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  1. snereb27

    August 2009 Mile Challenge

    i haven't updated my ticker, but i made my 60 miles for aug. my goal for sept is 100 miles.
  2. snereb27

    Im sad and frustrated

    I think part of my biggest frustration is that i am getting tons of Protein (usually around 80 grams of protein or more), I walk miles and miles (about 4.5 miles/5 days a week) and am working hard to keep my calories around 1200/day, and i'm still not seeing pounds gone... i haven't even seen inches off my waist -- just my thighs. I don't understand how i can eat 30 or more grams of protein - good solid protein, not a shake or anything like that at, at a meal and STILL be hungry (stomach grumbling, headache, pangs in my tummy etc) within 2 hours... I thought this thing was supposed to help me stay full longer. and YES i am waiting an hour to hour and half to drink after meals. HOWEVER... i do have good news/bad news... the bad news is my thighs are wider than some people's waists (28), but they're down 3 inches from a month ago!!! :-) Oh well, i go for my 3rd fill tomorrow am, hopefully i'll hit my sweet spot and then i will start losing consistently.:thumbup:
  3. i have had this same struggle since surgery. I talked to my dentist about this at my last check up and she recommended Breath RX mouthwash -- it's expensive but it is a non-alcohol based mouthwash (which dries out your mouth and promotes bad breath) -- here is info from the website: BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse is alcohol free and sugar free. It contains Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) and ZYTEX®, our secret weapon in the fight against bad breath. CPC's know anti-bacterial properties kill the bacteria that lead to bad breath odors, then ZYTEX neutralizes their resulting odors. -- it has really helped me.
  4. Hi there.. i too work part-time as a server, at Red Lobster -- our plates/trays can get supper heavy. I went back to work after 3 weeks... my restriction was 2 weeks, but i gave myself an extra week to get my strength up. A lot of it will depend on you and how you feel. After 3 weeks, i didnt' have any trouble carrying anything. I could have gone back at 2 weeks and had someone carry my trays for me, but i don't like having to wait on someone else to carry my food. Good luck!!! :-)
  5. i love this post because it's a great way to think...i am learning to retrain myself... thanks for the reminder!
  6. snereb27

    Full.... And it feels GREAT

    good for you! it does feel good doesn't it? :-)
  7. snereb27

    someone please help me

    I agree with everyone else on here, try not to beat yourself up becuase that will only demotivate you. Does your surgeons office or any other weight loss clinic in your area offer an Emotional Eating class? It might help if you know why you want to overeat. It's a daily struggle and we're all in the same boat or else we wouldn't be on this website! :cool2:
  8. snereb27


    i was banded March 30th and don't have my first fill until May 21st! my nutritionist told me that when i'm hungry to drink a Protein shake... that helps fill you up a lot. Another thing that helps me when i'm hungry is to make protein pudding... scoop of Protein Powder, 8 oz of skim milk and 1/2 packet of sugar free fat free pudding. It's thicker so i get full faster. but if you're hungry, you really need to up your Protein Drink intake. it helps.
  9. snereb27


    thanks everyone for your input... ask my surgeon that's cute... i'm not sure how everyone else's surgeon is, but i had my 2 week post-op on monday and my surgeon spent about 32 seconds with me.. in fact told me to follow him to the dietitcian as i was still asking him questions... it was a little frustrating, but i forgot to ask her. i'm not much of a drinker myself, but it's one of those things that once someone tells me i can't do it or have it, that becomes the thing i want! :-)
  10. Thank you peascorps for the information! i guess i need to just get up and walk a little more so that sitting won't be as uncomfortable!
  11. snereb27

    preventing surgery?

    I have cellulititis in my leg, will that prevent them from doing my surgery?

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