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  1. Brandiwine77

    Still Undecided.....

    I went back and forth for YEARS. Started the process and then backed out. I totally get it. And leading up to the surgery, I almost backed out again. I was so nervous and almost petrified. I kept having the What If thoughts that were borderline irrational. This time I didn't really tell anyone, but a couple of super close people. My coworkers don't even know, as I only took off 3 days. I didn't want anyone getting in my head and speaking negativity. I tried so many times to do it on my own. I had some success, but in the end, I could never get past a certain point on my own, so would get frustrated and say screw it, that if I'm going to work that hard and not get anywhere, I'd rather not. I'm 15 days post op now. It's definitely not easy and some days I struggle more than others, but I know that it gets better daily.
  2. Brandiwine77

    NOOOO!!! My poor face.

    Is this hormonal flush the cause of flipping hot flashes? I swear it's insane. I've always tended towards cold, and especially the last couple years as I no longer have a thyroid. But the last couple mornings I've driven to work with AC on full blast, and surprised there isn't flakes in the car, lol. I mean, yeah I'm in AL, but not sure I've ever had my AC in my car set to 62 before, LOL.
  3. Brandiwine77


    Mine said 3-4 weeks. It's hot as hades here in AL too, and I'm with you on wanting to swim.
  4. Brandiwine77

    surgery is Monday!

    Good luck! Mine was 6/7. Doing ok. Didn't have to use pain meds after surgery. Did need nausea meds, and still need those sometimes. Having an issue with being backed up now, and that is making me miserable. Been back to work since Monday. Y'all can do it!
  5. Brandiwine77


    Hope all who are recovering are doing well! Mine was 6/7. Back to work today! I don’t want to go back today simply because I know it always sucks after being gone for a couple days. Oh well. The coworkers don’t know why I took off, as they are nosy and judgmental. We shall see how today goes! Good luck to those having surgery today!
  6. Brandiwine77


    Skim milk is allowed on mine. Def check with your plan.
  7. Brandiwine77

    Nervous about gastric sleeve

    Hi Breezy. Same boat as you. I already have acid reflux, so I assumed that RNY would be my bet. But after talking to 2 surgeons (my first retired before I could get surgery) they both said that a lot of patients have reduced reflux even getting the sleeve. I was concerned like you. My doctor especially didn't want to do RNY as we know there are absorbtion issues, and I don't have a thyroid, so I am med dependant. I'm super nervous too, so I completely understand. Hope this helps!
  8. Brandiwine77

    First appointment

    Honestly, just depends on the individual. When I had my first appt, my dr. knew I had some acid reflux and took daily meds. I assumed he would say bypass, but he said he would prefer to do the sleeve, as bypass is known to have absorption issues, and I have no thyroid and he did't want my thyroid meds to not absorb properly, so sleeve it will be.
  9. Ribeye, salad, and fries from one of my favorite places. That was a couple days before. The actual "last supper" as we've been jokingly calling it, was last night. Hubs grilled some burgers and Conecuh sausage and we had potato salad with it. I had a Reese's for dessert. On to liquid today. So far, iced coffee.
  10. Brandiwine77

    HORRIFIED of General Anesthesia

    Here’s a funny to make you laugh in regards to anesthesia. I went under in 2021 and 2022. 2021 was thyroid removal. I was in the plastic lined gown and the AC went out in pre-op. In July. I’m Alabama. I was sweating. They came and gave me something in IV a few min before they were going to take me back. I got a little loopy. They came to get me and realize I knew all 3 of my OR people. As they wheeled me back I said “y’all I’m sweating. Y’all my crevices are even sweating 😂” they were rolling.
  11. Brandiwine77


    Yep, just a week liquid before. I'm having the sleeve done.
  12. Brandiwine77


    Just got my surgery date! 6/7. Two weeks! Eeeeekk. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. Mine will be outpatient in Birmingham, AL
  13. Oh thanks for that info! I hope they don't, as you know it is awful.
  14. Brandiwine77

    Hurry Up and Wait!

    I'm just waiting for them to retire, LOL!! One is now part time and the other hopefully will either go part time, or just GO, lol. And I feel you about the students. I was a upper elem and middle school teacher previously,but I had to get out. And yeah, they would either be super sweet, or total butts about it. And middle school kids are a breed of their own.

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