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    I have finally decided that I need to do whatever I need to do to take care of myself. For the last dozen years I have taken care of everyone else first and now it is my turn! I am very excited to be starting this journey of self discovery.
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    Reading, photography, camping, listening to all kinds of music and scrapbooking.
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  1. Good4me1313

    Getting back on track - Fayetteville, NC

    I too am re-starting my weight loss journey, you are not alone!
  2. Good4me1313

    options please

    Sure! I like to think of myself as a foodie as well, and I have managed to be quite successful. I have also had a set back with some weight regain. My point is, if you follow the "rules" you can still be successful and plan, shop and cook to your heart's content. Promise. You just have to choose healthier choices and believe me, healthier, fresher food choices can be amazing. It was very hard for me in the beginning as I am originally from the Deep South and raised on country cooking and soud fool. Soooo good, unfortunately not always good for you! Take your time, don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy!
  3. Good4me1313


    Yes, totally agree with talking to your doctor. I would imagine a lot would depend on how long a trip you take, size of the vehicle (bigger means you could stretch out some maybe), how your overall health is and HOW YOU FEEL. When you do go, have FUN!
  4. Good4me1313

    Need to vent!!!

    Well, so I see we are kindered spirits as I tend to do the same thing. I will rehash it over and over and over until that is all I think about. Everyone that has commented is right of course, hold your head high and face everyone at work tomorrow with your head high. You are a very smart, articulate, funny, caring woman and frankly, **** happens. Make any amends that you HAVE to and move on. You got this! Don;t let this be a "reason" to fall into old eating habits tonight, that will only add insult to injury. {{hugs}}
  5. Good4me1313

    Do you think...?

    I agree with lellow, do whatever your body tells you it can do. Just don't "over-do". Best wishes!
  6. Good4me1313

    Chinese Food

    I would L-O-V-E some Chinese food, however, I am trying my hardest to stay away from carbs, and the few times I have had rice, it did not agree with me. Good luck, just take it easy to see what you are able to tolerate with the band!
  7. Good4me1313

    The port...

    No, never had any problems sleeping on that side or my stomach. You will be fine!
  8. Good4me1313

    Any women have this happen?

    Good luck......with everything! Please do call your GYN and see when they can see you.
  9. Good4me1313

    I LOVE Peanut Butter

    Girl, love, love, love me some peanut butter too! Think I may need to check out that PB2, that would be great in my protein smoothie. Yum!
  10. Wow, you really do look amazing and you are right, what a difference a year can make! Congratulations on your success, stay motivated, on track and look forward to seeing mre fabulous updates from you!
  11. Letty, he will not be disappointed in you! Don't give that a second thought, call him and make an appointment, you need to go. I too fell off the wagon and regained some of my weight. Finally went back to the doctor, started following the rules again and am having success....again. You can do this!
  12. I know this thread is old, but here goes. I had an unfill recently due to gaining weight, not eating right and not exercising. Immediately following the unfill, I tried the 5 day pouch test. It has been amazing! Not only have I started feeling some restriction (that I have not felt in a long time) but I have also lost weight. I am stoked. I am supposed to see my surgeon again in about 4 weeks, wondering if I will need a fill? We shall see.
  13. Good4me1313

    Frequent air travel with lap band

    I have flown many, many times since being banded and have not had one issue at all. I do agree that you should talk to your doctor and get his opinion to ease any fears you may have though. Best wishes!
  14. Good4me1313

    Hatin the bad today!!

    The bad days can be very frustrating! Hang in there and do the very best you can. At least you did the right thing by coming here to vent, where others know what you are going through. We bandsters have to stick together! I hope yesterday and today were much better!
  15. Hello fellow bandsters! I was banded in 2009, I have had great success with my band, it is me that I have had trouble with over the last several months! I have regained about 35 of the 125 I had lost and now want to get back on track. I am wantnng to try the 5 day pouch test, and have not found any specific instructions for doing so. If you have done the 5 day pouch test, would you please share what you drank and ate during the 5 days? Thanks so much!

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