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  1. lexylynn92

    PCOS and hormone struggles

    Thanks for your response and the links. I am about 5 weeks out. I am typically a fast eater but I use a bariatric app now to time my eating. (Which felt so silly until I realized I needed to take more time) I track everything less for the calories and more to make sure I hit that protein goal so I know I am usually hitting the 60g or slightly surpassing it for 3 weeks straight now. Fluids was a struggle and hitting 60oz is hard for me. I get into that range most days like it might come out 50ish oz a day on average for the past two weeks so maybe that is the problem (I did admit this to my doctor as well) I don't drink at all after eating I figured out quickly that was a ticket to barftown. Meats are just not my friend. Chicken specifically my stomach just automatically rejects it in any form including pureed. Fish will stay down but I'm only gonna get a couple of bites from that. Most my protein is coming from eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and protein shakes. So I think when I said that to my surgeon that was her red flag for gallbladder but I guess I'll find that out in April. I am not on the strict only three meals a day routine they set for me and my surgeon is okay with that because I'm only getting a few bites for meal times unless it straight up broth then I can do 4oz. I kind of just eat every 4 hours and use a food scale to figure out how much I ate each time. However reading your post I think maybe I'll stay away from the scale until I can hit the water goal more consistently. My next appointment is 6 weeks out (I don't think I can wait until then to see where I am because if I step on that scale six weeks later and I'm still 199 my heart will just shatter) and because I go through the VA I think that might be my last or I have to pay out of pocket so I am panicking more that I'm not on track. Like if I was progressing better I would feel more confident without that support and I know when I only have the VA to lean on then I am pretty much on my own no one is going to help me trouble shoot there. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. lexylynn92

    PCOS and hormone struggles

    Does anyone else with PCOS find that there still seems to be a struggle with weightloss? Background for me: I started at 220ish lost 6lbs during the pre surgery diet and lost about 19 lbs since surgery. When I talked to my surgeon yesterday she said it sounds like I'm doing the right things but she did agree that most people would be down a lot more. She wants to look at my gallbladder since I have been having trouble holding down food like chicken specifically so maybe there is something there. But I feel like the point of the surgery was I was struggling to lose weight on my own. I thought PCOS was making that harder and it felt like everyone and their mother suggested WLS for me to help and now I feel like it's failing. My doc didn't really seem to want to give nutritional guidance besides hitting 60g of Protein and 60oz of Water. She is more concerned with me holding food down which is understandable but my focus is this weight. Is there something I should be doing that maybe PCOS patients need to adjust compared to "normal" patients? Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. Have you found anything to help you? I'm in the same boat and feel hesitant about making my own post because when I talk about not losing weight after the surgery the questions feel like they turn into what am I doing wrong. I can barely eat the highest I hit in a day was 1000 calories and that was a very active day. Most the time it's in the 500 cal range. I hit my protien and water goals. My surgeon says I'm doing the right things and wants to check my gallbladder. It honestly feels like I'm in that percent that this surgery just doesn't work for and it feels like you can't talk about it. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. lexylynn92

    4 weeks out and scale isn't budging

    No it's just all I can fit. When I last saw my doc she wanted me to get calories in by any means necessary so she didn't really require me to go through the puree stage but my stomach is definitely making me go through it or I just throw up harder stuff after a bite or two. I don't try for 500 cals at all I just eat what I can and most importantly try to get Fluid in since I did have bad dehydration at first and I try to prioritize protiens over carb stuff. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. lexylynn92

    4 weeks out and scale isn't budging

    *ignore I don't know how to use forums and quotes apparently and don't know how to delete this repeated comment*
  6. My first two weeks I dropped a lot of weight about 21 lbs but I am on the fourth week and have been stuck at about 203. I was at 201 at the end of the first two weeks then I went up two lbs. I am getting frustrated because I am exercising, hitting my protein goals/liquid goals and I am not getting above 500 calories a day. I just feel like crying (I have been crying) and feel like maybe having PCOS that this weight is still not gonna come off even with this surgery. It sucks to not be able eat most things and go through this to just be stuck like this. Even if I could just get to 199 within a week I would be happy but I see the scale is going up little by little. Everyone keeps saying trust the process but I just can't right now. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  7. lexylynn92


    How did you get the VA to send you multivitamins? Did they just automatically do it or did you have to ask your doctor? I also got my surgery through the VA but I am having trouble even getting reimbursed for the meds I had to get for the surgery Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  8. lexylynn92

    Feb sleeves unite!

    Feb 8 2023 [emoji3590] Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. I'm in the same boat as you. I hit my three weeks and I gained three lbs. I keep reading and hearing everyone saying it takes time but I still feel frustrated af and like I am regretting the procedure. It feels so unfair to feel like I am going through so much and not losing anymore. A spoonful too much of soup makes me vomit but I am still stalled. The big goal I wanted to hit was to get under 200 even if it was just 199 and as usual as I got close to the goal my body is fighting it and I feel doomed to be big forever. I know that is not a great mentality and I constantly try to fight back on those thoughts but some days (more lately) I can't help but just to sulk and cry about it. If you are like me I don't think there is anything anyone can tell us to make us feel better until we can see tangible results. So here is what I can offer you. You are not alone in this feeling or regret and despite all the success posts you see or it feeling like all these people are losing but not you just know that there are probably just as many that are not losing right now and feels just like us. It's just so much easier to post success than perceived failure. Hang in there. Try to focus on non scale victories and celebrate that you are ultimately make changes to be healthier. Also just feel those feelings it's okay and they are valid. It's frustrating to not see the results you wanted and it's okay to be frustrated as long as you keep pushing forward. Sent from my SM-S908U using BariatricPal mobile app

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