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    Dr. Bold youre so BOLD!!
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    I am a generally active person. I do help manage my friends band hopefully I can help them get to the next level. And I work way to much I actually put on 75 pounds at my current job I think it is the hours and the late night eating and stress.
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    MUSIC, movies, I want to learn how to paint but I think I am so hapeless when it comes to visual art I better stay away
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  1. mhough326

    Sex Life

    **ponders** will this ever return? hmmmm....
  2. mhough326

    For the singles here... Just do this..

    I am 27 yo I live in Dallas Tx send me a message I am always up for more friends
  3. mhough326

    Add me too

    Well I am about to get banded on 12/08/08 so wish me luck www.myspace.com/mhoughdaddy It is set to private and I dont remember my questions just ask
  4. Im very laid back and I dont really know how I react I just do .. I know I dont let the person know it bothered me I usually just play it cool and move on... That is a really tough question to answer. Being a Big guy most of my life I have become acustom to it and just roll with the punches. I am sure it has led to a lower self esteem but we will see what happens when I get banded. I cant seem to find a girl in Dallas people are very very materialistic. My buddy's of course are good looking attractive guys but have a hard time finding women who will date them for very long because they dont make a lot of money but wait a tic... I am starting to rant in your threat and I dont want to Hi-jack it from you. You know I took a peek at your pic and I personally dont think you have anything to worry about.....
  5. I work for a police department and I do 911/dispatch for a decent sized city. I blame the women I work with because for just about the past 4 yrs I have worked with nothing but, women with very strong personalities and opinions. SO now timid shy people bore me. i dont know for me I was raised kind of old school and very southern but, I just always go out of my way to talk to her and make sure that I make some sort of physical contact its all about the body language. If it is reciprocated then usually you are good to go. I am finally realizing that rejection is not the worst thing in life.
  6. mhough326

    Where is everyone from????

    Just outside of Downtown Dallas tx 14 days till my surgery
  7. mhough326

    Any December '08 Bandsters?

    Hello everyone, I will have my Surgery on Dec the 8th and I have started the Pre-op diet today. I have having trouble starting to drink the protien shake. I had to pick it up on the way to work and OMG it smells horrible I might have to wait ill i can get some fruit to add to this thing. I am excited though

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