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  1. Hi Guys- I am about 2.6 yrs post vsg surgery. I had my baby 3/7/18...,.... 9 months ago. During the pregnancy I lost quite a bit of weight...which is typical for me...I lost about 25lbs with my earlier 2 pregnancies as well so this time around was no different, its just how my body reacts to being pregnant. I loose weight during the pregnancy and gain weight after. This time around the weight gain seems to be worse. At the beginning of my pregnancy I weighed in at 156. A month after I had baby, I was 143. I am now 173!!!! A little history. The day of my vsg surgery, I weighed in at 229. My lowest weight, 143 was right after I gave birth. Has anyone experienced this or any weight gain at all? I keep hearing "Oh its just your horomones!" My baby is 9 months, though im still nursing, I don't think my hormones have as much to do with this. I am hungry ALL the time!, I crave junk. I feel extremely heavy to where I am uncomfortable all the time. I HATE looking in the mirror and at photos because I feel as though I look the same way I did prior to surgery even though I am still about 55 lbs less...I don't see it. My husband argues that's its all in my head. I argue back that I don't think the tight clothes are lying to me. I cant even fit the clothes I wore during pregnancy. After I had baby and was at my lowest weight I felt great! My family thought I didn't look well and said I had lost too much. I on the other hand was very happy inside and out. This is really taking an emotional toll on me physically, mentally, I am scared that I will be back at 229 in no time if I keep this up. Ive tried dieting (keto, low carb, intermittent fasting etc etc) I cant seem to kick the hunger. I can also eat ALMOST a normal size plate of food. I don't feel any restriction unless I'm eating meat. Thoughts? Ideas? Pleeeeaaaase :)
  2. reachbree

    SLEEVE Revision to Loop DS

    I don't have experience with having a revision just yet though I am looking into it as I have gained 35lbs of the weight ive lost. Is this something that your insurance approved or are you paying out of pocket? I have heard that vsg is only a partial procedure. the Full procedure would be the DS.
  3. Hi Everyone! I had vsg surgery June 2016. I went from 230 to 154. I got pregnant with our 3rd boy in 2017. During the pregnancy I maintained the weight until the very end I was up a few lbs to 158. I had a csection and by the time i got home from hospital I was up to 167!!!! I had gained weight after delivering which made no sense to me but i learned it was mostly fluid retention from hospital iv’s. I watched carefully what i ate and after 2 months the retention came off plus more as i was down to 144lbs. After that and 2 months of breastfeeding I developed major cravings for junk.....mostly sugar. I was also very stressed and had been hit with ppd...depression. I was treated for depression but my cravings turned into out of control eatting of anything sweet. I am beginning to gain weight and definitely look ALOT heavier although i am 158, i look bigger than i did when i was last 158 if that makes sense. This is really depressing me and I need help as im afraid if i keep up at this rate ill be 230lbs again. Im also eating alot more quantity wise...its like i never had the surgery! I dont get the tight full feeling anymore that told me when to stop eating, i also dont the pain that tells me I overate. Has anyone else gone through this? How can i reverse it and start loosing again? Is it possible that ive stretched my sleeve? lastly, has anyone else breastfed and have gotten these cravings?
  4. Thank you i appreciate that! I did look up the brewers yeast and found some on amazon ill be trying tho im not quite sure how to use it. I also started taking the heavy dose of iron the dr prescribed for me after csection. Hoping these will help!
  5. Thanks Orchids! I am drained honestly. Should probably have vitamin levels checked as i feel beyond drained lately. I went thru my whole pregnancy with low blood pressure and low iron so this could be why. Frustr8-Not sure if you meant for your comment to be for another post but thanks!
  6. I am trying to put things together to prepare for the surgery and time for recovery. I'm mostly hearing that patients tend to take anywhere from 1-6 weeks although 6 is recommended (at least from my surgeons office) so that's what I am planning to take. How long are you planning to take off from work to recover from surgery? Also, Will you be going on state disability? That's another thing...I have maybe 1 week of sick time saved up and another week or 2 of vacation and personal holiday time. Im hoping to not have to use all of it. Im still trying to recover from having to use %100 of my time when I had a baby 2 years ago. However, I work for a county they require you use %100 of ALL time to receive state disability.....
  7. I have posted a few times on the same exact thing...loosing slow is not easy. At the time of surgery I was on the borderline of BMI requirement to have the surgery with no co-morbs. I was afraid that they were going to deny me but my Surgeons team knew exactly what to do to get me approved. They made sure that I was aware that lower BMI's will loose at a slower rate. Sure enough that was me. I am just over 3 months out from surgery and have lost 41lbs as of today. 10 of those pounds were lost during the Pre-diet. So in actuality I've only lost about 31lbs, in 3 1/2 months. My stalls last 2-3 weeks. When the scale is actively going down, I am NOT loosing inches. When I am loosing inches the scale is NOT going down. It doesn't make sense but that is exactly how my weightloss is going thus far. I am not complaining because I feel great, I am now in a size 14...some 12s and I NEVER imagined that I would be this size again!! I also know that I am not done and if I keep loosing at the slow rate, that I am...I will hit goal of 160 by Christmas and I am sooooo looking forward to that! The beginning is hard especially if the scale is slow...I will say that there was a point where my weight didn't budge at all...I went in to see my surgeon and she questioned my calories...which was about 400-600. maybe not even that, but she said I need to increase my calories and get to at least 800..Sure enough when I started adding in more calories, the scale would move down so I know that was a huge factor. Hang in there is all I can say. The results will surprise you 1 day soon!
  8. I'm afraid of Dragon Fruit...saw it in the store for the first time ever and wasn't sure if it should be eaten or caged up. Other than that, I eat what I am supposed to. Unless certain foods make you sick they shouldn't be feared..just simply avoid them. Respect the Sleeve! A big part of this journey is about control.
  9. reachbree

    Wow. Tomorrow!

    You CAN do it!! Sending good thoughts your way for a speedy and well recovery. Im almost 2 months into my journey and while I went through a period of regrets I know this was the best decision for ME.
  10. EATING A HUGE SLICE OF strawberry CHEESECAKE!!!! Oh the torture! That is all
  11. I am over a month post op now, down 8lbs....im sure you've heard this in my other post. That's exactly how disappointed I am, thought I was doing most of everything right. I had my 1 month follow-up on last week with my surgeon. I let her know what I've been eating, drinking and doing. I was walking 30 mins a day on my breaks at work, then taking the kids to the park on the wknd and walking around the park. She says that was good, Im doing great!. Why do I feel like I should be doing more and that's partly why my weight hasn't moved? SO I've decided to go ahead and join a gym and will be starting this weekend. BTW-Per Dr.s orders I upped my calories and dropped a few OZ over 7 days......not pounds...ounces! How did exercising affect your weight loss? I'm SOOOO hoping this is the answer, otherwise....I am hopeful and trying to stay positive but I may be one of the rare one's that this surgery didn't work for
  12. Most, if not all of us are being asked to shower with an antibacterial soap the night before surgery. I went to CVS yesterday and couldn't find any. The clerk pointed me in the direction of regular bath and body soaps. I saw that Dial soap is antibacterial however it also has lotion in it. Where did you get your soap? what brand? I didn't think Dial would be ok because of the lotion...they usually want the skin free of any moisturizers so they can stick stuff on you Thanks in advance
  13. reachbree

    Things that make me fart.

    Any Sugar Free Candy...oh the horror!!!
  14. reachbree

    114 lbs GONE for good!

    Amazing!, you are adorable and tiny! My inspiration ))))
  15. Was excited to try using this mix to make pancakes for my family over the weekend. It was an epic fail! I followed the directions on the box. The pancakes were hard to bind and did NOT cook in the middle at all! I also added a some Xanthium gum to the mix and that did not help either. How's everyone making such great low carb pancakes with this stuff?...I have tried the biscuits and they turned out great....although I could not eat them, my boys and husband (Atkins) tore them up!
  16. hehehe. I also woke up from surgery being very grateful that I had made it out alive and wanted to jump out of my bed so that I could jump for joy but, nahh I wasn't feelin it. I am actually quite jealous op....that's pretty amazing that you are feeling this way. My first few days I was very uncomfortable but forced myself to walk and drink. A month later, I am mainly dealing with tiredness and some hunger and the disappointment of the lack of weight loss....
  17. 1.5 weeks and I absolutely regret it. Im not due back until August 1, however I returned on 6/28. Surgery was 6/16. I really wish finances were better and I could take the full 6 weeks. Why do I wish I could take longer? because I am physically tired...and adjusting with all the changes my body and mind are going through. It can be tough at times so take as much time off as you possible can.
  18. As I am sitting here at my desk at work, my stomach makes the most noise in this office. Even with people talking around me, you can hear it. Any sip of Water, or anything I chew/eat, it goes crazy!! as if I ate a gremlin. And I don't know why, but its just as embarrassing as farting!! Has anyone else swallowed a gremlin after this surgery?? I'm being serious btw...about the growling.
  19. reachbree

    Is it normal to stall after 2 weeks?

    Since you are 2 weeks out, I have heard that stalls are quite common at this very point. In my situation, Would love to burn my scale...I am a month out and have lost a whopping 8 lbs!!! At first I thought, Sure, its a stall....but being a month out now and the scale still not moving (I even gained a lb) I think my situation is different.
  20. Had my 1 month follow-up on today. Even my surgeon noticed I lost minimal weight but nonetheless still encouraged me and said I've done well. She mentioned that I am not getting in enough calories so it looks like my body has hit starvation mode and holding onto weight. She wants me to get in at least 800 at this point. I have been taking in maybe 200-300/day. I have been obsessed with getting in enough Protein that I never thought about calories. I am starting Soft Foods today and says I need to focus on raising my calories. Everything else including Fluid and protein intake is going well. My question is, how are you consuming at least 800 calories a day...or close to it? as I know this seems like a lot for such a small tummy. I just need food ideas. I had refried Beans for first time yesterday and they are yummy and go down easily but I cant eat beans all day. 8lbs lost since surgery, 1 month Postop in 3 days
  21. Thanks, I will try out the peanut butter! My Nurse and Surgeon are focusing on calories AND Protein right now because I've only lost 8lbs since surgery....that's pretty low and they are saying its because im not eating enough and have hit starvation mode...the scale has not moved since 1-2weeks post-op...not cool at all. Patients tend to loose quite a bit of weight during the first month...at least 15lbs.
  22. I'm definitely getting in about 75g of Protein, 69 from Protein Drink and a little more from food. However it doesn't add up to anywhere near 800. My issue is that Im still drinking all day, and finding it hard to fit in any solid foods. I'm literally not hungry and also really sleepy (hard to eat when you drained!) But now that I've been reminded that calories are important too, Im focusing on getting more calories from actual food. My nurse also stressed that its important at this stage to eat because if you don't your pouch can actually shrink, making it hard for even Fluid to get through. I love avocados...something ive been wanting to try is avocado and a little salsa on it. Does anyone know if salsa is ok? low sodium of course. I WAS using PB powder in my vanilla shakes but got tired of it then nearly gagged at the sight of it lol I cant eat eggs!!!! Ive tried twice and for some reason they just don't go down well no matter how long I chew. Blech! Thanks for the great food suggestions everyone!
  23. I coulda sworn I replied already but.....You Guys crack me up with the melted cheese. I did have melted cheese on the Beans it was quite delicious!! KristenLe, Yes, I haven't gotten any specific instructions to stop the Protein shakes so I assume they are still good. I just got sick of them and switched to nectar..now im getting sick of that!!....Will check the exact calories on Nectar! I will work on eating every 3 hours...Man o man, the math in this!!! eat every 3 hours, do not drink less than 30 minutes before or after a meal...my brain hurts. I need something to zap me whenever its time for me to eat or drink. 1 zap for eat, 2 zaps for drink.