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    Banded 2/27/12 revision in 2015. Now getting a revision to sleeve on October 7,2019.
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  1. Msbosse

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    Congratulations on the surgery we were a day apart. Just follow whatever plan the doctor has laid out for you and you will be fine. I have been walking allot as well, it really does help with all things. I don’t have problems with pills, hot or cold water thank goodness. Make sure when the hospital and dietician calls you explain anything you are having difficulty with.
  2. I just had my band removed Monday and converted to sleeve. I had my band for 7 years. For me I lost about 80 but gained 30 back. I had it revised once due to vomiting because of my gallbladder. At that point they stitched it to my muscle and removed my gallbladder which now I wish they hadn’t stitched it to my muscles.I agree with the others in quality of life is diminished with the band for me. It took my surgeon 2 hours just to remove and get through scar tissue from the band. Sadly that means my recovery from this surgery is longer than most. I hope all goes well for you.
  3. Msbosse

    3rd times a charm!

    I had the lap band in 2012 I did loose some weight but I think that’s because I was vomiting every day for over a year. So I had my gallbladder removed in 2015 and Monday I had my lap band removed and converted to a sleeve. Doctors aren’t even doing the lap band much anymore.
  4. Yes, I had my gallbladder removed in 2015. Gas pain was horrible for me.
  5. I had surgery Monday and stayed overnight at the hospital my husband stayed with me. The gas pain was unreal! The worst thing ever for me. Walking , walking and walking is all that can be done. I’m back home and walking. Sleeping flat is not great. Thank goodness for my adjustable bed sitting up is best for me. This bowl has been great for measuring broth.
  6. Msbosse

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    How is everyone doing on the liquid diet? I am having bad side affects, nausea and very bad headaches. 😞
  7. @Panda333 I did the exact same thing. The yogurt is tricky...I said to myself today is new day..we got this!! 😁
  8. @Panda333 I understand, I didn't do well yesterday either with the yogurt. Starting over today. I am sorry to hear about your bronchitis, I hope the steroids work. My pre-opt diet doesn't allow any meat or veggies. Really no food just liquids.
  9. I started the liquid diet today, I am so hungry 😋 ! How is everyone else doing ?
  10. Msbosse

    October 2019 surgery peeps?

    My date is October 7. I have the lap band but I am getting that removed and getting the sleeve in the same day.
  11. I’m October 7 lap band removal and conversation to sleeve
  12. Msbosse

    Starting over

    I was approved today and scheduled to have my lap band removed and conversion to sleeve in one surgery on October 7. I am so excited 😆
  13. I am having my lap band and revision to sleeve in one surgery on October 7th. Thank you 😊 all for your experiences.
  14. I am so excited to get this lap band removed. I was banded June 2012 and have had all kinds of problems and not allot of weight loss. I have been approved and my surgery date for the sleeve is October 7! 😀😁
  15. I was banded in 2012 and now I am doing a revision to the sleeve with insurance. I have Aetna and they pretty much approve anything. I did have a revision on the band in 2015 due to acid reflux and my gallbladder. After my gallbladder was removed I started to gain the weight I lost back and the band gives me horrible pain in the port. If possible I would see if your insurance shows the clinical information on what they approve for certain procedures and what the requirements are to get approved. Aetna has it where you just call them and tell them what you are trying to do and they give you a clinical id that tells you what you need to be approved. Based on that information I should be approved soon for my revision to the sleeve. I would just check with the insurance company and ask. I hope this helps.