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  1. Happy 59th Birthday dvrnln!

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    Thank you Do you buy the protein drink from the supermarket or the health food store. Lynn:thumbup:
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    Hi D The cramps are in my legs and feet. I never thought of protein powder, does it have a special name? Weight may be the same but my cholestrol is up. I will have to address that soon. I am waiting for summer, thought I would go on one of those shake diets for a few weeks just so to get that ast few kilos off.:lovechoc: lynn
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    Hi all I am not sure whether I have posted a comment on this forum before. It is almost two years since I was banded and I can not believe the time has gone by. It took me ten years to get the courage to go ahead and do it. During this time I have lost 27 kilos and down to about 70kg which was my goal weight. I would like to loose another 4 or 5 kilos but because I am a picker I doubt if that will happen. The weight came off slow so slow at times I wondered whether it was worth having it done. Even so I am happy about having it done as when I look back I actually had one foot in the grave. I can now hold down a job as my back is better. I am still not off my blood pressure medications but I am taking less. Since having it done I went to Uni full time, plus worked and did my clinical placements, something which I could not have done with all the weight on. I do not get as tired and I do so much more in a day then when I used to do. I still have not told anyone other than my family, my mother does not even know. I am waiting for an opportunity to tell my mother but if it does not occour I will not tell her as she will not understand and she is 80 and I do not want her to worry unnecessarily. Even though it has been two years I have still not educated my self on eating properly. I tend to eat lollies, twisties and have Soups. I have been having heaps of cramps so I have been having coffee made with skim milk and it is only this week that my cramps have improved. This week I have noticed that I have been able to eat more so I have been eating a banana each day and that is a first in two years. I would never have done it alone as I tried for the ten years before I went ahead and had it done. If you decide to have it done make sure you have support people around you. I found the forum helpful but I am not sure if it was this one as my computer crashed and I lost all my addresses. Plus I had a buddy, a lady that I met in hospital but she had other complications and we have lost touch. I also met another lass on the forum and we used to email each other, I even met her and we still keep in touch maybe every six months now. Good luck to all that are thinking of having it done and to those that have had it done. Love Lynn