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  1. Happy 60th Birthday doodlebug11!

  2. Happy 59th Birthday doodlebug11!

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    Hiccups after a fill!!!! OMG!!

    I've been banded a little over a year now, April 6,2009, and got just 3.6 cc's in my 10 cc band, and I've also noticed that when I eat too fast that I get the hiccups !! I thought I was the only one and often wondered what it meant ! They don't hurt in fact it I feel better after I hiccup for a few minutes. Good luck to you guys on your journey !!
  4. doodlebug11

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Glad to hear everyone is doing better, I'm snowed in with a 5 yr, and his 26 yr old Mom who is going stir crazy, an 11 yr old, who is wanting to go home but CAN'T b/c WE SNOWED IN AND CAN'T GET OUT !!!! Did I forget my DH, who has AAD ? OMG, Calgon, PLEASE take me away!!! We got around 11 or 12 inches of snow plus about a 1/2 inch of ice, and I know that for some of you that doesn't sound like much but we don't get that much here where I live and so it just messes every thing up when we do get it! Here's hopeing that it will be a better day tomorrow! Oh, Yeah, you guys really need to ck out BG new blog!! It is awesome!!! Jerseygirl, I really love country danceing!! Just don't go any more, but it is one of my faverite things to do!!
  5. doodlebug11

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Myturn, what is spin? Is it a dance or something like that? Several yrs ago, my DH and I took dance lessons, country and line dancing, and boy, I lost around 50 pds!! I was exerciseing and didn't even feel like it cause it was fun!
  6. Hey, there!! It's been a long time, sorry about not keeping in touch, but first I had computer problems, then phone line prob. ( I'm still on dial up ), then Thankgiving and Christmas, after that head problems, but right now things are going good! Fora while anyway! But I have to tell you, YOU LOOK AMAZING!! How much have you lost now? You don't even look like the same person!!

  7. Thanks so much for the comment and finding my new page! I couldn't even figure out how to make my pages here pretty (like you're cut colors here!). Have a great 'rest of the weekend'! -BG

  8. doodlebug11

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Thanks, BG, Myturn, and Jersey for all your kind words during my melt down!! It means a lot to know that I have friends that really care and would take the time to listen! If I ever need to talk to some one, I know where to go. I did start a journal this wk. I am also useing it to keep track of my food and my exercise, and it seems to be helping cause I'm down .5 pd! ~~~ Bella, hope you are doing better now! Trust me, these Bunnys are the best when it comes to helping and encourageing us! ~~~ WOW JT !!!! 100 pds lost!!! OMG!!! One of these days, I'll be able to say that I've lost that much!! Well, I need to run for now, I have company that just walked in. TTYL
  9. doodlebug11

    1/15/10 Friday Facts

    GF, I sooo feel your pain !!!!! We just hve to hang in there untill we get better days and we will have them !!!!
  10. doodlebug11

    1/13/10 The Economy Crashed My Party

    I guess this is the " Mom, I need help" wk !!! I read your blog after I posted this morning. My DD lost her job also this wk which added to the already stressful situation at her house!!
  11. doodlebug11

    1/12/10 Party in My (Fat) Pants!

    OMW !!!!! You are doing sooo good !!!!! Thanks for doing what you do best and that's keeping us laughing !!! Keep up the good work !!!
  12. doodlebug11

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    HELP !!!!! I feel like I'm drowning here!! I feel like I take 1 step forward and 3 steps back!! Talk about self-sabotage, I am the Queen of it !! I have gained this wk and to make matters worse, I knew I would b/c of what I ate this wk but just did not care!! I know what my problem is and I know what I need to do. I have 2 grown daughters that are living together for the time being and they are the "new odd couple"! They are 2 TOTALLY different ppl, one is a clean freak and the other is a slob and they both have kids that are just like them. I tried to tell them that it would not work and once again Mom was right. Now they're fighting and I'm hearing it from both sides. The "slob" is looking for a place of her own but it takes time. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them dearly, but that's the problem I'm haveing and so this wk, I have ate EVERYTHING that even remotely looked good to me ( some that didn't look or tasted good!!). The solution to my problem is finding a way to channel my stress and frustration in a different direction than my mouth!! Jillian Michials suggests journaling everything that your feeling and eating and I'm going to try that and see if it helps. I have always covered up my feelings by eating and I know my grown children will always have thier problems, it is me that need to change the way I handle thier problems!! So today I'm going to put my feelings on paper ( And hope and pray none of them find it) and what I'm eating on paper, then I'll know what I'm eating when I feel like my world is falling apart. I'm sorry about spilling my guts out to you guys but that's what going on with me. I am really glad to see everyone is doing so well on thier weight loss this wk!! You guys do inspire me to keep on going!! If I didn't have LBT to come to, I probably would just give up and I really don't want to do that, I have given up way too many times and that's why I'm over weight today!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!! TTYL Sharon
  13. doodlebug11

    1/7/10 I'm Sick Of Shoveling Snow...

    I woke up this a.m. to 9 degrees!!!! But no snow!!!
  14. doodlebug11

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Good Morning gang!! Good news this morning, I'm down 1 pd!!! FINALLY !!! I had some hard days during the Christmas holidays, ate too much and ended up gaing over 5 pds!!! Went on the 5 day pouch test and lost the exrta pds and now this wk lost another pd. Hopeful and I have "sworn" off sugar so that is helping me stay on track!! My last splurge of candy was gummy worms on 12/31/09, although this wk has been tough b/c of not being able to go to work but I have been sucessful!!! I am going to get the book you guys are talking about and see if I can get a handle on this head hunger!! ~~~ WAHOOOO, Hopeful, Way to go on your 4 pds!!! OMG that is sooo good!! Stay away from Starbucks, keep your hand off the turn signal, go right past it on your way to work!!! Don't even think about stopping!!! ~~~ Heather, we have all, or almost all of us, been where you are now!! I did the 5 day pouch test, but I'm afraid it is too late for you to do that now b/c you have to be on liquids for 2 days and if you get a fill, you'll have to be on liquids. But the test helped me get back on track and I'm thinking about doing it maybe every 5 or 6 wks. I am going to ck out that book you were talking, I need to get a hold on my head hunger!! Try not to worry about going to face the Dr., we always imagine things worse than they are! :frown: ~~~ OMW, BG!!! I read on the Friday weigh ins, YOU ARE GOING INTO THE 60'S !!!!! I loved the 60's and the 160's also, never got to stay very long but had fun while I was there!! You are just AWESOME!!! WTG!!! :w00t: You guys have a good wk!!
  15. doodlebug11

    Friday Weigh Ins

    Good Morning gang, haven't been around here in a while, so I thought I would ck in to see how you guys are doing! As I thought , you guys are doing really good! I, on the other hand, have NOT!! But, I'm back in the saddle again. I was really bad thru the Christmas holidays, stress, to many goodies and head hunger, gained over 5 pds. But then BG suggested going on the 5 day pouch test, and I did. Lost the exta pds and then lost another pd this past wk. So that puts me at 181. While I was on th 5 day test, I really did some serious thinking as to why I am, again, failing myself on this journey. I am finding myself "happy" with weight that I've lost and not really giving it all that I can! I know that I can do sooo much more and need to lose alot more but my heart is just not in to it any more. So I am making an extra effort to exercise more and stick with the program of eating all my protein, drink all my water and no sugar products or carbs!! Thanks, Hopeful, for the challenge, still no sweet stuff!! But, anyway that has been my life, sorry for the long post but all this "stuff" just came pouring out!! You guys, have a good wk!!