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  1. jerseygirl518

    Any bandings in April???

    I was banded 4 years ago today. I've lost 137 pounds, needless to say it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.
  2. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    I'm doing the happy dance. Went to the Dr. this am. After 2 weeks of liquids, my band is back where it belongs and my pouch is not expanded. I can eat!!!!! During the two weeks, I didn't have reflux and no vomiting. I'm going to be really really careful from here on it. Although I am suffering with the reflux cough. I didn't have it before the liquids.
  3. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    I've been having reflux & throwing up. They did a fluroscope (sp) today and could see the band had slipped.
  4. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    My Turn. Went to the Dr. this am. My band has slipped. I have to go on liquid for two weeks. Then who knows.
  5. jerseygirl518

    Got A Date!!

    Hi, I'm Judy. I buy Body Fortress Advanced whey Protein at Walmart. Don't mind it at all. Please remember to take your measurements. I didn't and would love to know how many inches I've lost. Good luck & Good Health.
  6. jerseygirl518

    It's Been One Year Today!

    Happy Bandaversary. It's been a God send for me. Have a great New Year.
  7. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    JT, I'm so sorry you had to go through this. But I think I'm right with you. I've had problems for the past year. I'm down to 2cc in the band and have waited for 6 weeks to see the dr. I'll know more on the 13th. Best wishes for a heathlier New Year.
  8. jerseygirl518

    Getting banded on Tuesday

    I had it done two years ago and have done well. I needed to lose weight to have a very large hernia repaired. It's on the horizon. I will keep you in my prayers.
  9. Confused too. I've lost 137 lbs and I'm in a 14 loose. Years ago (35) I did WW and lost 62lbs weighed 141 and was in a 12. Hats off to you = great job.
  10. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Thinking of you JT. Hope all goes well Monday.
  11. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    JayTee, sorry you've been having a problem. I haven't been on here in forever. I've had the same problem. I'm down to 2.5 in my band. Have to be really careful what I eat. Take Care Kiddo
  12. jerseygirl518

    Bunny Bandsters - April '09, MASTER THREAD #1

    Hey Everyone, It's the JerseyGirl. Happy Bandaversary. Sorry I haven't been around in a looooong time. I've been doing pretty well. Been experiencing band problems too. Last summer while in Jersey my band all but closed. When I got home to KS in Sept the Dr. removed 2 ccs. After Christmas I started with the same crap. Vomiting, reflux and coughing. Back to Dr. removed .5. Just went on Thursday. We're heading to Jersey for the summr and I didn't want to have a problem. Low and behold it was tight again. they took out .25. I've gained about 5 lbs so my total is really 132 lbs down. Hope everyone is well.
  13. jerseygirl518

    Friday Weigh Ins

    Hello Everyone. Sorry I've been missing in action. Congrats JT. Way to go. I weighed in at 171 this am. I've been doing well since my unfil. No reflux and no getting sick. Also been maintaining. Had been floating between 174 -172 for the past month, so I though I was where I should be. Hope to lose that last dang lb before Christmas. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  14. jerseygirl518

    New 60+ Thread

    Hello Everyone, Haven't been on in forever. Spent the summer in NJ and returned to Kansas in Sept. Had an un-fill of 2 cc when I came home as I had a problem with reflux & keeping stuff down. Much better now. I'm 1 lb from my goal, but I think I'm where I should be. As I've maintained this weight for a month.

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