated. (no you can't die from the sleep apnea itself) I researched it too. I have much more energy now. So glad I went for the study. I hope all goes well for you...take care!
  18. Bettina

    Sleep study?

    Oh boy I could write a book on this!!! They need to know if you stop breathing when you sleep, if you do going under is dangerous. So if you have sleep apnea (which I do) and you stop breathing, they put you on the machine and pump the air in for you. My number is 7...omg blows my bangs back. Sleep apnea can cause weight gain, swollen ankles (got that) and you really don't get the sleep you need! I love my mask, I have been on it for a month now...I can run up two flights of stairs now without getting out of breath..couldn't do that before!! Oh yeah and my doc wouldn't do the surgery if I refused the testing, and I have to be on the cpap mask for 2 weeks..so I am good on that. I read of a woman who had the surgery (check the memorials on ObesityHelp.com) she had her bariatric surgery --they didn't know she had sleep apnea, she stopped breathing and they didn't know---she passed away. What a shocker! Under anesthesia, you are totally relaxed -that is how they put you to sleep--so your unable to breath again as easy as non-sleep-apnea people. On the flip side, Sleep Apnea is a co-morbidity...so you should be approved for sure!! My kids call me Scuba Steve when they see me in the mask..its not a whole mask..just a little thing that goes into my nostrils...no biggie really! Take care, and best wishes to you!!
  19. Bettina

    Surgery Called Off B/C of a Cold?

    Sounds like you have a plan, feel better soon!!!
  20. Wow, who told you that you can eat whatever you want on the band??? You are supposed to change your habits -its the whole reason for getting the band! Seriously, who told you that?:phanvan Okay I just checked and you are only 24 yrs old...still should have awesome metabolism. And, I have had French food, so I think I understand...but no doc could have told you that, could they? Not trying to argue or anything, just shocked by that statement. :biggrin1:
  21. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Holy cow! You were on that diet 2 weeks pre-op!!!! I only have to do 1 day...i thougth I was gonna have to do 2 weeks too after reading the boards, Hubby said, you do that for 2 weeks and you won't need the surgery!! Your Protein shake sounds good. I talked to a few people a few weeks ago who were doing body building shakes (not yours) and they couldn't figure out why the scale wasn't moving. Yours is nice and low in the bad stuff. That smoothie sounds good. I plan on using my Juicer alot when I am off clear liquids. My mom and sis are the gadget queen and princess, I couldn't be bothered. But I do have two and luckily they will both come in handy for me!! The Magic Bullet and the Jack LaLanne Juicer. 11 days till banding...can't wait. Here in NJ I had to go to "Bariatric Bootcamp" got a pillow for my stomach, a nice huge tote (like LL Bean's) and a little contraption to practice on to keep my lungs clear. Tour of the hospital, had to try out the bed (they made you do it) and saw everywhere you will be in the hosp and gave you the nitty gritty details of the surgery. At the dieticians office she made us try the liquid Vitamins, liquid Calcium, chewable vitamins, powdered protein Soup, and protein pudding made from the shake mix (chocolate). Did your doc make you do all that too?
  22. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    No, your's sounds good. Low fat, low carbs...that means the calories have to be low too. I was commenting on someone who was drinking 11grams of fat and 11 carbs!! Yikes! And, as long as its lower in sodium than others, your okay. You aren't on a clear liquid diet are you? (can't be if you are drinking shakes) I was wondering...why are you not eating jell-o or broth to supplement? I was even told to do sugar-free ice pops. I am confused as to whether you are on clear liquids or full liquids.:cry
  23. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Yay that is great, and your weight loss so far is great too!! You must be so psyched!!! :puke:
  24. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Take care!!! :biggrin1:
  25. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Gotcha, yeah another bodybuilding supplement. I thought you were on the liquid bottled protein. The liquid only has 80 mg of sodium instead of the 320 mg that the powder has. The nice thing about the bottled stuff is that you can replace the cold water in jell-o mix, with the isopure...get your protein and it tastes better. And then you don't feel so much like you are on total liquids...and the jell-o has the hair growing benefit -which will in handy when the hair starts to fall out. (ugh)

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