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    gabybab got a reaction from Krimsonbutterflies in SCARED OUT OF MIND!!!   
    Omg, yes! I was absolutely terrified of the same thing and I've had probably 10 surgeries.
    I bawled in front of my family, PA, surgeon and the nurses. They were all so helpful and caring.
    My suggestion is to ask if you can take some kind of anti-anxiety medication before surgery to help keep you relaxed. I should have asked if I could have done that myself.
    Best wishes on your surgery, it is so worth it!💗
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    gabybab got a reaction from AngieBear in Milestone #1 just passed   
    Very pretty! Congrats!
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    I'm planning in seeing my dietitian soon to help me get through this slump and will asj her about it. I'm also going to see my endocrinologist because my bs levels are still a little elevated and I need to see how to handle it. I definitely interested in doing low carb and the fasting to help get the sugars down!
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    Yes, I believe it is ok to fast with metformin. As far as I know it doesn't cause lows like other drugs may. Since I have started the Lantus I have noticed a big slow down in my weight loss. I'm eating about 1200, (which may be too much) but, not hardly moving now at the all. I'm worried I will not lose anymore weight and am struggling to stay motivated.
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    gabybab got a reaction from PeachPerfect in ITCHY! Can I put lotion around my incisions?   
    Maybe try a hydrocortisone cream. It would help with itching. Good luck!
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    gabybab got a reaction from PeachPerfect in ITCHY! Can I put lotion around my incisions?   
    Maybe try a hydrocortisone cream. It would help with itching. Good luck!
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    I take an opioid for chronic pain and that seems to make it worse. I'm lucky if I go every 4 days. I'm just not sure how I can be stuck at this stall again. Like you said, maybe metformin will help. Lantus seems to help, but I'm told it may slow down weigh loss even more. 🥵
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    gabybab reacted to FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    Pooping makes the world go around! The world go around! The world go around! Many think this song should be about money, but nah...I think it's all about the (Mr. Hanky).
    Good Lord! So I've been through MOM 60ml x 3 days, Mag Citrate 400mg pills Daily, Mag Citrate liquid (1/3 bottle--oh the humanity! Never again!), Smooth Move Tea, and Miralax x 2 days, psyllium 12g x 3 days, chia seed pudding (standing by), and daily Colace 250mg pills...and finally. Finally!
    The earth moved. I would like to thank the academy.
    I feel such a sense of relief. I was seriously bloated, uncomfy, was 4 lbs up on the scale, and generally in a pissy mood yesterday. I was miserable. Now, this morning...I feel light as a feather and so relieved. No more pain, distended tummy, nuttin honey. Life is good again.
    Nowwwww....wax eloquently and profusely about how much better you feel when the trains are rolling down the track on schedule!!!
    Ok, go!
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    gabybab reacted to FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    Sorry to hear that, but metformin may be a good thing!!! It will help heal you cuz it makes you more insulin sensitive!!! Hopefully the weight loss starts again!!!
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    gabybab got a reaction from FluffyChix in What a Difference a Poop Makes!   
    I've been terribly constipated. I talked to my PA at my 6 month checkup and I'm going back in my metformin. My blood sugars are still a little elevated. Only 130 this morning, but metformin get things rapidly moving. Lol
    Hopefully my weightloss will get moving again.
  11. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Dee2938 in I just paid for my surgery!   
    I paid in full for my surgery. The transaction is complete and I got my receipt and everything. I’m getting my surgery on September 19th. This. Is. Happening.
  12. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to gully90 in Pregnancy After Sleeve & Sleeve After Delivery   
    Hey everyone!! I had the sleeve done in June of 2018. I lost almost 60 lbs. My start weight at point of surgery was approx. 200 and I got down to 143 within 4 months after surgery. I then got pregnant and successfully delivered my baby boy on August 1, 2019. On day of delivery I weighed 174. Since delivery I’m down to 147 and it hasn’t been a month yet. The sleeve worked during pregnancy and even now. I monitored my weight and continued to eat good while pregnant. But mostly I’m never hungry.

    I said all this to say that it is possible to be pregnant within the first year of getting the sleeve surgery and maintain your weight. Just monitor everything and remember to be as healthy as you can!

    Below are pictures of before pregnancy at 143, me at 9 months and me today at 147!!!

    FYI: I had a csection so I’m sure I still have inflammation.

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    gabybab got a reaction from Sandra Nuelken in The dreaded Weight loss Stall   
    Yes. After 7 weeks I lost 43 pounds and stalled for a full 3 weeks. I was so stressed out. Hang in there, you are doing great!! 😋
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    gabybab got a reaction from Sandra Nuelken in The dreaded Weight loss Stall   
    Yeah and I was eating 600-800 calories.
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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Well I had a couple of bites left of this deliciousness, but hubs ate the last of the waterchestnuts and asparagus.

    This was 10 shrimp, onion, Water chestnut, asparagus tossed in some Thai hot garlic paste over some tofu shiratski noodles tossed in Mongolian fire oil. Sprinkled lightly with parm cheese.
    16gm Protein and 205 calories

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    gabybab reacted to froufrou in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    Please tell us what your doctor says. I'm shocked at how much I can eat now. I mean, I'm trying not to obviously, but restriction used to hit and now it doesn't.
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    gabybab reacted to Sheribear68 in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    It is delicious. Makes you feel like you’re eating chips and bean dip.

    It’s one of those guilty pleasures I have because my sleeve is still so darned tight at times.

    Lol, listen to me gripe about that!

    I’ve decided in the last month that since I’ve maybe only got another 6-12 weeks in my honeymoon phase that I’ve got to double down on my efforts.

    I’ve been obsessively pre-planning all of my calories and macro ratios.
    I’ve also been playing around with IF to get myself ready for when the honeymoon is well and truly over.
    Since I still have 20-25 pounds to where I want to end up, I’ve got to make the very most of these next few weeks and feel like I can’t let up.
    For now I’m eating a minimum 60gm Protein a day and I’m making darn sure I get that protein in before I eat a single bite of anything else.

    I’ve also got my broken toe more or less healed and have started doing some interval training on the treadmill to add to my Pilates.

    I’m so excited because I finally got down into the 160’s and am posting a pic to show everyone what that looks like.
    I still have a fair amount of pudge on my legs and hips and my a** has disappeared into what I refer to as bari-booty (no more booty, just a series of wrinkles giving the appearance of a booty).

    Ultimate goal weight is between 145-150. Still have a bit to go....

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    gabybab reacted to JanJan19 in Asking older sleevers, did I make a mistake?   
    I'm 3 months behind you journey wise so I don't really have advice just want to say that I question this on and off all the time! Some weeks I'm like damn, I'm a rock star. This is going great! Some weeks I'm like, well. I bet that last pound was the last pound I'm ever gonna lose. (My internal monologue is clearly a little dramatic.)

    I'm just sticking to good choices, reminding myself that some weeks will be stalls & some will be losses & to just keep going.
  19. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Catherine Wible in 165 lbs down 80 to go!   
    I started my weight loss journey, this time, March 2018. I had my sleeve surgery on February 19th 2019. So much happier these days.
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    gabybab reacted to ZGal in 6 month checkup gains!   
    I’m 5 months and 17 days from my gastric bypass surgery and I had my 6 month appointment. I am down 82 lbs!!!! I am now under 200lbs! I started at a size 22/2xl or 3xl; I can fit into a size 16 pants and a large shirt now!
    the last time I was under 200lbs, I felt like I was starving myself and it made me miserable. The last time I lost this much weight was when I had an eating disorder. This surgery is One of the greatest things to happen to me! For folks feeling discouraged or worried, these things pass. My 8yr old son is roughly 70 lbs and I cannot believe I was carrying that around on my bones, joints, feet, etc.,! I’m so grateful that my body is forgiving me for all the food abuse. Here are some thing you may be asking (o just things I felt may be helpful/encouraging):
    Do I go out to eat? Yes. Sometimes I have just a few bites and take the rest home. My leftover meals can last me 3 days sometimes. I plan ahead too; it’s trickier to spontaneously go out for a meal. I also try not to waste money. I know what I can or can’t eat and how much. I now find myself eying a plate of food I made and putting some back because I KNOW I can’t eat that much. I eat at home more, which is saving $ *yay*
    Do I go to social events? Yes. I make sure I have Water in my hand at all times and chew, anything that I do eat, thoroughly!
    Do I feel out of place when I’m out with people who are eating and I say “no, thank you”? Nope. My friends and family know I’m trying to lose weight for my health. They don’t know that I had this surgery. My father, who has type 1 diabetes, has actually started to lose weight too (I’m not going to burst his bubble by telling him I have a tool to help me!). I have never had someone get upset or make me feel guilty about not participating in food. I think if I did, I would be more inclined to DEcline even harder because, no one is going to mess up my progress, no one!
    Do I feel guilty when people don’t know I had surgery and gush about my weight loss? Yeah, I do. I don’t like my weight being a focus, it doesn’t define me. People ask me “what have you been doing?!” But, I’m honest about what I’m doing. Protein, Vitamins, water, low carbs, no sugars. I think I feel guilty because I see others struggle with weight and I know their pain, and I have a tool that has helped me tremendously. I have told some people who are in a similar situation that I was in, they can decide what to do with the information, just like I did.
    Buffets? Yup. I don’t get my $ worth, but I’m not going to have my life choices change my social habits. I exert self control, which is incredibly empowering now that I actually HAVE self control!
    clothing? I actually never threw out my “skinny” clothes because I wanted them to fit again. I’m almost there and filling in the gap with leggings. My bras don’t fit and are mostly air (my boobs are just nonexistent lol!) so I do need to get some new ones. I wasn’t large chested to start, so I have my down moments about that loss
    do you miss the foods you can’t eat? No, not really. I thought I would, but if it gave me dumping syndrome, I don’t desire it. My favorite snack was from Target; caramel cashew trail mix! Oh man! I went to target and got them, and felt so sick After eating them. My fiancé called me to say he picked some up (trying to be sweet) and I genuinely said “ya know? That’s ok, it’s better if it’s not in the house”. I don’t want to have a moment of weakness and feel sick, which is empowering
    the best part is that I know I am the one doing this. No one but me is exercising, no one but me is making me eat healthier, no one but me is track my food intake, no one but me is making sure I’m taking my vitamins. It was such a great feeling to see my doctors so happy with my successes so far. My PCP was thrilled (he is the one who helped me start this journey after my previous PCPs wouldn’t even discuss weight loss surgery) and my bariatric doctor asked me to share what I’ve been doing so others can follow or be encouraged.
    Share your successes! What are some of the things you do with success that someone may be struggling with? What keeps you on track? Where did you struggle, and how did you handle it?
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    gabybab got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Where are my water guzzlers?   
    6 months out and I chug, have been able to since about 2 months post-op. It will get back to normal I would say.
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    gabybab got a reaction from LizzieMmmkay in I Have Been Approved   
  23. Congrats!
    gabybab reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in The Last Pound!   
    So, I am now 10 months post op RNY Gastric bypass. I have exactly one more pound until I am "normal" BMI! I am so excited! I saw my doctor recently when I was 125 lbs and he told me not to lose any more weight. After much discussion about how I really want to be a normal BMI and it was only 2 more pounds he agreed it was ok to do. I'm sure this last pound is going to be the hardest one to lose! According to my doctor I have lost 93% of my excess wt. I wonder if I can actually make it to the "ideal" wt they gave me, 117 lbs. My doctor said he doesn't expect me to go that low. Hmmmm....sounds like a challenge!
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    gabybab got a reaction from Everything in February 2019 weight loss buds   
    I've tried the nacho cheese Quest chips and the were pretty good. I got them at GNC. Good luck! It's getting trying to lose weight at this point.
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    gabybab got a reaction from Dee2938 in B12 injections   
    I give myself an injection monthly. In fact I took it last night. I'm not sure if it gives me more energy, but I have my 6 month appt today.. Hopefully my labs will be good.