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  1. hey everybody...long time no post. :001_tongue: i am doing good overall. i have a question, though. i am three months out from the surgery and i have noticed that my ability to eat / appetite seems to have increased. i am able to eat more than i have been. is this normal? i am soo scared of stretching out my stomach! i fear that i am eating too much. is it to be expected that i will be able to eat more than previously without feeling the crazy full feeling like i did before? i was able to eat a pita sandwich over the weekend---the WHOLE THING! that is a first for me since the surgery. am i being paranoid about this? any advice or words would be greatly appreciated!
  2. photogirl

    hey again--anyone relate?

    I just had to say THANK YOU!! now that i have come back after not being on for several weeks--i realize just how amazing it is and what a blessing it is to be able to turn on my computer and within minutes know that I am going to be connected to a community of people all over the world who have experienced what I have, feel what I feel, and who can offer hope. I love this website!! :001_smile:
  3. photogirl

    hey again--anyone relate?

    Thanks for the response. it is so nice to know that there are always people here that can relate! I was thinking it might be too little water / liquid. I feel frustrated with it. On the one hand, I know that I am supposed to be drinking all day, BUT when I do that I don't feel like eating. Then no drinking before or after eating----AAAAAHHHH!!! I am feeling hard on myself because I've only lost 31 pounds. :001_tongue: Weird because when was the last time I lost 31 pounds in 8 weeks?? I just feel like I have already slowed with the weight loss. I knew that would happen, but I didn't think it would happen this fast. I really need to find a nutritionist / dietician in my area. I've looked, but I can't find any that specialize in working with people that have had weight loss surgery. AAAAAHHHH!!! Thanks for anyone's kind words...
  4. Hey everybody! I haven't posted anything for a long time. So, I am eight weeks post op. I have lost 31 pounds. People around me are starting to ask if I have lost weight (that's a nice question to get!) But, I am having some issues. I am really having a hard time eating and keeping things down. I am finding that nothing at all sounds appetizing and when I do try to eat, I can only eat a few bites. I am worried about the low amount of calories. I nearly fainted twice at work last week. I am drinking a protein shake / drink in the mornings and sometimes at night. Am I getting enough calories etc? I seriously can't believe I am asking that question! I'm struggling with the foamies and the sliming too. I have also vomitted twice recently. I'm also having a problem with (SORRY) diarreha :confused1:. UGH....I feel kinda sick a lot. has anyone else gone through this? is my body still getting used to the change? is 31 pounds too little for eight weeks out? i feel like it should be way more than that. thanks everybody!
  5. Thank you guys. I'm gonna e-mail and maybe call the surgeon in Costa Rica to see if I can get some of those things.
  6. Hey all--Just to update you all, I was sleeved on June 23rd in Costa Rica. The surgery went well and I have lost 23 1/2 pounds already. I just realized the other day that I didn't receive any post op paperwork or x-rays or anything like that. Well, I received paperwork, but not on the operation itself. Am I the only one that didn't receive that? Should I e-mail my surgeon and ask for stuff? I really should have all of that sort of thing to discuss with my PCP. I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow, though. AAAAHHHH!!
  7. So, one of the things I love so much about this site is the chat. It is really cool sometimes to be able to talk in real time with people going through what I am going through. I have not been able to get onto the chat for three days now. Has anyone else been having the same problems? I was just wondering if it is just me. Thank you all!!
  8. photogirl

    3 days postop sleeve and HUNGRY

    Hungrygirl---I TOTALLY understand what you are going through! i'm sure some of the wonderful people on here remember me saying the same thing a little bit ago! I felt so hungry after the surgery. I was convinced that something had gone wrong or I was duped (like you said). If you are on full liquids, the protein shakes, jello, sf pudding, and watered thined low fat cream soups help. Trust when I say that although the liquid phase feels like an eternity, it will pass. I am on the mushies now and it has made a big difference. I am still dealing with feeling "hungry" but, I think a lot of it is learning to interpret the feelings in my insides and my head. It is a marathon and not a sprint and there is constant learning along the way. We are learning how to re-think a lifetime of what our "normal eating" was. I am just shy of three weeks out and I have lost 18 pounds. I am excited to continue to learn about myself. Give yourself some time and you will too. :laugh0:
  9. Thank you all for the answers and the responses to my questions. I am taking Nexium for the acid. I just have yet to feel the full feeling for long periods of time. Like I said if I feel it, it is short lived. Like, I ate some pureed beans, pureed peas, and mashed potatoes about 45 minutes ago. I feel like I didn't eat at all now. I am not full. I didn't eat until I felt full. I ate the small measured amounts that I am supposed to. I'm still hungry. I feel physically hungry. Am I doing something wrong?? :scared0: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
  10. Ok, i am offically a little over two weeks out. i have begun the mushies-FINALLY! i am wondering why i am not feeling the "full" feeling that everyone is talking about? if i do feel it, it goes away quickly and i feel hungry again. i don't think it's head hunger either. i am able to eat mashed potatoes, pureed stuff, i've even eaten tuna salad. i eat small portions because i know that's what i'm supposed to be doing. some people here are saying that they can only have a few bites or teaspoons. not me. i'm worried about this. why am i not feeling the full feeling? is it because i'm only a couple weeks out? will i ever feel the full feeling after eating only a little? as it is, i feel hungry after eating and i am obsessing about it--snacking is in my head a lot. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :scared0:
  11. photogirl

    3rd Aug is my turn

    Congrats and welcome!!! :scared0:
  12. photogirl

    yay me (and vsg!)

    thank you all sooo much! this website has brought me so much joy, comfort, and smiles! i am waiting right now to board the airplane to go home to florida from costa rica. i'm scared about being back in my "normal" surroundings. having my car to go anywhere. hanging with friends. if i got through being stuck at my father's in the middle of nowhere costa rica, i can survive orlando, florida! i will update everyone after i'm home and have recovered from my jet lag!! :001_tt2: Susan
  13. photogirl

    yay me (and vsg!)

    Thank you!!!
  14. Hey all. Just wanted to update and share some good news. I saw the nutritionist yesterday (Fri July 3). I have lost a total of 13 pounds, 11 inches all over, my BMI has gone down 2 points, and my body fat percentage has gone down 4%!! All of that happened in 10 days! :001_smile: Also today July 4 (Yay America) I ate mashed potatoes!! It was the best food I have eaten in a very very long time! I am really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! wooo-hooo!!:thumbup:

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