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  1. There is an alarming amount of deaths due to taking anti-depressants. They are mind altering and some people just don't function properly..Smith prob didn't realize he mixed the drugs...so sad The suicide rate (even though I know that is not what happened here) among teens taking antidepressants is staggering...we had 6 deaths in the local high school last year ...kids and antidepressants.:omg:
  2. i wouldn't want to have to get the sticky off from the duct tape...LOL
  3. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Tracicat, I will have mine done in 8 days at Atlantic City Medical Center. I live in Tuckerton.
  4. You are so not alone on this one!!! I am just glad to see that i am not alone!! How awful, having a new baby and your son dying while coming to see his new sister! Ugh! Do you have kids? I do, so I am thinging that I have extra feeling for her..another thing i think about is she just lost all that weight to make her life better and now this....and I am trying to lose weight to make my life better....I feel the kinship.:cry
  5. Bettina

    Visual affirmations

    gotcha! My doc told me that tummy tucks depend on how old you are, how is the elasticity of your skin, and how long have you been overweight. (the longer the worse it is to get it back in shape) I see your 50 but that certainly doesn't mean you don't have really nice pliable skin. The whole reason I am doing banding over bypass is the plastic surgery issue, 1-2 lbs a week is managable and I should be able to exercise while loosing to keep up with lose skin issue. Best wishes to you.
  6. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Prior experience tells me that you should really ask your doctor. Wasn't it required that you see a Registered Dietician? If it was, you should double check with them. Best wishes!
  7. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Oh yay, glad I didn't buy chewables yet. I hate chewable anything...reminds me of the when i was little and took flintstones chewables..stick to your teeth..ew. I am not fond of liquid either, however I do like the way Centrum liquid tastes. Pain reliever was the only thing I haven't bought yet. Good to know, thanks again!
  8. Bettina

    How would you handle this?

    I ditto everyone else, she is prob a little jealous.
  9. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Thanks for posting that, I was wondering about pain relief but forgot to ask Tylenol Meltaways....are they tablets??
  10. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Hi...good luck to you! I go the 27th! Which hosp are you going to in Langhorn? I have family out that way....nice area. I love PA!
  11. Bettina

    E-mail Petitions

    Not only that, but they put spyware on your computer......Last January I had to send my computer back to Texas because I got 22 Trojan Viruses from an email like that!!!!!! OMG it was awful!!!!
  12. I checked it out Dana, no, I couldn't use that one either. Mine just goes under my nose...like a fake mustache...lol.
  13. I tried that one for my overnight fitting, it kept sliding off my face-I lay on my side to sleep. Yeah mine seems to be noisy if it comes off my nostrils. Hubby sleeps on the couch sometimes claims it wakes him up...but we use the air conditioner at night so I don't see how he can hear my mask. My nostrils are so so tiny...I have these odd "pillows" they don't go up my nose, they kinda just block them so no outside air gets in. None of the nosepillows fit due to the tiny nostrils (currently my best feature -that and small ears--till I lose weight...LOL)
  14. Dana I am a 7 too!!!! What kind of mask do you have?? Mine is really tiny!! Its really a tiny set up! Mine is called Mirage Swift nasal pillows...If I had to have a real mask I'd shoot myself-no worries about sleep apnea after that!! My kids call me Scuba Steve!!! LOL
  15. Bettina

    Visual affirmations

    Duodenal Switch: How it works Restriction (Vertical Gastrectomy): The stomach is restricted by dividing it vertically and removing more than 85% of it. This part of the procedure is not reversible. The stomach that remains is shaped like a banana and measures from 4-7 ounces (120-250cc) depending on the surgeon performing the procedure. The nerves to the stomach and the outlet valve (pylorus) remain intact with the idea of preserving the functions of the stomach while reduing the volume. By comparison, in a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, the stomach is divided, not removed, and the pylorus is excluded. The Roux-en-Y gastric bypass stomach can be reconnected(reversed) if necessary. If that is what you are getting, your stomach is cut through! Banding is just a "belt" around your stomach for food restriction. How much you lose is gonna be totally up to you. My sis lost 70 with the bypass but gained prob 40 lbs back. If you do what the doc says you should be fine! Take care and good luck!
  16. Geez I hope I am in that 80% . I am waiting for a call today from the sleep apnea people, apparently I am taking off the mask (and its tiny) and shutting off the machine---while totally asleep...I am shocked when I wake up and find it lying next to me on the bed! When I am down about 50 lbs I am gonna get retested..I can't trust not snoring is a sign its gone, some people with sleep apnea don't snore. I will happily let them goo my head if it means I can put it away in the closet...yay!!
  17. Bettina

    Broke my butt.....

    Sorry to hear about the boo-boo...but dang girl, you got a great butt!!!!
  18. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    I go in waves, nervous---ready----nervous----ready...lol Physically i am ready. I went out and bought all the post op stuff I was told to get. I only have to do one day of pre-op liquids...but I think I will try a few days pre-op..to get a jump start. The doc was impressed that I had lost weight since the last visit, so maybe I can wow him this time. I was gonna do a last supper...did anyone else do that??
  19. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Makes me kinda nervous seeing it in writing...ugh
  20. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    wow, busy month for banding!!
  21. I was told that its possible to crave foods that you never craved before and that some foods you just don't want to eat anymore......did you experience any of that?? I read that people now snack...yikes I don't do that now, I certainly don't want to do it after being banded!!
  22. That is great! I can't wait till I can say that!!
  23. Bettina

    I have a surgery date!

    Yay to all the October Bansters...Lots of luck to all of you!!
  24. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    No not funny, but i scrolled up and read something you wrote to me before all this crap.. "Bettina: You definitely did not come off as a know-it-all to me. I appreciate every bit of info you are willing to share. I am very much into starting my life anew with a completely different focus - on health and beauty. And I have a lot to learn. I have indeed been the typical woman trying to raise her family, keep her husband happy, and thinking of myself as selfish if I spend too much time or money on myself. My role model mother was famous for neglecting herself and focusing on others' needs." I mistook this for you saying that my advise was appreciated.
  25. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    I think your the one who didn't read back.... What do you meant I reapeatedly stated my qualifications?? I tried to explain why I said what I did. If we are all allowed to speak our mind, how come I can't?????? And you wrote I acted defensive and wounded.......all I did was apologize.....i didn't write all kinds of drama. I apologized. And, I am not the one who claimed to be perfect! You know nothing about me, so don't profess to! Leave me alone. OMG I tried to give my input and as I previously stated, I was hoping that someone else was told the same as me so that I can validate what I was told....what part of all this don't you get???

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