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  1. OMG some comes from the prostate!!!????? Eww I think its time for the cat to teach my hubby how to reach himself!!!!!
  2. no i found it thru AOL. (straightdope.com) (& jackinworld.com) oddly i put protein in semen in the search bar, and came up with these sites...ewwww:nervous Even funnier is that I found all the makeup of semen...and sorry but i just have to share because...ewww who does these studies...who knew there was a call for it??:phanvan • ascorbic acid (vitamin C, for tissue maintenance) • blood-group antigens (from immune system) • calcium (mineral) • chlorine (oxidizing agent) • cholesterol (steroid alcohol present in body fluids) • choline (base, part of the vitamin B complex) • citric acid (occurs during cellular metabolism) • creatine (nitrogenous substance found in muscle) • deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) • fructose (sugar used for energy) • glutathione (peptide amino acid) • hyaluronidase (enzyme) • inositol (sugar found in muscles) • lactic acid (byproduct of muscle use) • magnesium (mineral) • nitrogen (gas found in all living tissue) • phosporus (mineral) • potassium (mineral) • purine (compound of uric acid) • pyrimidine (organic base) • pyruvic acid (formed from either glucose or glycogen) • sodium (salt) • sorbitol (body alcohol) • spermidine (catalytic enzyme) • spermine (ammonia compound found in sperm) • urea (from urine) • uric acid (from urine) • vitamin B12 (for proper function of nervous system and metabolism) • zinc (mineral)
  3. Ha Ha that is exactly what i was thinking...I could just see my hubby trying to convince me....yeah not so much. :confused: *** and how scary is that --that i could find the info!!:omg:
  4. Okay I looked it up, semen is not a clear liquid...and its only 1/7 of the protein in an egg and an egg has 3 grams and 14 calories...hmmmm food for thought....lol no pun intended.
  5. Bettina

    Is the lap band healthy?

    She never said why she couldn't have it, I thought maybe she was told not to. I had to ask the nutritionist the other day if I could eat salad eventually...she kinda smirked and told me that they want me to eat healthy. I can't go by what a lot is said on the boards...my doc is so completely different.:phanvan He doesn't require a pre-op diet, except for the standard one day prior clear liquid diet...I was surprised!:biggrin1:
  6. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Hi Kristin! Glad to hear I am not alone. LOL. 2 week pre-op yikes, I am only required to do Clear liquids tomorrow. I don't even have to take anything to make you go poo...yay! Are you staying overnight? My doc requires it...but they kick your butt out at 11am the next morning...lol. Talk to you when we get out!!
  7. Bettina

    Is the lap band healthy?

    Just curious: Why can't you eat salad? I do know the answer to the cookies and ice cream question...its because its all sugar and breaks down quicker. Chicken and melon have Fiber = harder to break down. (but not impossible).
  8. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    You're doing great! LOL sliding your shorts down in front of your hubby...I bet you weren't the only one excited...LOL. That is so awesome!:biggrin1:
  9. Bettina

    What R We Eating

    Wow, I noticed you posted that you aren't banded. Are you planning on getting banded? Take care, :confused:
  10. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Thank you, I can't believe its finally here (and I am oddly calm about it!!) Best wishes to the rest of you being banded this week! We can do it!!!!:confused: :clap2:
  11. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    That is awesome!! You're doing great on your weight loss! I like your progress chart you made is cool..I think I will do that too, its good for encouragement!! Take care!
  12. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    That is all awesome news!!! (okay except being burned out by pulled pork..lol) but leftovers, yeah...no thinking for the next meal..I'm all over that!! I magic bulleted my steak as a test run....cats were eyeing me up thinking i took their friskies...lol. But at least it still tasted like steak! 16 lbs...sounds like Heaven!!!
  13. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Whoo Hoo!!!!!!! yay :clap2: :biggrin1: :biggrin1: (see, don't they make you crazy?)
  14. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Hey! Your weight loss is going great!!! How do you feel???
  15. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Erin I was able to click on your ticker and see your info...now its gone, so you seemed to be in the right place, just using the wrong url. Why they can't just make this simple is beyond me:eek:
  16. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    okay stupid question i know, but i have to ask...are you using tickerfactory.com? or some other ticker? nevermind, i see you are using tickerfactory...silly me! you don't copy the one directly below the ticker.....you scroll down and pick the bb code..starts with url....copy and past that one in signature...when you do this make sure its the bottom...when you open it to edit your signature, it shows you what it looks like ...scroll down to the actual edit one...I was putting mine in the first box I saw and that is why it didn't work for me...its the second box. Hopefully that helped. Good Luck!
  17. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Brenda, you have averaged about 1lb loss per day...that is awsome!!!!!! Don't forget....if you have less to lose than others, you will lose it slower..age comes in to play too, activity level. You're doing great!!!! :clap2:
  18. Hi, Mine ramps but I don't use it. I just put the mask on and exhale and poof...goes right on. I love using it because my ankles are starting to look normal..yay!
  19. Bettina

    I Need Help....

    I am being banded on a Wednesday and going back to school on Monday...full time student-6 classes. The doc said no driving for a week, but work/school is fine --just no lifting. So as long as you aren't lifting patients or huge files, it shouldn't be a problem. But you have plenty of time to ask the doc that before your banding...give him/her a call!
  20. Bettina

    Meds that we can take

    I bought liquid Tylenol for adults for when I am home and Tylenol meltaways Jr Strength..Bubblegum flavor for when I am out. Vitamins: I bought the liquid Centrum...have you tried that, flavor isn't so bad, reminds me of the Bayer asprin for children.
  21. Hey that is a good idea, next time my hubby complains I am gonna ask him what is better snoring or air noise? I have the swift mirage too. Do you find yourself taking it off in your sleep? I did that twice last week and omg---legs got bloated again and got out of breath easier...ugh. I found a cure though......I barrette the neoprene band to the top of my head! That way I will have to wake up if I pull on my hair! Not only was I taking it off -which is odd- I have long hair so I actually have to sit up to take it off..I wear it like a hairband..but I was also turning the machine off too!! I am glad I have it, but can't wait to get rid of it. :nervous
  22. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    Erin, go back to tickerfactory.com and copy the first set of codes below the part that says "http"...I don't even know why they put it there, we can't use it anyway..silly ticker people! Take care! just checked: its the BBCode one starts with url.
  23. Bettina

    Potty-Training Boys???

    Thanks, it was pretty funny...the look on his face was priceless!!! Last night the phone rang, it was his friend from Russia, he met her while they worked together at Shop-Rite. She was here for the whole summer but has to go back. (he was teary-i felt so bad for him|)..anyway, she is coming back next year. She said she'd love to marry an American --she'd like to stay in the US she loved it here. One of his friends said oh like Keith? (that's my son) and she said yes.......hmmmmm :omg: :omg: :omg: Uh oh, may be trouble on the horizon. LOL she is a lovely girl..and she looks like Kirsten Dunst!! *** I forgot to mention...I met my husband at Shop-Rite too. The first day on the job i saw him and thought, I'd love to marry him! (i was 17) Ha ha I married him when I was 21..and we have been married for 21 yrs.
  24. Bettina

    September Bandsters

    For now I have the free version on my desktop but I think I will end up getting the downloadable version for my laptop....I think it said you don't have to be online for that one, is that right?
  25. Bettina

    Visual affirmations

    Yeah my sis had RNY...I only posted that because Helensmith had duodenal switch in her title but then mentioned banding....I thought she was asking what is the difference. I was just giving the general idea. Personally I would never let anyone cut thru my stomach--but that is personal preference.

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