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  1. I started eating Activia yogurt once and day and that has cured my constipation! Sally
  2. How do you use the Greek Style Yogurt? Sally
  3. I use Benefiber with great success! :thumbup: Sally Banded 6/17/09
  4. esposa13

    Banded yesterday!

    Congrats! I am so happy for you that your surgery went so well!! Sally Banded 6/17/09
  5. esposa13

    Why did YOU get lap banded?

    Hello, I was a teenager in the 80s and know all about fear of mega disasters. This was one of many considerations that went through my thought process as well. I decided that I need to get to a healthy weight now. I am looking high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint pain in the face. I decided the band will help my over all health quickly....as best I use it. For me these benefits out weigh the possible negative occurrences that could possibly happen or not. I hope my rambling helps!!
  6. esposa13

    June 2009 Surgery

    I didn't have any staples---just disolvable stitches and terry strips as far as I remember/know. Sally
  7. Hi- I was banded three days ago and keep going through bouts of fear and nausea. Today I drank my morning Protein and so far so good. Last night the nausea was so bad that I called the surgeon on call at 11:30 p.m. He reassured me that he thought I was doing okay. He suggested going back to just Water sips until the nausea subsided. I do feel better this morning but just want to feel all the way better NOW! I can't wait to be able to sleep in my own bed....and feel comfortable. Any words of advise or encouragement will be much appreciated. Right now all I am doing is feeling very sorry for myself and miserable. Thanks ahead of time! Sally Banded 6/17/09
  8. esposa13

    June 2009 Surgery

    Well, I survived the surgery. The doctor found a hernia that he repaired while inside and I wonder if that added to my discomfort. I was miserable until this morning. My surgery was June 17th. My misery is more emotional. I am very weepy, nervous, scared about my recovery. I did get to sleep more last night which has helped and I get to shower today!!!! I am going to concentrate on just taking it one day at a time for now. Best wishes to everyone with surgery dates coming up soon! Sally Banded 6/17/2009:blink:
  9. Thank you for your post!!! It is awesome in all reguards. I am getting banded this coming Wednesday.....sometimes I wonder is it the really what I want as my tool for weight loss. Your post put into words many of the things I have been feeling since I began my journey in February. THANK YOU!!! :confused: Sally band scheduled June 17, 2009!
  10. esposa13

    June 2009 Surgery

    I am scheduled for the 17th of June for surgery!!!! I just have the nutrition class next week and pre-op blood work!! We are going to visit my in-laws for the week before surgery in Florida. Somehow I am going to try to keep the pre-op diet from nosey eyes! Also, I have weened myself off of coffee but still drink Coke Zero like it's going out of style! I think I am going to wait until the pre-op diet to give it up for good. Good luck to us all!!! Sally
  11. I just had my endoscopy today and only need to go to the dietitian on the 28th. My surgery is tentatively set for 6/17/09!!!!!!!! Sally :eek:
  12. esposa13


    WOW! This is exactly what I worry about. Each time I have lost a lot of weight I gain it back in part because I don't know HOW to live at a healthy weight. I have NEVER been at a healthy weight for more than 9 months in my life. I keep looking for resources to help me work through this issue but don't have a solution yet...... Sally
  13. I have been obsessing over Coke Zero knowing that after my surgery my soda days are over!
  14. I haven't been banded yet but have a question for those of you who have. I just had a bad case a stomach flu and got to thinking that with the band, throwing up can not be good and even more uncomfortable than without the band. Has anyone experienced the stomach flu with the band and if so were you okay afterwards? Sally initial appointment 3/6/09
  15. I have been impatiently waiting for 2 weeks for the call to make my initial appointment with the surgeon and the call came today!!! Now I get to wait for the appointment.....March 6th. I am soooooo excited!
  16. Hello! I am going to an informational session tomorrow at Great Lakes Weight Loss Center. What can I expect? I believe this will be the right choice for me as I have struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. I have yo-yo dieted since then and have been over 200 pounds for the past 14 years. Any comments as to my situation would be much appreciated!!!! Sally:smile:
  17. esposa13

    info session tuesday

    Hi---I am new here and was wondering if you went through with the lap band surgery and if you wouldn't mind sharing your experiences good, bad, or otherwise with me?! Sally

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