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  1. Cindy C

    Week 7 of liquids -- gimme food already!

    When I had my surgery (6 years ago) I was on liquids for 8 weeks. It was brutal but I got through it. Keep following your doctor's orders. Whether you agree or disagree, he knows what he's talking about. Sometimes I thought my doctor was nuts but I did what he said anyway. I lost 115 pounds the first year and another 35 the second year. I've maintained my weight loss for 4 years now and counting. I won't be going back to my former self. Keep up the good work. You're doing great! Cindy
  2. Cindy C

    First Thanksgiving With My Band

    To avoid my first Thanksgiving (4 years ago), my daughter and I drove to Canada where it's not a holiday and went Christmas shopping! This year I'm going to my mother's for dinner. I won't eat much....my body won't let me!
  3. Cindy C


    The general rule with pill is if they are scored the can be broken or crushed.
  4. Cindy C

    How long have you had your lap band?

    I'm just over 4 years. I started at 324 and have been hovering around 180 for about 2 years. I can eat just about anything I want just not a whole lot of it!
  5. Cindy C


    That's the regular. I was talking about sugar free.
  6. My stock answer to that question: "I regained control of my life!"
  7. Cindy C


    The pre-made ones all suck! 8 ounces of skim milk and a pkg of s/f Carnation Instant Breakfast has 13 grams of protein, very few calories and tons of vitamins and minerals. The body can't absorb more than 30 grams of protein at a time anyway, so drink them more often throughout the day. Most importantly, it doesn't taste or smell horrid!
  8. Acid Reflux is a sign of a too tight band. You don't have a slip, if you did you wouldn't be able to keep anything down. If you keep your band too tight for too long, it could lead to one though. Have your doctor loosen you up a little at your appt this week. You'll be fine!
  9. Cindy C


    Dumping syndrome happens when the undigested contents of the stomach enter the small intestine too quickly. It can happen anywhere from immediately after a meal to up to 3 hours later. It's a side effect of Gastric Bypass, not LapBand. Symptoms can include nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, sweats and weakness. It can be managed by diet. Fats and Carbs are usually the cause.
  10. Cindy C


    Add me to that list. I was never diabetic but still know what you mean. I'm cold all the time!
  11. Both are laproscopic. One puts a band around the stomach, the other removes an organ. I would say the risks are higher with the gallbladder. I had both about 4 years apart. For me, the recovery was harder with the gallbladder.
  12. Cindy C

    143Lbs Gone And 62.5 Inches

    You look fabulous. Congrats! But are you sure those numbers are accurate? I find it kinda surprising that you lost 15 inches from you waist and 20 from your hips but only 5.5 from your chest. I have also lost around 140 pounds. 19 inches waist, 22 hips and 16 chest. (and still a D cup!)
  13. It doesn't matter which one you use, they all smell horrid. If you can't past the smell try Carnation Instant Breakfast. If you use 8 oz of skim milk and the s/f variety the calories are minimal and you get 13 grams of protein (as well as a ton of vitamins). I usually add a half scoop of protein powder which brings it up to about 25 grams but the smell doesn't bother me as much as it used to.
  14. Cindy C

    Liver Shrinkage

    You've lost 10 pounds already. The liver is the first place it goes so you should be fine. Your doctor isn't going to close you back up. Relax and keep following instructions. You'll be fine. Good luck with your surgery and enjoy the journey. It's awesome!
  15. Cindy C

    My Lapband's Got My Back!!! My New Bff!

    Don't beat yourself up over it. You didn't "cheat" because this isn't a diet. It's a lifestyle change and life happens. Sometimes you need a little indulgence. It isn't realistic to think that your going to go through the rest of your life without an occasional treat. I just ate an oatmeal cookie. Am I mad at myself? Heck no! Am I going to eat another one? No! Am I going to eat one tomorrow? Probably not. Everything is OK in moderation. You just need to know when to stop and you new BFF will help you with that!

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