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  1. I am almost exactly one year out and have gone from 244 to 202. I-like you-beat myself up sometimes about it ONLY because I get stressed out when I go to the Dr that they are going to yell at me for not being further along. The truth is this morning I realized that I couldn't have done this, and kept it off without the band, and I am happy. The Dr's are the ones that bring me down by sorta making me feel bad. I am really happy with the weight I am at because I remind myself of where I started. I also struggle with getting down a consistant workout routine. I eat really well during the week, and on the weekends I let loose a little within reason. (I'm 24, I gotta live a lil) So regardless of what anyone says you should be proud, you did this for you after all, no one else. Its funny I just read this post, since I just had a lil heart to heart with myself this morning. You will get there, it just takes some of us more time than others. I wasn't expecting mine to come off overnight, and I'm really trying to just change the way I eat and my habits to something thats maintainable for life. Good luck to you, I hope for the best. :grouphug:
  2. I am going back to the Dr today. I do eat very slow, since I am a year our I know better than to get pushy with my food esp after a fill. Its not even that half way through my meal I get stuck so its not that I'm eating too fast or too much, it will literally be the first bite. I am finding that I look for things like chips, pretzles, Cereal, salad (slider foods) because I know they aren't going to get stuck. That is where I came to my conclusion to go back in and have the .25 taken out. I don't get my period...ever. I have the Implanon and haven't had a period since 2008. I also don't drink any liquid calories unless I'm going out and then it'll be vodka and Water, otherwise I only drink water, diet tea, crystal light etc. But beleive me I haven't been drinking for weeks-my stomach is pissed enough. What I don't really get is that I was up to 6cc's before, and being two weeks out with 5.25 I can't handle it. I dunno this band can freak me out some days if I think too hard about it. All I know is I can't sit on the bathroom floor crying bc I'm freaked out I will have to do this the rest of my life. There has to be a happy medium..
  3. Ok now I am officially confused. I went over a week ago and got a fill. I only had him do .25 cc's because I was afraid to be too tight. I did fine for about 4 days and actually lost 4 lbs. but now everything gets stuck. I can get down oatmeal..or wheat thins if I chew them to mush. Otherwsie its coming right back up. Last night I took one bite of a turkey brat, with no bun and the bite was TINY. It instantly got stuck and I was dry heaving for an hour. And it wasn't just "BP-ing" I literally threw the food up, stomach acid and all (sorry tmi) So I haven't eaten much in the last 2-3 days and I weighted myself this morning and NADA! It still hasn't budged. How is that possible? I know if you don't eat enough calories you will not lose but I thought that was over time. I just don't get it. I'm miserable and I'm still not losing. I don't know if its stress related or whatever reasons behind it all of a sudden getting tight but I don't feel stressed out-and I'm not a person whos terribly prone to stress. So I don't really know what to do but I am back at this awful place that I was at about 4 mos ago. My band is so unpredictable and touchy I am terrified of eating with other people or to go out to eat bc I literally have no idea what its going to do. That is not a normal way to live and I can't keep throwing up. I'm so confused :smile2:
  4. I am in the same boat. I am not quite a year out (End of July will be one year) and I have stalled out as well. I don't count calories-just are aware of the amt in my daily eating routine and aim for around that. I have 5.35 cc's in a 10cc band. I went up to 6 and was too tight. I lose-then it comes back then I lose and it comes back (only 2-3 lbs at a time) so I have been maintaining really well, I just want to get to my final goal so I can use my now mastered maitntaining skills lol. I have about 30 more to go-I need to suck it up
  5. I was banded end of July 2009. I have done pretty well with my weight loss up untill the last few months. I was getting food stuck-aparently according to my dr alot more than I should have been. But I thought it was normal and I was still losing so I sucked it up. I was at 6cc's in March and went up to 6.5. It was way too tight and I went in for a slight unfill. I went back down to 5cc (in a 10cc) band. They wanted to leave it be for a few weeks to let the swelling in my stomach go down and then they'd put a cc back in. I went back a few weeks later and had still lost 3 lbs so my surgeon advised me that they would leave it, and I was ahead of schedule according to the way the band is designed to work..and to call if I wanted a fill but untill then he re-scheuled me for 2 mos out. So here I am..and I've done a great job at maintaining...but not losing. I lose 2 lbs then gain em back then lose 3 then gain 1 back etc. So all in all from my last appointment I am up 2 lbs this week (convenient for my body to pick THIS week to go up) and I'm terrified to go. I'm embarassed but at the same time i haven't been totally strict on myself and have only gained 2 lbs in 11 weeks. I guess I am wondering if this has ever happend to anyone else? I'm sure it has but I just feel like a huge failure. I am going to get a small fill but I can't go back to jellyfish (getting stuck) I hate them, they hurt, and they make me miserable and mortified. Anyone else have any un-fil stories? is it hard to get back at it even after a fill?
  6. I have been banded 7 mos and find this to be a very grey area of the surgery. Every surgeon is different but I find it odd this particualr subject as they claim will do damage to your pouch is still different from surgeon to surgeon. In my orientation/class they tell you no carbonation. (I remember as they were having one in the office during my last fill visit and this is the part I walked in on) Although-I was with you that I wasn't a soda addict so to speak but I enojoyed one from time to time. I asked the Dr about it and he said some banded patients simply cannot, it hurts them to drink it, and some patients are just fine with it, it all depends on if the carbonation hurts your tummy going down, but it would not hurt you in any way. I drink maybe one per week if that and I have no trouble, with that said I did not try one untill I was 3 mos out and I have not had any problems. I would strongly suggest discussing with your dr one on one, and waiting quite a while post op if he gives you the ok if you would like . I will tell you somehow the taste changes over those couple of months and it doesn't taste the same after you've been off the carbonation for a while. Good luck to you! :biggrin:
  7. jr64044

    Am I too tight??

    Yes that is exactly what I afraid of, which is why I went in the next day to have Fluid removed. Thats my point I was trying to get across was that it doesn't have to be so tight that we are miserable in order to lose weight. I don't beleive that was the original intent of the band. I am sorry to hear about your slip, I hope the best for you.
  8. jr64044

    Am I too tight??

    was having this same sort of problem. I was banded July 20th, 2009. My first fill was 3 cc's, second was 5, then eventually around Nov went to 6. I was doing great with it, found I could eat a little more but wasn't getting anything stuck which I looooved. I hate the feeling of something being stuck, its the worst feeling in the world. I also bumped up my cardio by alot and was finding I was hungry more often. Not knowing if it was the increase in work outs making me feel that way or if I needed a fill. I went in and he added another .5 cc. Which put me at 6.5 cc's out of 10. I went two days not even being able to get water down, hot tea wouldn't even get down. I realized when I went to lay down after pbing all night long I had a acid reflex feeling. Which coming from someone whos never even had heartburn, lets just say it was enough to make me call in the morning. I had lost 2 lbs overnight, but fealt exhausted since I hadn't even been able to drink water. They did an un-fill but put the needle in and left it in while I sat up and drank water untill it went down smoothly. That was pretty sick-sitting on a table with a huge needle sticking out of my stomach gulping water. They ended up taking out 1.5 cc's so I am down to 5 again. which is less than I had before the fill from hell lol She said my stomach was probably swollen and they would leave it at 5 for 2-3 weeks. I actually enjoy being able to eat food w/o it getting stuck. I decided I'm going to go 70% and let my band go 30%. I am still making good choices, I just don't want it to have to be so tight in order for my loose weight that I'm uncomfortable. I still don't eat bread, maybe I could I just haven't tried. I am going to see how this works for a while. Maybe I was doing it wrong all along, who knows but its a learning curve for everyone to find what works for you, I just don't think we need to be miserable :wink2:
  9. jr64044

    Been living in a shell?

    Yep I had the same thing. I have been banded about 7 mos and haven't been really emotionally affected much, but I have come to realize the things I covered up or compensated for because I was over weight and unhappy about it. For example-I was a huge purse-aholic. I bought a new Jessica Simpson bag probably every month. I also tanned like it was my job. I have noticed now that I've lost weight I haven't had the urge to run to Dillards and get a new purse, and haven't set foot in a tanning bed. I realized I was doing it to compensate for how unhappy I was with the way I looked & thought maybe tanning and a new bag would help. It didn't. You will find your own things you realized you did and it traces back to weight. Its different for sure with everyone but I think if nothing else you will realize how much happier you are going to become. You will have your days thats up and down but overall you should be very proud of yourself at the end of the day, this is a big step and a very honorable thing to do for youself. Take care..and good luck to you :sad:
  10. jr64044

    Weight Plateau- what to do?

    Yep I did this week. I go to the gym 5x's a week and burn between 5-650 each time. Where as I was going only 1-3 times a week. Talk about being in Onederland! thats my 2-3 lbs! I have been between 201 and 203 everytime..no more..no less. These couple pounds are keeping me from hitting my first goal! I signed up for a biggest loser competition at work starting this week so I am gonna kick it in the butt and they are comin off if they like it or not! I have a tough love relationship with my body lol
  11. jr64044

    Weight Plateau- what to do?

    Omg I'm so glad I found this cuz I am in the same exact boat!! I always lose like 7-9 lbs all at once it seems (like 2 week period) and then 3 weeks nothing..nada. Inches come off here and there but I am about 35-40 lbs away from my goal and I cannot budge this time. I've been losing and gaining the same 2-3 lbs for 3 weeks and its really irritating. I don't want to make any DRASTIC changes bc I have tried hard not to make this a diet, but do things I can do for life and doing a liquid diet to get a few lbs off isn't realistic to me, bc knowing me, Ill go right back up if I eat 3 oz of chicken. I have an appt next week as well and they haven't given me a fill the last 3 times I've been in. I haven't had a fill since early Nov. I currently have 6 cc's in a 10 cc's band and while I thought I was doing great and maybe needed a small fill, I almost pb'ed last night. Soooo I don't know, Im going to try to drink more water and double check my protein everday and see what happens. I think platues are just part of the journey, and just keep pluggin away, it'll come off. In the meantime I'm trying hard not to stress over it, I've come this far by god I'm finishing it this time Good luck to you all!!
  12. I live in Des Moines, IA but I was born and raised in Davenport. I just moved here about 4 years ago!
  13. I am 6 mos out and I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. The feeling of knowing my life was going to change and not sure for better or worse. You can rest assured it will be the best decision you've ever made for yourself. You will have your ups and downs, but in 3, 6, 9 mos being able to go back and look at pictures of yourself and not hardly recognizing yourself is the best pay out in the world. You will do great :smile2: everyones expereince is different, but I had a pretty non invasive amount of pain..pretty much just what I expected-but it usually calms down pretty quickly with pain meds and following the instructions given by your Dr at discharge. I painted my bathroom 5 days later! So take care of yourself, listen to your body, rest, stay hydrated and most of all get excited for the life changing journey you have just begun. Best of luck to you all-you will be just fine :thumbup:
  14. Haha I call them Jellyfish! I too have just recently started "sliming". It is extremely gross and hard to explain to anyone. So I explain it as what looks like a baby jellyfish in the toilet. That stuff can cause alot of discomfort that's for sure!

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