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    Hi, i was banded on May 18th 2009. I am enjoying my band tremendously!
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    Reading Bible and Classics, biographies, Weight-lifting, Hiking, Art: Photo, Painting, Film/video, Cats, Website design, Homeschool, History,.....
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    Primary: teacher, teach my children at home; Wife/ H.H.Engineering!:) Secondary: Cats & Cakes
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  1. Happy 46th Birthday laurieanns!

  2. Happy 45th Birthday laurieanns!

  3. laurieanns

    info. needed

    I am liking my band; i found out i was pregnant just after surgery so now after having the baby i am finally getting to try it out! It is definitely different but i am losing weight and that is great. My suggestion is to do your research; check amazon get a few books and read up... check online here as well; as there is alot of info, advice, tips and encouragement..all the best to you! :sad:)
  4. laurieanns

    Fills done by patient at home

    Interesting discussion.
  5. laurieanns

    How much weight did you gain?

    Hi there, congrats on your pregnancy!! I did not have an unfill [ i did find it harder to eat right at the very end of the pregnancy}. Found out i was pregnant right after being banded. I gained 34 pounds back and right up to the original weight i was before i started the process :thumbup:) Since the baby was born 4 months ago as of July 7th i have lost 56 lbs.! Most of it due to breast feeding i think... i also have had 3 adjustments since then .... i think i am up to 5 something in my band.
  6. laurieanns

    Weight Loss After the Baby

    So far at the baby being 4 months i have lost 56 lbs. Most of this i can attribute to breastfeeding; i just started working out about 2 weeks ago & have noticed that that is really working well too ..... along with adjustments. { i have had 3} and this seems to be the possible sweet spot for me as i now reaaalllyyy notice the restriction.
  7. laurieanns

    Lap band and Thyroid disease

    i have a lapband, was pregnant almost immediately after surgery, and now can finally get started losing... I am on a natural thyroid for hypo [slow] thyroid. They did have to raise my dosage during pregnancy to 2 grains 60mg i/o 1 grain 30mg. You will lose with the combo of medication, lapband, healthy eating, and exercise~ i walk and weightlift. I say go for it!!!
  8. laurieanns

    Fearful of weight gain.

    I was banded in May 2009 and found out i was pregnant in August; with a conception date 2 weeks after my surgery!! I gained 36 pounds; going all the way back up to what i weighed when i first started everything. I was very nervous needless to say. I kept my fill during the whole pregnancy i think i had about 3 something in my band. Anyway at three months since the baby was born on March 7th 2010, i am breastfeeding and down 50 lbs. I just started exercising a week ago. The band has made a difference and i have had 2 fills since i had the baby, very conservative fills ; in fact i am just now feeling a real restriction at 5. Also i did not go gonzo during pregnancy ,but i wasn't an angel either !!:thumbup:) The pregnancy was the best of 4 and i felt the healthiest ever; i think this can be attributed to not overeating and gaining 50+ i usually gain. My son was healthy at 10 lbs. 3 oz. and i am looking forward to this summer and how exercise will play into my weight loss.... So do not worry is my advice ;;instead~~ eat healthy, get plenty of rest, enjoy being pregnant, and breastfeed! :smile:)
  9. laurieanns

    Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

    i have done both & i think it depends on many factors.... Is it your first child? You have more time if it is, therefore more time to wash cloth. [When i had twins with my second pregnancy it was definitely disposable] Also what kind of washer do you have? I think a newer model with a sanitary cycle would be a must. Cloth is more of an first time investment, but disposables are very quick and convenient.
  10. I just wanted to say that i recommend Dr. Regan and his staff at Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee. They were to the point, got me approved within the 4 month period with Aetna. I thought the surgery went well, the nurses and staff were fine. I go for my first fill next week. So if anyone is looking for a decent lap band doctor in the South East Wisconsin area; i would recommend Dr. Regan and staff.:redface:
  11. laurieanns

    Strange Discovery

    ~DDDooonnnn'tttt PULL the StTTriinggg!. I did and it got infected; I am treating it to Hydrogen Peroxide 10 minutes /3X a day, this seems to be drying it up and healing it. I would call your doctor.
  12. Ditto. I have emotional eating/tv eating problems. One thing that has help tremendously is a gym membership at Bally's. I literally force myself to go when i am upset or sad or overconfident! It has been worth every penny and i have met some great friends there. Sometimes i feel self concious or bad because i know i have a long way to go but i just tell myself that i would rather workout here and now than wait till i have a heart attack or stroke and workout in a physical therapy setting. {The view is much better at Bally's anyhow! :thumbup:))} The second too i found helpful is My Plate for tracking calories in and out, [best thing about this is that it is free.]Thirdly, praying/spending time with God really helps {instead of eating to pray and get it all out with Him} I would like to try possibly to start a lap band support group at the hospital my surgery was at, they do not have a specific lap band group. I am currently doing "Lap Band Success" questions on my own but i guess that book has a group support feature. Anyway, the book says "Protein first" avoid sweets or totally cut them out, and exercise. Hope this has been a help to you, L.:bored:
  13. Hi, I was banded on the 18th of May, so i am just starting to walk again. I have been able to walk 45 minutes to an hour at about 2.3-2.5 mph. I was just wondering when the "Wow, that was grind" workout feeling will get less?? It really wears me out!! I feel really tired after doing just minimal activity, am i still healing?? I go to see my doctor tomorrow so .... Also i was wondering if anyone out there hit a plateau in the first weeks after the band, i seem to be hanging out at 9-11 weight loss?? Well, i will take it though, i am very happy that all my clothes are fitting again!!:grouphug: Thanks in advance, L.
  14. Now Whey protein isolate powder, it has no artifical sweetners, just whey protein, and a little soy lecithin. You can add Stevia powder, in most health food stores and even in the health food aisles now at the local supermarket. I like to mix frozen strawberries, frozen banannas, or frozen berry mix {from Sam's Club} & a little water and whirr it up on high in my blender. Very good. You can get the powder by Now online at the Vitamin Shoppe for a good deal, I have 5 lbs. of the unflavored, which tastes similar to malted milk powder.
  15. laurieanns

    Approved! Aetna PPO

    Hi Jaredsdad, The people i worked with just asked for my primary doctor's name and location, they did the rest... I did have to go and see her for a preop physical [done after approval} though and have her fax over the results of it. Aetna actually wants, from what i understand, a history of obesity for 2 years previously, weights that would be recorded through your doctor's office, for any standard appt. during the past two years. I did the 3 month multidisciplinary program, so i do not know too much about the 6 month program. I did have to see the psychologist and the nutritionist, and a physical therapist {for the exercise component of the 3 month program} I hope this helps....

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