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    gabybab reacted to Gottajustdoit in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    gabybab--so sorry to hear about the Endoscopy. Please keep us posted on the followup. I hope you will not need a revision, although if you do the procedure should be minimal, right? Or would it be similar to enduring the whole process over again? That would be awful. I feel you about the lines on the face....no one tells you that you will age substantially. I see it in my hands, my forehead, my mouth and especially my neck. Thank goodness turtleneck season is arriving in the Midatlantic!
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    gabybab reacted to Gottajustdoit in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I can relate so well to all those things, especially the chin. I'm 53 and I think the advice I would give to those over 50 who are contemplating the surgery is to expect to look older. As those chubby cheeks lost weight, the skin starts to sag on the face too--at least for me. I definitely don't regret the surgery, but now when I see photos of myself I think "WOW! I look so....old!" The lines in my forehead have increased, as have the lines around my mouth. I guess I should have enjoyed that baby face when I had it!
    Another interesting thing is that I am noticing overweight people so much more now--not in a judgmental way, but more in a "I'm so glad I am not dealing with all that excessive weight, feeling overheated and sweaty all the time" way. Last night I was on an airplane and it felt so good not to have to expand the seat belt from the person who was last sitting in the seat before me. It fit so naturally and you are right, my neighbors did not fret that I was going to infringe on their space or be that "fat person" next to them. It's just a wonderful feeling. So glad I went through all the tough stuff to get to this point.
  3. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to apiane in NSVs   
    1. I'm down to L shirts from 2X
    2. I'm down a pant size to a 14 and have to wear my built on the 5th hole. If it's on the 4th hole I can take of my pants without undoing them.
    3. I am now the weight listed on my driver's license
    4. I'm officially halfway to my goal. 45 lbs to go!
    5. My sister almost cried last night after not seeing me for a while. She kept saying "You're so tiny!"
    Just wanted to share because I'm happy! Carry On!
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    gabybab got a reaction from GreenTealael in UPDATE FROM MY SURGEON   
    Greentealal has had the sleeve and rny, so I thought that is what she meant. Good luck on your surgery, you are doing great!💯
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    gabybab reacted to New&Improved in UPDATE FROM MY SURGEON   
    He said skinny but like half a sleeve size so very similar volume to the pouch just skinny the bypassing in an actual bypass is different to the bypassing of the DS
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    gabybab got a reaction from Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Congrats! You look awesome!
    I, too, worry about sagging skin. I went from I want my breasts and arms done to oh hell no I need my face done. I can tuck the other spots up. My face is showing lines I never had. I have a long way to go (68 pounds) and I'm afraid I will look scary. I'm having a terrible stomach problem and have an endoscopy on the 5th of November. I'm worried I will need a revision. My stomach burns down lower in my stomach and makes me feel nauseated. I had gerd before surgery, so I'm really scared about this.
    Bonus, I too feel so much better about myself. I just broke the threshold to just obese. lol
    But having had had a bmi of 54 I will take it.
    Way to go February friends!
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    gabybab got a reaction from New&Improved in UPDATE FROM MY SURGEON   
    Skinny like a banana? That is a sleeve. I think the combo of both is the ds, but I could be wrong? Someone probably knows way more than me.
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    gabybab reacted to FluffyChix in Getting back in control   
    Massive cudos for making that decision!!!! Woot! And way to do it at the 4lb mark.
    Reframe the situation. Congratulate yourself for making a great choice and drawing a line in the sand.
    Now the only thing you have to do is know that the next 4-14 days might be tough, but make a plan for getting through it. Willpower is fine--but when I'm in this situation, I know my willpower is usually low. So I have to have a set of actionable things that makes making good decisions easier, especially when I'm low on WP. ((hugs)) And remember, you only have to commit for 1 meal, 1 bite, or maybe 1 day. Then the next bite you recommit. Or the next meal the same. Or wake up the next morning and commit for that 1 day. The future takes care of itself that way and we can do anything for 1 day. Right?
    Example Game Plan for Getting Back on Track:
    Clean out the pantry, freezer and fridge if possible. Cut out the C.R.A.P. but allow yourself to eat as much as you need to be not hungry, not starving. H.A.L.T. = Never let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Get your sleep on...every dang day. Go to bed at same time. Wake up at same time. Practice good sleep hygiene. Walk for 1 hour per day if you don't have an exercise plan. Get outside in the sun and deep breathe as much as you can. Plan 3 normal (1cup) size meals per day = 3 oz Protein + 1-2oz veggies + healthy fat Plan 1-3 normal mini meals per day = 1 oz protein + healthy fat (eat ONLY if hungry or necessary for protein) = <100cals/meal No eating drinking 30/30 Protein first at every meal (lean, dense, dry to it stickls longer) Eat at a precise time frame each day. (ie Breakfast at 7 or 8am, lunch at 1, dinner at 7 with mini meals in between) No grazing. No standing in front of the fridge or freezer. No overly-comforty food (yeah, I'm talking about you pizza and casseroles and burgers with fries) You got this dude. Congrats again for taking that first MAJOR step!!! You will gain confidence in yourself, your self-esteem will go up, and the cloud will lift. You'll feel revived! You can do this!
  9. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Nomorepasta in Getting back in control   
    I actually just rejoined the forum after chickening out twice four years ago.
    Presently I have a scheduled date of Dec 4th for VGS. My Weight is 237, BMI is 45. Goal weight is 135
    I realize that this is not related to ur topic, however I am hoping to find a few people already living their “New Life” and are willing to be my mentors.
    You have all come so far and are a real inspiration
    My biggest fear is the future, as this surgery is relatively new and no one REALLY knows the far out long term side effects.
    i wish u all the best and really hope to b hearing from you!!

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    gabybab reacted to Jobber in Getting back in control   
    Making good choices is very difficult once your hunger comes back, isn't it? I have kids and I refuse to cut them off from all Snacks and Desserts, so they are in the house. We do have a ton of healthy foods available in the house, but I find myself staring into the cabinet with all the great snacks so many times when nobody is looking. Sometimes I fail, but most times I succeed in choosing the right kind of snack.
    The one thing I don't know that people really understand going into this is that the surgery really isn't a magic fix. Down the road in your journey you will regain your hunger and cravings. How you handle that is what will determine your success.
    Good luck to you Chuck!
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    gabybab reacted to AZhiker in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I worry that the long term effect of low calorie intake is malnutrition. We have to be sure every bite is as nutritionally dense as possible and that we are faithful with our Vitamins. I know I have some malabsorption going on, especially with fats, and I am already osteopenic. I agree that I could happily consume under 1,000 cal/day and feel satisfied. Like you, I could actually lose 15-20 more pounds and still be the normal range, but I would look terrible, and honestly, I am building my size 10 wardrobe and don't want to get to a smaller size - too expensive!!!
    I am getting back to my 16/8 or 14/!0 window and adding in 1 day of 24 fasting per week. But I want to continue exercising to do some more triathlons and backpacking trips. So it will be an adventure to see how to do that with the IF. I do not want to give it up again like I did last month to train. That was not a happy place. I felt sluggish and more hungry, and just wanted to eat all the time. I think slipping in an extra Protein Shake, an extra yogurt power bowl, and/or a bowl of Protein Soup is the way to go. They go down easily without leaving me uncomfortable.
    It is definitely a journey and I'm glad there are others like you who are on it with me! It's so good to get ideas and feedback. I cannot imagine going this alone.
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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I know there will always be issues with getting enough nutrients which is why ultimately I chose sleeve over bypass even though I was risking GERD issues.
    Fingers crossed that I will continue to NOT have reflux issues, but only time will tell. The few times since surgery that I’ve allowed myself foods from my pre-surgery lifestyle, I did have some extra GERD, so it’s an excellent negative feedback loop to remind me to stay on program so I don’t mind that.

    Still waiting the results from my DXA scan. I’ve never had issues with osteopenia in the past so mostly I had it done to get a baseline for the start of maintenance.

    Re sizing: I’m not 100% sure where I’ll look best. Currently I’m somewhere in the 8/10/medium range depending on cut, brand, and style.
    I wouldn’t mind dropping 1 more size to be 6/8/looser fitting medium but I do worry about looking gaunt. The last time I was a size 6 I was in my early 20’s so therefore I was young.
    Being 30 years older and being that same size will be interesting because who knows how it will look? For now the plan is to take it on a monthly basis and see where this all goes.

    The FFF (former fat female) in me cringes at the thought of putting back on any unhealthy weight so I’ll continue to be diligent in logging all my macros and making absolutely sure Vitamins don’t get skipped.
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    gabybab reacted to Recidivist in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    It's only my second week of maintenance, but I'm finding itt very difficult to consume enough calories. I can eat more than I could a few months ago, but I still have significant restriction and get full very quickly. The few times I've tried to push the envelope and eat more I've gotten really nauseous.
    I know it's trial and error and I'll have to figure out where my sweet spot is, but I'm also concerned about losing more weight. I'd say that I need to be a few pounds heavier, but I'm not too worried for now due to the "bounce back" effect.
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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Yeah, so I planned out 660 calories today with >100 gm Protein.
    First I could only drink 1/2 my Protein Shake and then didn’t eat all of dinner.
    All in all I maybe got in 560 calories but tomorrow is a new day
  15. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Recidivist in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Now that I'm at goal weight, I'm obsessing a bit over the saggy skin all over my body (neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, butt--and even low-hanging man-boobs). When I feel a bit depressed about it, I try to think about these things:
    1) I now have cheekbones.
    2) I now have a jaw line.
    3) I no longer worry about people seeing my face from the side because I have no jaw line and my chin seems to be attached directly to my chest.
    4) I don't panic when people are taking pictures and try to either get out of shot or try to stand in the most flattering pose possible while sucking in my gut.
    5) When boarding a plane, I no longer worry that everyone is thinking, "I hope the fat guy doesn't sit next to me."
    6) I can now eat in public without worrying that people are looking at me and thinking, "How disgusting. If he had more self-control he wouldn't be so fat."
    7) My pants now stay up on their own and I don't have to tug on them every 15 minutes. (The men will understand this.)
  16. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to froufrou in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Small NSV this weekend - was able to do up the robe at our hotel. It never used to come close before.
  17. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to tashie123 in Small Victory   
    I was stalled for a while. I have been working out 6 days a week at a boot camp and eating well with not much of movement. Maybe I was gaining muscle mass. Anyhow today when I got on the scale, I had tears of joy. Finally reached ONEDERLAND..

    HW: 329 lbs
    SW: 283 lbs
    CW: 199.6 lbs
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    gabybab reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in New; pre-surgery; I can't tolerate artificial sweetener   
    Thank you for your help. It's a bit daunting!

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    gabybab got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Gastric Sleeve after 50 (Senior Sleevers)   
    I'm 54 and was sleeved almost 5.5 months ago. I have my 6 month post-op in 15 days. I've lost almost 74 pounds and I'm ok with that. I hope my PA is good with it as well. Others have lost more, but I need to just keep focusing on my journey. We got this!
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    gabybab reacted to AngieBear in 6 month check in (well, 2 weeks early!)   
    I’m close to 6 months out of gastric sleeve surgery. Everything is going well. Getting adequate hydration is getting easier, it had been a struggle. My body is still adjusting. But, all in all I am still feeling very glad that I made this decision. I was active and happy before, but some (a lot of) things are so much easier now. Being able to go into a regular store and buy a raincoat, fitting well in airline seats, etc. I worry less about my long term health. I worry less about how I’m perceived on a daily basis. Those small anxieties were taking far more of brain space than I realized. People in general are nicer to me, which is nice (it makes life easier), but takes some working through to not become cynical and jaded.
    I’m stalled out at the moment (totally normal), and thought it was a good time for a collage. And some mad props to bigger Angie, who did so many cool and adventurous things even though it was hard. I feel pretty disconnected from how it was and who I was before, and I’m sure this will deepen even more as the years go by.
    As you can see, surgery turned my hair purple and pink. My surgeon never even mentioned the possibility! Tsk tsk.

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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Okay so here are 3 photos of me.
    First was a couple months pre-op
    Second is 4 weeks post op
    Last one is from last week

    I don’t think my boobs look wildly disproportionate to the rest of me.
    Yeah, they’re on the small side and I like that.
    I’ve always wanted one of those more slim, athletic bodies than the extremely voluptuous one I was born with

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    gabybab reacted to GreenTealael in Food Before and After Photos   
    At a restaurant a with my BF and order a stripped down burger and the server asked if i was doing Keto 😂

  23. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Ellf in BYPASS PEOPLE would like to see some weight loss stats???   
    6.5 months out. I'm down 103 lbs. You'll get the restriction for certain.
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    gabybab reacted to ARMoma45 in Traveling immediately after discharge?   
    They most likely won't let you drive yourself and will suggest that you stop every 45 mins-hour to walk to prevent blood clots.
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    gabybab got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Gastric Sleeve after 50 (Senior Sleevers)   
    I'm 54 and was sleeved almost 5.5 months ago. I have my 6 month post-op in 15 days. I've lost almost 74 pounds and I'm ok with that. I hope my PA is good with it as well. Others have lost more, but I need to just keep focusing on my journey. We got this!