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    Banded 12-20-08 and lost 33lbs as of 2-28-09
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    I'm here to meet friends going thru the banded journey...
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  1. bunnygirl

    Protein Shake

    Vitalady.com is the best website I've found when it comes to Nutritional Value of protein shakes...how much time I have spent going from site to site trying to get this info...so glad I found it.
  2. bunnygirl


    Ok. I am totally with you on this most puzzling question... On my post-op consult that's the day my Doctor even mentioned the Realize band so I am really glad that you know about the options so far out from your surgery date. But I FREAKED OUT! I freaked out because I had all my research done etc regarding the LapBand... So when he said Realize Band, I just felt completely overwhealmed. I mean, my surgery was a week away! I did go ahead and did some frantic last minute research on the Realize Band and compared the two. This is my experience and the choice I made... I chose the Realize Band. My doctor informed me that the huge majority of his patients experience less restricted foods with the Realize band. For example, the people I know with the LapBand can't eat salads, most breads and a lot of meats (And I know some people can, I'm just mentioning the ones I know and I know everyone is different). Personally, I have not experienced any major problems eating any of the above mentioned foods. In fact, I do enjoy each quite a bit now after the surgery and haven't had any problems keeping them down. I just wanted to feel that I was eating as normal as I possibly could. One of my friend has had the LapBand for 3 years and she still can't eat a lot of foods. My doctor also mentioned that with the LapBand having so many more restricted foods could aid with faster weight loss. I do see that those with more food restrictions loose more. But again, for MY EXPERIENCE, I just felt that I didn't want to feel so unhappy about not being able to eat salads and meats- I mean, it's my favorite. But that comes at a price for me since my weight loss has been very gradual and in my mind slow. So there IS A TRADE OFF. HOWEVER, I am still VERY, VERY, VERY happy with my decision.
  3. Well...a little update... I have been doing what my friend suggested... My friend suggested I put them in a box for my mental "just in case" and just leave them there until my brain catches up. And guess what? It's been really working! Also, AT HOME I've been wearing all those cute outfits I never could wear because I couldn't fit into and/or which I never felt "BOLD" enough to wear for fear they would show my rolls etc... And my confidence keeps growing each day. I am even taking pictures of me in the cute outfits and that helps me really SEE my progress. I'm so glad!
  4. bunnygirl

    My own friends don't notice???

    For ALL it's worth...because we all know... YOU GO GIRL!!!
  5. Hey Angie, The one thing that keeps me sane about it is just measuring my waist every time I see scale change. When I noticed the size drop I checked my waist measurement and sure enough! There it was...my belly finally went down. I know for a fact that my belly still has a bit more to go down from the surgery swelling but in my mind that's ok. I'm trying really hard to give myself a break...otherwise I will just about go insane waiting for things to happen.
  6. bunnygirl

    Gas pain

    Mine lasted about two weeks but each day it got progressively better. I also had this weird feeling of wanting to burp but I COULDN'T burp at all.
  7. I was in the same boat with you and finally got out of it last week... I know for me, my legs and butt were getting smaller but my belly area kept me in the higher size but just last week FINALLY my belly swelling went down. You and I were banded two days apart so that might be what's happening to you. All I know is my doctor said the swelling stays for a few months and he was right.
  8. I am right now fighting myself to let go of my comfort clothes (they are my 22/24 size shirts)...I am now 14/16 in shirts. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten rid of a lot of big clothes but... There's something about those shirts...those shirts that hide those back rolls so well not to mention my pot belly...those shirt which, in my mind, create some sort of optical illusion and "slims" me. But they're sooooooo big on me now! Seriously now. I can't believe how incredibly hard it is to let them go! My friend suggested I put them in a box for my mental "just in case" and just leave them there until my brain catches up. What gives? I am literally clinging on to these clothes! What has worked for you? Any tips and tricks on how to get over my "WAY TOO BIG CLOTHES" please advice and share on the moment when it finally clicked for you. Or does it ever?
  9. bunnygirl

    Can my body really become a small size?

    Hey Katy, that's so funny how you said in the mirror today you see a 12/14 girl when in fact you are clearly a tini tiny 4/6... I am a size 14/16 tops and 16/18 bottoms and I am still seeing that size 24 girl. Soooo can't wait for my brain to lower that "self-image size."
  10. bunnygirl

    Can my body really become a small size?

    SuzanneG! That is soooooo cool! A size 4 and you were aiming for a size 10? The body is surely incredible. It's going to feel amazing when my body finally melts away to let out that slim and fit lady inside me. I love reading these success journeys!
  11. bunnygirl

    Can my body really become a small size?

    About... I'm so excited for you. When I started dropping pants sizes was when I really believed I could do it. I went to the mall with my mom yesterday just to walk around. We walked by the bathing suits. She asked if I wanted to try one on since it's been years since I owned one. I told her it doesn't matter what size you are, you have to prepare to try on bathing suits! Good luck, make realistic goals, and make best case scenario goals. All of the goals will help keep you sane in your journey to your maintenance weight! __________________ Heaviest: 217 / Surgery: 210 / Current: 135 :thumbup: / Goal: 135:thumbup: Hey CubsGirl, I loved reading how others tried to convince you that you were smaller while you were trying on those clothes! I am so happy that through others experience I can "see" myself getting there as well. I'm so happy we are all here to support each other and that even though great peers like you and IndioGirl and others already at their goals take the time to fill with hope others who are just starting out or in the middle of the journey. Thank you!
  12. bunnygirl

    Can my body really become a small size?

    About... But you know what - the smaller size is icing on the cake for me - what I am enjoying most - is how much better I feel, how much more energy I have - How much easier it is to live life not carrying around 112 extra pounds... Attached Thumbnails IndioGirl, I am soooo glad you shared this with me and others reading this link. You look absolutely stunning in your photos. Your success- seeing you in those pics- really puts hope back in perspective. Thanks for sharing!
  13. bunnygirl

    Can my body really become a small size?

    Wow! I really appreciate your input. We are actually almost the same in starting stats! I am 5'5 and started at 257 lbs wearing size 24. And you're in a size 4!!! Really, I just can't even visualize that for myself. But I am glad to know it's a possibility. Right now I'm just spending so much time in the closet getting rid of things...can't wait to have that surprise moment too. thanks!
  14. Can my body really become smaller like a size 8 or below? I don't even remember being that size--EVER! The smallest size that I can remember is 14 and that's when I was a teenager! I've always been overweight my whole life so I have nothing to use as a skinny me- there's never been a skinny me. Heck! I'll be real happy when I see size 10- that to me is tiny! My goal is to be at 175 lbs and for me that's an attainable goal...However, I see many bandsters surpassing their goal weight and it makes me think that perhaps my goal is not challenging enough- for me? Can anyone tell me when... - Your mind finally clicked and you could "SEE" yourself in a small size? - If you were ever feeling like I do and now you are a smaller than 8 size? I feel very inspired when I look at profiles and I see bandsters in size 8 and below...But I think my mind cannot conceive of it yet... The biggest size I've worn is 24 at 257 lbs and 5'5" Am I alone in feeling this way? I just haven't found any profiles or forums mentioning this issue.
  15. bunnygirl


    That's so awesome! Thanks for posting that...I can't wait until I get there also...Onederland for me in 25 more pounds... Yey!!!

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