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    I am currently 24 years old and married to an Airman named Chris who loves me just the way I am. I want to better myself and my future by getting the lapband early on. I want to finish school and be a history teacher.
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    PC/video games, playing with my dog and going for walks.
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    Student/Air Force Wifey
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  1. I am just about 25 and I was banded when I was 23. I have lost about 90 lbs.
  2. Yea. They are a great place. I got myself too tight though and I really had no idea I could come in anytime for an emergency unfill. I just let myself be sick and I figured I would lose the weight and it would loosen and it did...but when I was in last time I told them and they asked why I didnt come in for an unfill and I told them I didn't know I could. I kinda also wish they would have told me about throwing up...I think I am a little prone to it, but I am happy all in all. I've lost 80 lbs in a year. :redface:
  3. Amy Stew

    post your before & during/after pictures

    I was 230 when I started and now I am just under a year and 150 lbs. :redface: I think I could be a success story someday.
  4. I wish they would have told me more about getting food stuck and the throwing up. I ate last night and I went to bed when it still hadn't went down and I woke up coughing up flem and it's horrible...
  5. I was in love with egg drop soup!! I also enjoyed clam chowder and my ensure shakes.
  6. Amy Stew

    1st fill

    They can feel it and when they insert it they have to apply more pressure to get through the port. I actually felt the vibrations of it going into the port.
  7. Amy Stew

    1st fill

    My first fill was also today and It went smoothly...I need to call and ask how many cc's i have. lol I'm curious. But ya, I thought it felt funny when they did it, but it didn't hurt too much.:thumbup:
  8. Amy Stew

    Should I be now?

    I know some start early, but I don't know if I should be going now. All of the stitches and glue are gone from my incisions and I am about a month into being banded. My first fill is Friday. Should I maybe try the gym now? I live on an air force base, so it's free. My friend does these Zoomba dancing classes and they look like they work the core...I just don't wanna hurt myself. I sometimes feel sore from bending too much.
  9. Amy Stew

    1st fill

    My first fill is this Fri and my surgery was Sept 28th. I am scared and excited. I am hoping it will at least help me not feel like I am starving myself. lol I had m&m's last night....my neighbors invite us for card games and they had candy and I ate some. It was laced with guilt. lol
  10. Amy Stew

    Soft foods?

    Yea I just need to go back to mushies...im having a bad night. -.-
  11. Ya so I'm in soft foods and I had tortilla chips with a bean dip the other day and I am fine because I chew very well. Why is it so important to have soft foods? Is it okay if you chew well. I also have had chicken, but it was pretty mushy. I dunno I have just been struggling with the soft food thing and I needed a break. :biggrin: i hope i didn't mess anything up. I had surgery Aug. 28th...and I am on regular foods next week sometime. I just want some advise I guess.
  12. Amy Stew

    Where is everyone from????

    I am in Vegas, but I am from Florida. I am 2 weeks post op and have lost 9 lbs. lol
  13. I was also banded 6 days ago from today and it hurts a bit to take a deep breath i think its just the stomach muscles healing though. I dunno.
  14. I have tricare, so I dunno if i'm staying the night, but that would be fun. heh I dunno why, but i like hospitals. XD I am very excited now. :biggrin:
  15. Amy Stew

    So nervous x-x

    Aw wow! Yea I am just anxious to be done with it now. lol <3 GL being back at work.

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