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  1. Hi Everyone! I am back with an update. I am having my band removed on June 4, 2015 and six months later will have the gastric bypass procedure. I did lose 34 pounds with the band, which is awesome. The weight loss has helped me be more active. However, I am almost seven years out and I am having band issues, which include port pain which is not associated to a fill; loss of a lot of fill Fluid within weeks of a fill; and being stuck which landed me in the hospital. So, to the banded veterans, are you having your band removed or is it removed already? AND are you having another WLS procedure? Please share. Thanks,
  2. TQUAD64

    possible complications

    I have the same story. I was banded in November, 2008. I have lost 34 pounds, but I have had several issues with my band. The issues include painful port area, not related to a fill; being stuck and losing lots of fill Fluid within weeks of a fill. One of the severest "being stuck" issues required me to be hospitalized overnight. It came out of the blue and I was five years with the band at that point and landed in the hospital in terrible pain. I see my doctor on a regular basis, I monitor my food intake, and I my exercise is lots of walking. I am slated to have my band removed on June 4, 2015 and six months later will have the gastric bypass procedures done.
  3. Um, the only reason why I did the surgery was for a health benefit, not a skinny benefit. Losing the 34 pounds helped me be more active, which is really important to me.
  4. I was banded in November, 2008. I started out at 254 and lost 34 pounds, which was awesome. I was able to stop gaining weight and actually be more active. Over the past three years, I have had issues with the band. These issues included very painful port area, which are not associated to any fills; losing the fill fluids after only a couple of weeks; and becoming so terribly stuck (right out of the blue), which landed me in the hospital. I am having the band removed on June 4, 2015 and six months later, I will have the gastric bypass.
  5. Happy 49th Birthday TQUAD64!

  6. Happy 48th Birthday TQUAD64!

  7. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary TQUAD64!

  8. Hey girl!! How's it going? I see Dr Kim on Tues,I cant wait I totally need another fill.How about you? My weight is definitely stuck......

  9. My doctor placed 3cc in my band at the time of surgery. And let me tell you the day after surgery I was starving. I could have ate a steak if they would have let me. I did not feel any restriction until my second fill in December and then that only lasted for two weeks. Restriction takes time, but you will get there. Good luck!
  10. TQUAD64

    How many do you have?

    I don't believe in setting weight loss goals and my doctor never asked me to set weight loss goals. However, I do believe in setting goals, so I selected the following: 1. Walk without pain in my knees and ankles 2. Be able to jog and walk without gasping for air 3. Be able to walk the stairs at my work without gasping for air 4. Be able to stand for long periods of time without ankle and knee pains. As far as what weight I want to be, I never thought about it. I just want to be active and healthy.
  11. TQUAD64

    Eating Too Much?

    Very normal. Once you start getting your fills, you will have greater restriction which will impede the amount you are able to consume. Just an FYI: Not everyone has great restriction on the first fill. The majority of people need several fills before they reach their sweet spot. Good luck on your journey!
  12. TQUAD64

    What do fills feel like?

    I don't like needles at all, so when I decided to have the the Band surgery, I really had to think about the needle issue.:wink2: I have had 6 fills so far and I have never experienced any pain during a fill. My port happens to be about 2 inches from the left side of my belly button. I sleep on my side and lay on my belly and don't have any pain either. During the fill, my doctor utilizes a small needle with a numbing agent, which she inserts into my belly near the port. She then utilizes another needle, which goes through my belly into the port. She takes out the old fill to make sure I have the same amount of fill and then inserts new fill. Again, I have never had any pain with this procedure. FYI: I never look at the needles. I am a big baby when it comes to needles, so I never look.
  13. Are you able to eat solid food without getting stuck? If yes, then perhaps you need another fill. If no, I would suggest a slight unfill. Not sure if your consuming slider foods, because they are easier for you to egt down your pouch. Did you call your doctor yet?
  14. TQUAD64

    POST Op, 1-2 week diet question

    Two week-post op responses 1. 64 ounces water, but I did not consume all that in a day. 2. 64 ounces a mix of everything, but I was on liquids for two weeks after surgery. 3. During that time around 600 to 800 calories.
  15. TQUAD64

    Band candidate

    Hello Blu and welcome to LBT. You came to the right place for support and information. Good luck with your journey.

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