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  1. Happy Birthday Catherine55!

  2. Hi! No -- My skin shrank back really well! It took some time for the "girls" to bounce back into shape, but they eventually did. It helped that I was a lower BMI patient (37 BMI) and under 40 when I had my surgery. On the PB-ing, yes -- it happens once in a while, when I forget to chew enough. It's pretty rare though. I know how to eat with my band really well now, and I only really have a problem if I am being careless when I'm eating, or if I'm really stressed out (which makes my band tighter) when I'm eating. Otherwise, it's pretty normal for me now.
  3. I don't log on to this site that much these days, but popped in to check a message and thought I'd write a quick post! I'm 4 1/2 years post-op, starting at 230 pounds (I am 5'6) and have been in maintenance at goal for about 3 years. Since I'm practically geriatric in bandster terms, I figured that I should take a minute to share some advice that I found to be really helpful to me. Here goes.... The best advice I can give to pre-op bandsters is to write out a plan for success -- the things you're going to do to help yourself get to your goal, and to take your measurements and a bunch of before photos right away (you will want them later). If you want to take a look at my Plan for Success that I wrote out before my surgery (and followed afterwards), you can find a link to it HERE. For bandsters who are working toward their goals, the best advice I have for you is to keep trying different types of exercise until you find one that you like, then stick with it (and try new ones too so that you'll have something new to move to if you get sick of what you're doing). Exercise has been a key to maintenance for me, and it really helped me to shape my body as I was losing, too. With it and my band, it's not hard to stay within a several pound range right around my goal. Also, I hated my butt for my entire life up to the past 3 or so years. Who knew it could actually look decent with a bit of exercise? I actually like how it looks now, which is a huge shocker to me! Never thought that would happen!! Weighing myself is also a big help to me. People really differ in their opinions about hopping on the scale, and no one philosophy is right for everyone. My personal take on it works really well for me though. I get on the scale pretty much every day at the same time in the morning (pre-shower, post-loo). I know that my scale can bounce around a bit, especially if I had a lot of salt the day before, so I don't freak out if it's up a pound or two. I just make a mental note of it, and I adjust what I'm eating during the day based on what the scale tells me. If it's up, I focus on making healthy choices through the day. If it's down, I let myself have a cookie or two if I want them. I don't make a big deal about it, and it doesn't feel like dieting to me at all. I just take each day as it comes. So, that's all the advice this Band-Geezer has to offer today!! I hope that all of you are doing really well and send best wishes for your success! Best, Catherine
  4. Happy 42nd Birthday Catherine55!

  5. Catherine55

    Confused & Scared

    I'm four years out today (it's my fourth bandiversary today!) and can tell you from personal experience that if you work with your band and follow your doctor's rules more often than not, the band is an incredible tool that will help you get to goal. It is true that some percentage of people have difficulties with their bands through no fault of their own, but that is the vast minority. Try not to overly focus on the negative stories, or to at least balance them out with some of the many, many positive ones! Best wishes, Catherine
  6. Catherine55

    First Day Of Clear Liquids

    Yikes -- that was the toughest part of this whole process! But seven days is not that long in the big scheme of things, and you can tough it out. The two things that really helped me during my clear liquid diet were carring bouillion cubes in my purse (so I could make one for myself anywhere I was) and avoiding being around other people who were eating. I had to fly (to Monterrey, Mexico for my surgery) during my clear liquids, and the worst part was when they served food to the other passengers! I thought I was going to freak out and eat something! But I didn't -- I made a bouillion cube and drank it, and it helped me to get through the moment. Just keep your eyes on the prize and you'll be fine. AND... if you haven't done it yet, take your measurements and a bunch of before photos! You are going to want them later, and you're sure to lose a bunch of weight this week -- take them as soon as you can if you haven't yet! Also, maybe spend this week thinking about (and writing down, if that's helpful to you) what you're going to do to make sure you succeed with your band. I wrote one out before my surgery -- feel free to take a look at it (here is a LINK) if you are interested! BTW, today is my 4th Bandiversary!! So, I'm posting a bit more than usual on this site and thought I'd see if I could pass on some of what I've learned to newer bandsters! This was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've been at goal for 2+ years, and it feels fantastic. With best wishes for your success, Catherine
  7. Catherine55

    Should I Do This???

    Hi, Titansjim --- there is a link to it in my post above, but it's at www.chroniclesfrombandland.blogspot.com in case you don't see the other link. Best, Catherine
  8. I had to come on here to share my happiness! Today is the fourth anniversary of my surgery. I had my operation with Dr. Roberto Rumbaut in Monterrey, Mexico (I was self-pay) on October 23, 2008. It's been four years, and I've been at (or under) my goal for more than two years now! My advice to all newbies is to take your measurements and before photos now if you haven't already! Also, keep trying different types of exercise until you find one (or more) that you actually like -- it makes a HUGE difference if you find something you enjoy! If you plateau, take your measurements -- you may be losing inches, especially if you are working out more at the time. I love this site -- it was a huge source of information for me, and encouragement, when I started this process. Blogging has been huge too -- if not for my blog, I'm not sure if I would have stayed as focused as I did. It really kept me engaged in the whole band process, and kept me accountable, too. I like it now because I can see how I got from 230 pounds to my current of 153 (2 pounds below goal) and how I've stayed within a 5 pound range for more than two years. I encourage any of you who aren't blogging yet to give it a whirl if you have interest! Best wishes for all of your success! Catherine
  9. Catherine55

    Should I Do This???

    Today is my fourth bandiversary! I had my surgery on October 23, 2008, and it truly let me change my life. I don't regret my decision for a second. I say -- if you are willing to commit to working with the band and to exercising once your doctor OKs it, go for it. It's an incredible tool. Feel free to check out my blog -- I put a special 4th bandiversary post up there, with before/after photos and a link to the pro/con list I made when I was just where you are now -- pre-op, trying to decide if this was the right thing for me. Turns out the pros were all real and the cons I was worried about were not that big of a deal. Best wishes for your success! If you do the surgery, be sure to take your measurements and a bunch of "before" pics now -- you will definitely want them later on. Best, Catherine
  10. Catherine55

    What Do I Do About Work??

    I didn't tell people at work, and that was the best decision for me. It really kept the "Food Police" off my back as I was losing! I've been at goal for 2+ years now, and it's nice to be able to have an occasional cookie without feeling like I'm being judged (as in "OMG.. She had weight loss surgery... What is she doing eating a COOKIE?!") As for work, you should plan to take Monday off if you can, and Tuesday too. You may be OK to go in on Wednesday. I'd just let the office know you are having surgery (it's illegal for them to ask what kind of surgery) and that you need those two days because you'll be recovering. I hope that helps. Congratulations on your surgery!! Take before photos and your measurements ASAP if you haven't yet! Best wishes, Catherine
  11. Catherine55

    Share You Weight Loss Please :)

    Hi! I'm nearly 4 years out and have been at goal for a long time (maybe 2 years?). It's so worth it to stick to the post-op diet. You'll be through that phase and bandster hell before you know it, and the weight will really come off! The secret to getting to goal is finding a type or types of exercise you like and sticking to it! (Just keep trying til something appeals to you.) Congratulations on your surgery -- you have so many good things to look forward to!! Just walking around comfortably is major, but even little things like wrapping a normal towel around yourself are pretty major NSVs too!! Be sure to take your measurements and some before pics now if you haven't yet!! Best wishes for much success, Catherine
  12. Awesome!! Slow and steady wins the race!! We are almost band-date twins, by a month. I'll be 4 years out on October 23rd. Congratulations on you for keeping it together and never giving up!! Best, Catherine
  13. Here are some more: What will my pre-op diet be? What will my post-op diet be? How soon after surgery can I exercise? What is your philosophy on fills (i.e., is your doctor stingy or can you come and get adjusted without having to wait a set time if a fill doesn't get you to good restriction) Do you have a suggestion for what my goal weight should be? What are the things that you think most greatly contribute to bandsters' success? (My view... exercise is KEY). I hope that helps!! Take your measurements now and a bunch of before photos if you haven't yet! You will want them later for sure. Also, I found it really helpful to write out (and go back to) a plan for success, as well as a pro con list about why I was having the surgery (which really helped because I had some doubts before I did it, and writing it out really helped to solidify my decision). You can see both HERE if you are interested. Best wishes, Catherine
  14. DO IT!! I'm nearly four years out, and have never regretted my decision for a minute. My life has changed for the better in many ways, and I am incredibly grateful to have found this tool! Exercise is absolutely key to getting to goal and staying there. That is awesome that you're committing to moving, and when you're cleared for exercise, just keep trying things until you find an activity or two that you love (and believe me, what that is will change over time.... it is SO MUCH easier and more fun to work out as you're carrying 20, 40, 60 or 80+ less pounds less than you used to)! More power to you!! I hope that you will really enjoy this process and send best wishes for lots of success for you!! Also -- TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS and a bunch of before photos if you haven't yet. You will definitely want them later. Best wishes, Catherine
  15. Catherine55

    Banded 4/20/12 And Concerned.......

    I never liked any of those words! It still pains me to admit that I used to be "obese"... it's hard to say that word... Anyway, I just wanted to post to agree with the folks who suggested that you change PAs -- actually, if you can change doctors, maybe that would be better. And yes... the WHOLE POINT of having a band is that you should be able to use it at good restriction! Those people are nuts!! Oh well -- once you get to good restriction, you'll lose without undue trouble, and this will be just a distant memory... Best wishes for your success, Catherine