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    22 year old male, cant wait to lose more weight, i was 380, want to be 210. doing great, Lap Band.....Best thing i ever did
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    exercising, school, reading, amature gunsmith, music
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  1. well im a 6ft 3inch guy. i started at 380lbs in may of 08 and now im 290. i just recently noticed i have some hangage on my lower stomach region. now, i still have another 100-90lbs to drop. i have come to the conclusion i will prob need to get a tummy tuck and lipo for the body i want. i exercise alot. i do toning exercises all the time, at least 4-5 times a week. also, i do enough crunches and leg lifts to kill a horse haha. but, it looks like i will need a tummy tuck and lipo in the end. but who knows for sure
  2. FuriousAbyss1947

    How dreams can cut to the core of things.....premonitions? I dont know

    what up to all, well it's late...i just woke up from a dream and i needed an outlet for this one. ok, so in this dream i was in the middel of a tunnel, like a tunnel for a train. it was well lit and with overhead lighting that randomly winked on and off. the walls were made from the bedrock from the mountain side, dark brown and wet. i was in a surgery gown in the dream. i was confused in the dream and was affraid, but i couldnt explain why. i could hear a distant thunder rolling in, i knew it was a storm coming in, a bad one. the tunnel felt like protection, a refuge from the oncoming storm. i remember looking down at the pooling water at my feet, and the rain water was rising higher. i caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the water, and to my horror, i was drapped in hanging skin. it was like wearing a over coat of flesh. it hung from my face like wet towels on the clothes line. my stomach and back were also fashioned in the same way. i tired to get out of the tunnel, but all the excess skin triped me up, i was tangled in my own flesh. i kept thrashing and for my efforts, i was hindered even further. i made it to the mouth of the tunnel and looked out to see a baren landscape, no trees, grass, or wild life. at this point my myriad of extra flesh has just about consumed me, with my last breath i screamed with all i had left, the whole scene shattered like glass, and then i woke up coverd in sweat. for some reason my surgery scars itched. i heard about people who have lost limbs get "phantom pains", like the limb is still there, a ghostly reminder of what they lost. the dream could mean alot of things. first off, i never told anyone about my lapband, other than my parents. the empty tunnel and baren lanscape could mean i feel alone in this journey, which is the truth. the flooding water and the storm i think is my fear of failing, meaning putting all my weight back on. which is also the case, but that fear holds no weight since i lost 90lbs and havent put any of it back on. but the hanging skin is getting to me. i have been thinking of my body and when im done loosing all of the weight. i can see where i might need a tummy tuck and some lipo. but, i dont know. i am a 22 year old guy. i am still young, can my skin be pulled firm on its own? i do as much as possible to make sure it will pull back, i do enough weight lifting to kill a horse, but it will probably not be enough in the end. i dont have a problem getting some lipo or a tummy tuck if needed. but, i feel ashamed. i feel guilty about being over weight. i feel like all of this could have been prevented. i think, "well if would of taken care of myself, i wouldnt be in this situation, why cant i be like the other young guys and have control of myself". i know these thoughts are dumb, i mean this is my situation, and im dealing with it the right way. i just second guess my past all the time since i got the band. for example, with my extreme obesity (380 lbs at my worst and being 6'3) , i have damaged the lumbar region of my spine greatly. i have a couple bulging discs, spinal stinosis, and four cysts pressing on nerve roots. i am in constant pain because of this. i joke with my dad about this, i say "i got old people problems that you should have". but back to lipo and tummy tucks. i guess i feel embaressed about even having to get it done. even my parents think it would be a good idea to do. but, my super ego wont let the guilt go. i know there is nothing wrong if i would need to get some corrective surgery done and millions of people have done it, i just dont feel good about it. i suppose the important thing is that im doing it for all the right reasons, for me, my health, and to be the best i can be. also in the dream, i said the skin was holding me back from escaping the water. maybe it means that i feel trapt inside of myself, that once all the extra fat and skin is taken off my body, i will be free at last. after all i have been through, cutting the extra skin off will be the final act in this play. i hope it works like that, it sure sounds good. but once again i feel like this thorn in my side is from the tree i planted years ago. i have confidence in myself to see myself through all of this. i dont feel beaten down or defeated about my situation. i stopped looking for heros and saviours a long time ago, i know it is up to me to do the right thing. to anyone who read all of this, from the bottom of my heart, i thank you. i like coming on here and talking to you all, for lack of a better term, its like taking an emotional dump, hahahaha, i guess a better term is "venting". if anyone has any advice on tummy tucks and lipo please share, i really need to hear from people that have been there and done it. and if anyone has any other comments, please feel free to express them, i love to hear from all of you. until next time....STAY STRONG.....STAY MOTIVATED.....AND MOST IMPORTANTLY......STAY FURIOUS:cursing:
  3. FuriousAbyss1947

    If you cant fight....use harsh language and dirty looks

    great comment, i also hope people do not start hating overweight people once they are thin, that would be a tremendous loss for that person, meaning.....they were fat and felt bad about it,soooo, to make up for lost time they have to be extra hard on fat people to make them selves feel better. ahhhhh that is just lame and pathetic. so you get the band on 2/13. i hope you do well, and lose all the weight you want! i want to hear stories in the future about you tearing the club up in a mini skirt and making all the girls envious of you hahaha. we all have dreams like that. for example, i want the six pack abb deal. haha. im getting there but it is hard work. once again, stay strong and live your life to the fullest. like i said i wana hear club stories in the future! hahaha
  4. FuriousAbyss1947

    Hello from one nervous Biker

    what up bro, I am the son of the woman in the previous post. Listen.....I know there is much more fear than just the procedure itself. there is fear of the actual change in life style. no more good foods, soda, beer, bread, and any other nasty food we all love will be gone. but, i have lost almost 90lbs in 8 months. i was 380lbs, and loved food more than my own life. that has all changed. i almost get sick thinking of the foods i used to adore. in the first month of being banded i lost 30lbs, a pound a day....i am 22 years old. but i didnt mess around. i work out and exerise 4-5 times a week. i am millitant when it comes to food and exercise. the amount of work you put into the band you get back 10fold in health. dont be worried the surgery is cake, almost little pain, mostly gas. but i would take ten times the amount of pain......because it is worht it. the band is the greatest tool for weight loss. motivation, sacrifice, and courage are all words needed to describe the lap band journey. once you get it over with the procedure.... is when the the real work begins. STAY STRONG....STAY MOTIVATED...AND STAND TALL. IF THE ROAD IS EASY...THE DESTINATION IS NOT WORTH THE WALK. if you want to talk about this more i would be more than happy. i want to see you do well, so dont hesitate to talk to a person that has been in your shoes and walked the line.-FuriousAbyss1947

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