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    gabybab reacted to ThreeOhThree in Sleeve To Bypass after only 10 weeks. Surgery Date 9/5/2019   
    Update: had my surgery yesterday I am currently at home. The rest of the mass or whatever was removed and I now have a gastric bypass. I was so scared this time around but thanks for al the kind words. I hope this thread can help someone else one day.
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    gabybab reacted to GreenTealael in Thanksgiving Staples and WLS   
    In fall/winter, I make a sugar free sweet potato or pumkin pies with whole wheat or almond flour crust

  3. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to MassMom in Entering a new weight decade   
    From 248 to 139.6! Still going but life is good.

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    gabybab got a reaction from GreenTealael in Progress Pictures 💪🏻   
    So pretty Ruby! Congrats!
  5. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to HipHopDiva in Does anyone know the calorie break down for this recipe   
    Also, I'm happy to report I'm down 10.4 pounds since August 27th surgery date! YEAH
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    gabybab reacted to KarenLR75 in How do you tell if a food is not going to be your friend.   
    I'm in my 6th week out so am not even close to where you are at yet but I CONSTANTLY over-estimate portion size. I have a dang kitchen scale and measuring cups of all sizes so I'm going to have to start using them.
    I end up with roughly 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup of 'meat' (chicken minced to pieces, taco meat, pork minced to pieces) and I inevitably hit my 'restriction' about part way through whatever I'm eating. I'm losing track of all my mini-leftovers in the fridge at this point.
    I have learned NOT to even try to cross my restriction - there is NOTHING that tastes good enough to risk another bite and then be in pain....sometimes agonizing pain. My first few weeks out I was getting the restriction signal a bit prematurely my doctor finally work out due to my esophagus having spasms along with some other things so while we all knew my pouch did NOT have even 2 oz of anything in it, I would feel almost the same type of pain as if I had tried to eat 1/2 a cup of food this early into the post op journey.
    I got a 'pain/discomfort preview' so when I eat...I am chewing and chewing and chewing..and swallow..then hesitate/look for time to ensure I wait a few minutes before the next bite. Food gets cold all the time but that never bothered me much pre-op and still doesn't.
    Somewhere between 1/4 cup and 1/3 cup seems to be my high maintenance pouch's acceptable limit..

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    gabybab reacted to catwoman7 in Gastric Bypass Success Stories When over 350lbs   
    I started out at 373, lost 57 lbs through my required six-month supervised diet + the two-week pre-op liquid diet. The morning of surgery I weighed 316.
    I was down to 138 lbs by about 18 months out. Have gradually regained up to 150 (but this is fine - I'm still within a normal BMI range)
    3 months out - 276
    6 months out - 241
    1 year out - 187

    P.S. I should add that this is not typical. I worked my butt off to lose this much. My surgeon said only about 10% of his patients that start out at my BMI lose all of their excess weight. The peer-reviewed studies I've read mostly agree with that assessment. But there are lots of people out there who've done it, so it IS do-able. It just takes a lot of commitment. I almost never went off plan while I was in the weight loss phase.
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    gabybab reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    They're Back! Protein Waffles... I made them but they aren't for me 😞 but I thought I'd share a pic anyway Only the splash of Water & oil is missing from the pics
    ~50 g protein ~300 cals (entire plate of waffles)

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    gabybab got a reaction from KarenLR75 in How do you tell if a food is not going to be your friend.   
    I have not thrown up once since surgery. I did vomit bile a few weeks after, but was gagging from brushing my teeth. I'm 6 months post-op and just ate chicken salad 15 minutes ago and I measured 1/2 cup and I feel like I'm dying ill. I need to go back to 1/3 cup. meat, even tuna, I can't eat a lot of. It may get better for you in time, don't rule it out just yet.
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    gabybab got a reaction from ProudGrammy in 7 months post OP and feel like I can eat so much more.   
    Omg, I know the feeling! I had surgery in February as well and can eat so much more. I can't overeat at one meal, but could graze. I'm on my way to my 6 month post-op in 5 minutes a d plan to be honest with my PA about the situation. I've lost 75 pounds and am so worried she might be disappointed in the loss. I will let you know. Best wishes!🥵
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    gabybab got a reaction from Lamermaid in Mental Health meds & Gastric Bypass   
    I had the vsg, but can tell you that my depression has lifted some. I still feel depressed at times, but weightloss has definitely helped. I wish you all the best!
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    gabybab got a reaction from Bastian in Very first puree meal, question   
    I are cream of wheat as my first food. I either ate too fast or it was too thick. I thought we were going to have to call the ambulance 🚑🚑 because I was having stomach spasms. It hilarious to think back now lol
    My first food was traumatizing for me.
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in My journey   
    Congrats! You are looking great!!
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    gabybab reacted to GreenTealael in Snickers   
    Hi! Dont forget to drink more fluids first. Sometimes thirst mimics hunger.
    Also salads and vegetables are filling and low calorie on the days you feel the need to eat more.
    And if you need a snickers like treat, look for Protein candy bars. At least the calories are modest and you can add to your protein intake instead of just carbs.
    Good luck 💜
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    gabybab got a reaction from momof3_angels in Last Meal...   
    Good luck on your upcoming surgery!💗
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    gabybab got a reaction from momof3_angels in Last Meal...   
    Good luck on your upcoming surgery!💗
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    gabybab reacted to momof3_angels in Last Meal...   
    Just had my last meal! Was talking to my daughter and she likened it to being on death row lmao. Tomorrow and Tuesday I am completely full liquids. Surgery Wednesday. Don't know what time though. My doctors website says 9am, but really I have to call Tuesday afternoon for the schedule. I hope I am early in the AM! Waiting is torture.
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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Okay. Saw my surgeon a couple of hours ago.
    I’ve officially lost 78 pounds since surgery day and he laughed when I was bummed that it wasn’t an even 80.
    According to him, I’ve lost right at around 80% of my excess fat, which qualifies as “success” in his book.

    When I discussed that while I was very grateful for the 80 pounds, my ultimate goal was another 23-25 more.
    He nodded and agreed that it was a totally reasonable goal, but to allow that it might take another 6 months for that to happen and to not be alarmed if immediately after that I find 5-10 pounds of “bounce”.
    He says that if I keep on running my program the way I have been, I should be able to get there.
    And in case I do not get there, then it’s my body telling me I’m not meant to be there.
    When I asked him what someone with my BMI and progress should expect on a monthly basis, he said 4-5 pounds max is what I could expect.
    That number somewhat bums me out (I was hoping he’d say 7-8) but his numbers make more sense within another 5-6 month time window vs my goal

    So I’ve got some labs ordered that I’ll do sometime next week and I won’t know results of those til about this time next month.

    I’ve got a FU with my NUT in 3 months, but my surgeon says he doesn’t need to see me til I’m 12 months P.O.

    He also told me he’s taking me off of the ursodiol (he jokingly said that I’ll never again lose 78 pounds in 6 months so there’s no need) and wants me off of my pantoprazole.

    One big reason is that med leaches Calcium from your bones and that coupled with my VGS and carrying around less body weight, and being post-menopausal can lead to bone density issues later.

    He said to keep up with Pilates and my walk/run/incline training on the treadmill and I should be fine.
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    gabybab reacted to ldawn in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I’m down 76 pounds. My mini goal is to be 100 down by thanksgiving. That gives me right at 3 months to lose 24 pounds. I need to exercise. I signed up for 4 weeks of gladiator camps. I will likely drop dead during class but the fact that it was $10 made it hard to pass up. Not sure I can meet this goal but I’m going to try. I have some slow months for weight loss which is very frustrating.
  20. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Zjasso in Tomorrow it begins.   
    Tomorrow I begin my 2 week pre op diet. shake for Breakfast, lunch, and a Protein and non starchy vegetable dinner. In between its Water, broth, or sugar free Jello. Surgery on 9-16. So ready for this.
    Pre Op
    5' 11"
    >50 BMI
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    gabybab got a reaction from Danielleh in At home sleep study   
    I had my study about 15 years ago and had to do mine in a sleep study clinic. The machines have come a long way since them. My machine is a auto titratating machine and it shows me each day how many apneas I have per hour. I'm down 76 pounds and my apneas average about 4.5 an hour. I'm hoping I can get off this machine in the next 6 months.
    Good luck with your upcoming surgery!!
    Note: I originally averaged 15 per hour. But, as I became heavier I think it got more severe.
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    gabybab reacted to FluffyChix in A little weirdo am I   
    So you are at least eating softer foods. But the preparation is not so great. Fried is fried. And will add tons of calories from bad fats.
    11 days doing this is not good. I'm just gonna tough love this for you. FOLLOW your doc's plan for you and don't advance your diet. liquid phases SUCK GIGANTIC GREEN ONES! But truth? Suckitupbuttercup. We ALL had to do it. You get through it. You do not have to LIKE your Protein Drinks. You simply HAVE to do it.
    Sadly, the first 2 weeks are when most of us feel the least like eating--so consequently we eat very little and eat only Protein. And so we are 2 weeks into breaking a bad food habit. Most of us had 2 weeks liquids up front so 2+2=4weeks out. Supposedly it takes 3 weeks to build a new habit. And now that you are having your shenanigans, you are starting your brain and behaviors back at ground zero.
    My advice? If you can't be compliant at 11 days, you need to get to your RD, your surgeon, and a psych. Cuz you need counseling to work through the head work. The first 2 months is when we lose the most amount of our weight. Don't squander this opportunity to change your life and heal you legs and self image--heal your blood pressure.
    Write out an index card with your WHY on it and post it on your fridge and mirror. WHY did you have this surgery?!! WHY! Keep a focus on that. Make good and healthy food choices. Get your protein in according to your doc's phase.
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    gabybab reacted to HipHopDiva in A little weirdo am I   
    Attached is a sample 2 week meal plan I had in my journal. My nutritionist wants me to try to reach 400 calories if possible. It's taking me 3 hours to drink a Premier Protein shake though. I'm using the medicine cups to put Water, ice chips and clear premier Protein & drinking every 15 minutes. Hope this helps. Wishing you the best!

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    gabybab got a reaction from CrowLuv in Stage 3   
    Refried Beans with cheese and enchilada sauce.
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in Can't tolerate protein supplements.   
    Yes! My RD suggested adding powdered milk to yogurt, cottage cheese etc. Great suggestion!