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  1. Happy 50th Birthday Mrmer63!

  2. Happy 49th Birthday Mrmer63!

  3. I still haven't told him. I know I should, but it's the "how to" that's getting me stuck. Thanks for wishing me luck.
  4. Mrmer63

    Miss California and Gay marriage

    Then maybe you should leave it to "your" God to do the hating... I'm sorry Patty, but you need more help than Lap-band surgery has to offer...God told me!
  5. Mrmer63

    Miss California and Gay marriage

    Wow! I'm going to get all my advice from Patty from now...she seems to have a direct line to God! All this time I thought "My God" loves everyone..gay/straight, FAT/skinny.. My minister asked us, "Would Jesus Descriminate?" I'm sure Patty knows the answer to that!
  6. Thanks for the good advice Raleighlab. Yesterday I found out that my surgery is scheduled for May 15...suddenly is all seems more real. Three great things have happened in my life recently...I met someone great, finally found a new job after being unemployed for a while, and was approved for lap-band surgery. Not wanting to spoil any of the three might seem a little greedy to some...but you're right, if he can't accept me for this, then there's no future in our relationship. I'll let you know what he does when I break the news. I don't have much time since my surgery is just about 3 weeks from now. I better start rehearsing my speech...wish me luck!
  7. I'm scheduled to have my surgery next month and I'm afraid to tell the guy I just started dating. My doctors believe the surgery would of great benefit to my health because of my current co-mormidities. My BMI was 36 when I started this whole process, but on the liver reduction diet I've lost almost 20 lbs over the last 3 months. They guy I'm dating doesn't think I need to lose any weight (maybe he's just being kind) but it's obvious to me that this could really improve my health and self-esteem. I'm worried about his reaction when he finds out. Has anyone else out there been in a similar situation? I don't want to be dishonest and say the surgery is for something else...I don't think lying is the best way to start a relationship. I also don't want to cancel the surgery, though the thought has crossed my mind. Any ideas? I apologize is this is a thread already... I looked and couldn't find one.