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  1. BrandiBird

    The "honeymoon" period

    Did you have a goal weight that you got to before your hunger returned, or was it later?
  2. BrandiBird

    The "honeymoon" period

    These are great questions, and ones I'd love to know answers to, as well. I'm a week away from being 3 months post-op, and just recently (within the last week or so), I've been having a bare minimum of an appetite. It's kind of nice to not be hungry, but I'm not looking forward to this part of the journey, either. 😅
  3. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    Hi Georgie! Thank you so much for your reply! I'm sorry that your healing was slowed by other concerns, but I'm glad to hear you're getting there. 🩷 I'm very happy with the food I am getting in and my exercise. I think I have a healthy balance right now where I get at least 80g of protein every day (usually more, if I'm honest). This is what I have to watch out for because too much protein seems to dip back towards too many calories, as my surgeon told me. I work with a dietician who specializes in PCOS, so I have specific macro goals geared towards that and my bariatric requirements. I'm losing weight steadily - I just got over a stall, and I'm getting closer to a 50 pound weight loss, which is exciting to me. 🤩
  4. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    Hey March Sleeves! For anyone who counts their calories or tracks their food, how many calories do you get in a day? I'm so curious! I'm not being super strict with myself when it comes to calories, but I'm tracking my food and listening to my body to eat slower and only until I'm satisfied, not overfull and to focus on whole foods and eating intuitively. I was sleeved on March 7th, so I'm a little more than 2 months post-op. I eat around 900-1100 calories a day, give or take. (This isn't for comparison, but more out of curiosity. Sometimes I worry I eat too much, but I'm never grossly full or anything either.)
  5. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I got my sleeve done exactly two months ago, with a two week pre-op diet. I've lost 40 pounds, but it feels like it should be more. The last few weeks I've been fighting a stall where I'm not seeing much of a change on the scale. My energy is high, I tolerate almost all foods, and I get 8-10 cups of water a day. Lately I've been going over my protein goals, so I'm trying to get more fruits and veggies in to keep my calories lower. I walk 5 days a week for 30 minutes, resistance train 2 days a week, and I've been trying to get extra exercise through stretching or swimming on the weekend. I'm concerned I'm not strength training well enough because I'm never really sore. 😔 But I keep telling myself any movement that gets my heart rate up is good movement. I'm trying not to obsess over the scale (I weigh once a week). I've been getting a lot of positive comments from people I know that they can see a difference. I just can't see it myself. 💔
  6. BrandiBird

    Why am I so depressed

    I'm so sorry you're having a mental struggle, and I completely empathize. I also have been experiencing a weird and nebulous relationship with myself. I've had clinical depression for several years, but my medication has always been able to help keep me afloat. Right now I feel kind of disconnected from my body, and I haven't seen the results that others see in me yet. A lot of times I find myself doubting if the surgery really worked, or if I'll ever get to my goals. I'm having a hard time processing the work and effort and the results I'm actually getting - I think, for me personally, it is because I've gone so long putting in work and never getting results. Now that I am (even if I can't see them), it doesn't feel right. So I'm getting in touch with a therapist to help me work through it. Can you reach out to your weight loss program and ask to be included in a support group? A counselor might also be helpful (something I also have experience with). I'm wishing you all the best. ❤️
  7. BrandiBird

    Help 😞

    I know the feeling of the "ball sitting your throat"! I also get pains every now and then in the middle of my chest (right on my diaphragm, so I think that has to do with my hernia repair, too). I don't and haven't had complications as bad as you, and I'm so sorry you're going through that. You may just have a longer recovery time. Chewing thoroughly is what helped me the most, and taking longer on soft/pureed foods. How are you doing now? I hope your doctors were able to help!
  8. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I understand this. I'm going through a plateau right now as well, but both of my dieticians have reassured me that if you're hungry, it means your body needs food. It may not need a full meal, but something small and satiating is better both for your stomach and for your mood/mind.
  9. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    I thought my progress was slow going, too. Even this week I'm feeling a little down about it. But two steps forward and one step back is still progress (my daily affirmation lol), even if it's not what we're hoping to see.
  10. BrandiBird

    Pain When Eating - NOT Stomach Pain

    Update! I am one month and three weeks post-op, and I've had some dramatic improvements. Chewing thoroughly has helped the most with the pain, though some foods still do not go down easy (smoked sausage, heavily fried foods, etc.), but not a whole lot. I got sick once when I ate some asparagus and tomatoes (cooked), but I think I ate them too quickly. It was not very bad, but it was unpleasant, as getting sick always is. I also had blood tests, and all of my numbers went down! I'm most excited for my cholesterol, as it's 185 and was over 200 previously. Most days, I start with a protein shake for breakfast, then a higher protein pasta with lots of fiber (handfuls of spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.), and some pre-cooked meat for lunch. Lean Cuisine protein meals are perfect sizes for me right now, though I don't finish them all. I don't want to overly rely on frozen food, but on the days I don't feel like eating what I cooked, it's a nice option to have. Dinner is usually soup - Proper Good is my favorite, made with lots of bone broth for extra protein, or Amy's soups. Snacks include mini Babybel cheeses, protein puddings, Greek yogurt, and Braniac brain bars. I have PCOS, so I try to eat to balance my hormones with an emphasis on protein and a healthy amount of good fats and fiber. I have lost 35 pounds so far, and I can't tell a difference yet physically, but my energy levels are SO MUCH BETTER. I don't feel like I'm constantly fatigued, and I've been able to do loads of spring cleaning after a full work day. I was cleared to start resistance training, so in addition to walking for 30 minutes 5x a week, I'm incorporating 2-3x a week of resistance workouts. They're small right now, and not very intense (10 minutes tops), but I like to think it'll still benefit me. 😅 Thank you to everyone who's been replying to me. I really appreciate it!
  11. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    My weight loss was rapid pre-op, but post-op has been a lot slower. My surgery was on the 7th of March, too. I think - for me - it's been better to not weigh myself on a scale every day and just focus on staying hydrated and moving in small spurts.
  12. BrandiBird

    March 23 buddies yet?

    So sorry to hear you're in pain. Small walks throughout the day are best. I do at most 5 minutes an hour or so. So glad to hear that you got your surgery done and that you're back home!
  13. I'm in this boat, as well. I lost a good amount of weight from pre-op diet and from my first two weeks post-op, but since then the scale has barely moved for me. I am back onto solid foods now that I'm more than three weeks post-op, and I'm tracking everything I eat and even walking/moving more than pre-op. I've started some very light resistance training because I'm afraid of losing muscle instead of fat. But I was hoping to see a faster weight loss than what I'm currently seeing. I think because so many people tell you it'll happen fast, but in the moment it seems so slow. How are you since you last updated? I hope you're well.
  14. BrandiBird

    Pain When Eating - NOT Stomach Pain

    I haven't tried bread or rice. Mashed potatoes go down nicely, so I think I eat them slow enough. I gulp water unless I drink with a straw. It's the only way I can sip. I've had no problems with any liquids, either! I think what I'm learning right now is how important the consistency of foods are.
  15. BrandiBird

    Pain When Eating - NOT Stomach Pain

    My dietician and surgeon both said crackers are okay as long as I chew them well. I have had a few pita chips / crackers, and they go down nicely. Sometimes I don't have an appetite for much of anything, so plain things like mushy crackers sit well for me. Eggs are a problem, for me. They hurt going down. I was able to eat tuna yesterday with no problem (Honey BBQ Starkist). I think it must have been something to do with how it was mixed or flaked. I'm not sure, but it sat well. Right now the name of the game for me seems to be like finding what I tolerate best and balancing it with my protein.

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