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  1. Melissannde

    What Am I Doing Wrong? Constructive Adivce Needed :)

    BTW: I had 3 months (Nov 2010 to Jan 2011) where the scale didn't move much at all, but I was reshaping. Every time I went to the gym people would ask if I had lost more weight....after those 3 months, the scale started moving again.
  2. Melissannde

    What Am I Doing Wrong? Constructive Adivce Needed :)

    You state that you are losing inches? That's wonderful. Take it and run with it. If you're exercising that much, you are replacing your fat with muscle.. and while a pound = pound = pound, muscle takes up less room than fat.. that's why the slow lb loss and reshaping. If you're not doing so already, start tracking your food and exercise somewhere .. www.livestrong.com or www.myfitnesspal. Do NOT use their calculations for calorie burn though.. get a Heart Rate Monitor or some other device that will calculate your personal calorie burn. You might not be eating enough with all that exercise. Good job!!
  3. Melissannde

    Please Help Me!

    I know 2 people who've been banded more than 10 years and they're doing fine. One was part of clinical trials, the other flew to Europe to get it done. If you want to talk to the people yourself .. or type to them as needs be... They both post on yahoo groups band support lists. Cynthia on DFWbandsters and Jessie on SmartBandsters. Hope this helps.
  4. Melissannde

    Angry, Frustrated, Hungry

    What about popsicles (sugar free) or chicken broth? Tea (decaf?) is probably ok to drink too. Were you not given a list of things that were ok for each stage?
  5. Melissannde

    Eating after banding

    Now is the time to practice the behaviors that you will need as a bandster. Just make it a game.. if you forget right now, it's not a big deal. Later on, you will know if you took too big a bite or didn't chew well enough. Just practice tiny bites, chewing well, using a smaller plate. You can do the small utensils if you want, I never have. I want to be as "normal" as possible.. I just take small bites off the regular utensils. You can also start practicing not drinking with your meals and holding off as long as you can after eating to drink. Between meals try to drink as much Water as you can. Congratulations on making steps to a healthier life!!
  6. I didn't lose much at all .. maybe 2 lbs.. until I got back onto solid foods then it started dropping off fast. Hang in there.
  7. Melissannde

    Being Stuck = Restriction?

    you feel the pain/discomfort/"stuckage" at the middle of your chest because the stomach is a lot higher than you think. Some of it is referred pain, but some of it is because the stomach is just to the left of your liver which is under your right ribs.
  8. I live in a small town. I'd say most people know I had surgery, some don't know what kind.. but most know. I've NEVER received one unkind comment or heard anyone say anything negative. I have overheard some people talking about me, but it was something like "she has done so well". Everyone is very supportive of me and my efforts. I have yet to do a before/after on facebook. And I'm still thinking about it, but not sure I will. Mainly because I have fb friends who I haven't seen in person in 30 years and they have no idea of the struggles I've gone through with my weight. I'm not sure I'm emotionally strong enough to deal with comments. I do share with private groups. I understand wanting to keep it quiet though. I don't advertise that I had WLS on facebook, and used to not talk about weight issues at all.. but I'm gradually coming out of my shell in that regard. It's a process. Here's me, showing how things have changed in 2 yrs 5 months.
  9. Melissannde

    Lap-Band Concerns (HELP!)

    I'm not sure what your question is, but I'm so sorry you're having problems. I would suggest that you review the basic bandster guidelines and make sure you are following them as best you can. If you're not journaling your food intake, start. You might be eating a lot more calories than you think you are. Are you moving your body more than you did pre-surgery? Are you attending support group anywhere? Read over Dr. Simpsons article: It's not about restriction and see if it is helpful to you. The band is not supposed to control how much we are able to eat, it's supposed to help with appetite suppression so that we can make better and healthier choices (most of the time.. no one is perfect. ::smile:. Anytime you cannot drink.. you are WAY TOO TIGHT. You should always be able to get fluids down. Hope some of this is helpful. I'm so glad you're reaching out for support.
  10. Melissannde

    Pb'in a lot

    I've had one small unfill about a year ago and it did not hinder my weight loss. I did feel a tiny bit hungrier for a few days, but it wasn't extreme. I pushed past it with extra Water and some cheese sticks. You do NOT want to be vomiting daily.. that's way too much. you are risking band slippage with that much refunding of food. If you get a slipped band you're looking at the removal of all Fluid and even possibly more surgery. Please call your and make an appt to go in and discuss your problems. They may be able to help you without an unfill. And if you should need an unfill, if your last fill was, for example, 1cc, they might be able to take out 1/2 cc and you'll still have good appetite control, but no refunding. Some suggestions to get you through until you see the doc: Try drinking something warm first thing in the morning.. coffee, tea, even warm water with lemon. Warmth tends to loosen the band and makes things easier to go down. A few bandsters find that the opposite is true for them, that cold works better. In any case, prime the pump with some liquid before trying to eat. I find that 1/2 cup greek yogurt with fresh or frozen blueberries and a packet of stevia works well for breakfast for me. It's soft enough that it can get past my tight morning band, but solid enough to keep me full a while. Other people like to do Liquid Protein. Try to find something that you can eat within an hour or two of getting up. Most people lose weight better if they eat breakfast. Steelcut oatmeal is another breakfast that might work for you. When you eat lunch or dinner, cut your protein into tiny bites, about the size of an english pea. Chew thoroughly until mush. Try using some sort of "food lube", bbq sauce, ketchup, greek yogurt, gravy.. whatever appeals to you. Sure these things have some extra calories, but you won't be using all that much. I find a tablespoon or two is sufficient. Put your fork down between bites. Don't read or watch TV while eating. Use a minute timer to time between bites. Do whatever you can to slow down. 5oz of chicken is beyond what my doctor recommends, we are supposed to keep to 3oz (maybe 4) of protein per meal. However, if that was all you were able to eat all day .. I certainly understand wanting more. And I know every doctor and patient are different. If you can't get the daily vomiting under control, you must see your surgeon to get some help. Best of luck to you.
  11. Melissannde


    When I had my first fill 2+ years ago, it was quite OUCHY because I was still tender from surgery. My experience was that the next one and subsequent after that, the fills were no big deal at all as I was no longer sore. I hope you will have the same experience.
  12. Melissannde

    High Fructose Corn Syrup

    I avoid HFCS like the plague.. so I don't know if consuming it would make me feel bandless, but your response doesn't surprise me.
  13. Liquids the day of the fill, soft/mushy foods that evening, back to regular the next day. If anything gives trouble, go back to the previous stage and progress slower. Banded 2 years, only once have had problems with a fill being too tight. My fills are usually very tiny. .2cc's. A larger fill I would definitely progress slower.
  14. Melissannde

    Severe nausea and acid reflux

    Call your doc's office back and tell them that you're waking up at night with reflux. They need to get you in earlier. If need be, go and sit in the office and wait until they can see you. Nighttime reflux is nothing to mess around with, it can lead to aspiration pneumonia!
  15. Melissannde

    I'll be honest

    You're welcome. I don't mind disagreement.... heck, I might even learn something.

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