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  1. On 1/1/2023 at 8:24 PM, Tomo said:

    I gained over 10 lbs right after surgery. Fluids from surgery... Etc. Unless you are eating the same amount that you did before surgery, you are losing weight. If you can't understand this concept, then it's better to stay off the scale for now. Try to be patient, it happens to most.

    That makes me feel better. Thank you

  2. I really can’t understand the science behind why this is happening. I was sleeved on December 19. Tomorrow makes exactly two weeks since my surgery. Yet, this entire past week, my weight has stayed the same. Makes me feel like all this misery is for nothing. I’ve been on nothing but liquids. Protein Shakes, chicken broth, Jello, and yogurt. I add a scoop of Protein Powder to my yogurt for added intake. I’m literally starving.

    This liquid preop and post op has been extremely tough. To the point where I didn’t wanna leave the house and Celebrate the holidays with friends and family. What’s the point of going around food and drinks and people having fun when I can’t indulge in ANY of it. It’s hard just looking at other people eat while I sit there with Water and a Protein Shake which I’m so very tired of.

    Then to step on the scale and see that I haven’t lost a since pound since my first week smh. I know they say don’t weigh yourself blah blah because stall will happen. BUT THIS EARLY???? Has anyone else experienced their first stall this quickly after surgery??

  3. I know this post is old. But I’m pretty anointed as well. I’m only 1.5 weeks post op and I’ve stalled all week. I’m still only on liquids. In fact, I gained a pound. Why so early???? I’m practically starving. I guess I just don’t understand the science behind it. Nor did I know a stall happens this early. Everyone always talks about the dramatic weight loss early on and then the stalls come. I’m not even two weeks post op. I guess this is the reason they say not to weigh yourself. I am pretty frustrated.

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