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  1. Elisabethsew

    Are You Dealing With Regain?

    Fired from DS?
  2. Hi Will, Who is your surgeon in Mexico?
  3. I had my surgery a 6 hours plane ride and an hour ride away from my home. I was fine on the flight home and had no bowel issues as I was only on Clear liquids. As long as you restrict carbs, bowel and flatulence issues are not a concern. Most DS'ers "go" once or twice a day.
  4. Hi Srreeder, Given your family history of co-morbidities, DS would be the best choice. It's got the highest rate of success and the lowest regain rate.
  5. Elisabethsew

    Let's Get The Duodenal Switch People Together

    Welcome Mommabearn, Congratulations on making a good choice. Who will be doing your procedure?
  6. I would hope that you see an MD who specializes in liver (hepatic) issues. I'm an RN and find it VERY strange that a liver Bx was not done. PLEASE get another opinion and don't wait for another MRI to see what happens. Some tumors are fast growing.
  7. Hi Misswifey21, Congratulations on your progress. What problems have you been having?
  8. I had the sleeve and revised to the DS. It's the superior surgery, in my opinion, and I don't regret having it at all.
  9. SDM, Could you please clarify what you're asking?
  10. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Lily, I can relate to what you posted. However, whenever I eat too many carbs I feel awful. The good thing about the DS procedure is that you can start over everyday. Today, I started eating 2 string cheeses as a Breakfast item. My plan is to cut out as many carbs as I can so I get the weight loss going again. Liz
  11. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Thanks, Lily. I'm going to try some when I'm looking for a change or to fill me up.
  12. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Hi Will, Can you tell us more? What is your current weight? Do you have other health problems associated with obesity?
  13. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    Hi Gottalose, Well said. I prefer not to police and silence people. Sometimes, what we write is not received the way it was intended and people get hurt or angry. We all share the desire to be healthy and support one another. Hopefully, that guiding intent will keep things running smoothly. Vets are most welcome here and their experiences and advice are important.
  14. Elisabethsew

    Vitamins and the DS

    Vitalady's site is excellent and she certainly was a help to me. I would advise anyone to visit her site.
  15. Elisabethsew

    Eating With The Duodenal Switch

    Does anyone eat Beans (black, red, etc.) as a source of Protein? I know they have carbs but tossing them in a salad might be a good way to up the protein intake.

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